Rainy Thursday

Today isn’t a good day for my poor feet. I wore these today..


It’s not the most comfortable pair of shoes and I ended up walking so much today. I was on PM leave today as I’ve booked a driving theory lesson at Ubi driving centre and my girl has a Mid-Autumn carnival later on in the evening.

I’ve checked out the traveling details last week, to go to the driving centre from my workplace Marina Bay Financial Centre. And so I happily took a train on the Circle Line to Tai Seng first.

Now, usually underground train stations will have 2 exits right – one on each side of the road. When I reached Tai Seng and got out to get to the bus stop I wanna go to (which is the one right outside Sakae Sushi headquarters), I realized that it was on the opposite side of a damn big and busy road!

And there isn’t any exit leading to that opposite side. It was raining.

And guess what I did?

Whatsapp hubby and complain to him, putting all the blame on him.

“Should never have agreed on learning driving! … It’s raining! … Must cross the bloody traffic light! … Next time u come pick me up at Dakota and send me to the driving centre!… I don’t care where u will be, just make sure u come pick me for my next theory lesson!”

And all these I did while I crossed the bloody big road to the opposite side.

Indeed a good multi-tasker.

I finally got the the stupid bus stop, and I checked the IRIS app on the estimated arrival of bus 93.

12 minutes!!!!

My lesson was at 215pm and it was already 150pm.

Started whatsapp-ing hubby furiously again.

“Takes half an hour to travel just 3 bus stops”

I ended up taking the other bus which I had to alight 1 stop earlier. When I alighted, I was horrified.

No overhead bridge. The nearest traffic light was like a kilometer away.


I was at the bus stop where the small dot is, near the top. I had to walk to the junction on the extreme left, cross that huge road, walk into the industrial estate and turn right to the driving centre on the extreme right.


If u know me, I’m sure u can totally imagine me dragging my face along the road. It was that long.

I was just on time for the class, no time to even grab a bite 😦

Well, something good did come out of it…

I passed most of the trial tests during class!!