I love Christmas shopping :)

We went United Square for dinner earlier today and ended up buying so much stuff! It’s indeed a kids apparel paradise 🙂

Esprit was having this deal – u get additional 15% off when u buy 3 sale items. I have been looking for a smaller work bag in a light colour and this white one fit the bill! After final discount, it cost only $55! Cool leh!

I just hope I don’t dirty it..

And the other 2 sale items consisted of this flowery top for Am (the material is really soft and cottony!) and a checkered top for hubby. I quite like Esprit, just that it’s usually pricey when there’s no sale. Got sale must buy la 🙂

Cotton On kids also got sale!! The centre 3 dresses for Am cost $7 each, while the retro leggings for Al cost $10 each! The necklace … Al chose it herself and asked us if she could buy. Haha growing up girls!

Cotton On kids quality is quite good for its price. Seriously no need very expensive clothes for kids cos they outgrow their clothes so fast right?

Last stop – Mums & Babes. Found these Luvable Friends socks for Am. We had bought some socks from this same brand earlier this year and they fit super well – we love it a lot. So we’ve been wanting to get bigger sized ones and we’ve finally gotten it. Also got light pink leg warmers to match the 2 Cotton On kids dresses we just bought. So Am’s new year clothes are all done! Yay.

We’ve been lugging 2 bags everytime we bring Am out and hubby hates it. And he got this diaper bag haha. Yes he chose the colour (I wanted the grey..) which is a bit too ang gong gong for my liking. But seriously, this bag has so many compartments.. And the bottom of the bag is really wide and stiff (like a speedy lol) so it can contain MANY THINGS.

And the best part is, there was 20% discount! Original price for the diaper bag was 120. After discount become $96 🙂 quite cheap for a proper diaper bag.

So yes we are very happy with our buys – Yay to United Square – we love the fact that it’s not a very crowded mall (even on weekends and PHs) so we can shop very comfortably with 2 kids in tow!


Xin Wang Cafe at United Square – Food Review

Ha we have found a place near us that’s not too crowded on weekends – United Square!

But the shopping mall here consists mainly of kids stuff, baby stuff etc. oh well, can’t have the best of both worlds eh.

My weight yesterday was 63. This morning – 62.7. Tomorrow morning is gonna be quite a sad reading cos I ate quite a bit today 😦 and I had dinner with the family as well, at Xin Wang..

Al’s pasta. Xin Wang’s food is considered just bare decent in my opinion – I won’t patronize them unless someone suggests it (hubby in this case).

Hubby’s pork chop which he said was decent..

I refused to touch this – prawn paste chicken.

Didn’t eat this either. Dunno why hubby ordered so many snacks.. He ordered the dim sum pork ribs too.. Which I ate.

Soup for Al. I didn’t taste the soup but it looked bland haha.

My mum’s fish porridge which she said was good. It looked good too!

My Sichuan noodles soup. I seriously didn’t expect it to be so HUGE =_=

I left half the noodles untouched. Imagine I had the whole thing!! 后果不堪设想….

It was a good time with family though. Am managed to sleep while we had dinner heehee! And we bought these at Cotton On Kids..

Pretty socks for Am

And also for Am – a cute mint green cardigan! :))

Happy Sunday 🙂