Wedding dinner at Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant (Harbourfront Centre) – Food Review

Just finished a wedding dinner at Ban Heng.. BURP.

I think it’s time to work out more regularly. And eat lesser. My dresses are tighter! 😦 perhaps I should run everyday during lunch for the next 2 weeks until my gym membership ends?

I need to get a good bikini body by my Feb Phuket trip!

Ok back to the wedding lol.

Hui Mee and I met at Harbourfront Breadtalk at about 8pm and we found our way to Ban Heng quite easily by reading the signs inside the mall.

Both of us haven been to Chinese restaurant weddings for many years – when I stepped inside I was greeted by a squarish ballroom with high ceilings. The restaurant was quite nicely decorated. The staff serving us were a couple of aunties speaking in mandarin/ dialect πŸ™‚ I find them better than hotel banquet staff at times!

Here’s Hui Mee and I before the dinner πŸ˜‰

As usual, the first course must start with an upbeat song with disco lights and marching staff carrying the big plate of food.

Cheesy I know!! But it’s part of a Singaporean Chinese wedding!! Hurray to cheesy!

The staff were very quick and well-versed in their movements πŸ˜€

The first course – lobster and suckling pig cold plate combinations. Yum.

Sharks fin! We didn’t eat this, but it was our first time seeing sharks fin on a plate and not in a pot.

Broccoli with scallop and jellyfish which was spicy – very nice!

The second march in happened after the fourth or fifth course. Then the emcee (who was outsourced and pretty good I feel!) played some games with the couple. What’s good about the emcee is that he was able to converse in English, mandarin and hokkien, which made all of us feel very comfortable and Singaporean haha.

The Yum Seng toast! This part should never be taken off the wedding I feel πŸ™‚

Spot the happy couple!

One of the games – guess which hand is the husband’s!

And the sweet ending πŸ™‚

the whole night sort of brought me back to the past. Hard to explain πŸ™‚

Spinach with mushroom and abalone – another fantastic dish. And it was already past 10. Lol.

Fresh prawns with herbs – strangely the guests sitting with me aren’t prawn lovers – so I ended up having 6!!

And we stayed till the last dish which came out so late – yam paste! My most favourite!

Ahh here’s the menu πŸ™‚ all 9 courses were very good. And it’s much cheaper than hotel! Of course hotel ambience is more.. High class? But holding wedding in Chinese restaurants does have its pros too – u get quality food at more reasonable prices and the atmosphere can be very good too πŸ˜‰

With the super pretty bride Jolene! Wishing her eternal bliss with hubby!


Eelee’s big day!

This is the first Christian church wedding I’ve attended. I’ve attended a Catholic wedding and it’s so different – in terms of the program. But that aside, my friend Eelee looks really gorgeous today :))

She is already pretty without make up – today she is majiam Ms Singapore woot woot! Sorry for the blur pic, everything happened so fast haha.

View of the dress from the back, filter done by Al. Got feel hor?

Love the train xoxo

The lunch reception was good too – very tasty dishes. And now we are on our way back by bus. Feeling wooZy…

I bought this top from Melbourne at the Sadie factory outlet. Great for today’s weather though I’m not very used to wearing sleeveless tops – blame my flabby arms. More exercise should fix the prob! πŸ™‚