Pedal Works

I go Thomson Plaza at least once a week and I always pass by Pedal Works on the 2nd floor. I’ve been inside once or twice but never bought anything cos the designs weren’t really my type and they really cost quite a bit.

About 2 weeks ago, I was doing some grocery shopping with Al on a lazy Monday morning (I was on leave) and I decided to go in to have a look as I really really needed a pair of heels for work. My feet are damn one kind one la, they get hurt and sore easily when I wear heels, especially the front part of the sole where the most pressure is when wearing heels. I have a few pairs of heels at home but none really gave the comfort that I needed.

So I went in and saw this really nice pair of black open-toe heels.

I don’t need fanciful super high heels, I just needed a simple and nice pair of black heels so I can wear them with ANY work outfit. And this pair really fit the bill don’t u think?

And when I tried them in, the comfort level was quite impressive!!

U see the cushioning on the heels? It’s very sturdy yet comfortable and my feet fit right in like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s amazing and I’ve never wore heels like this before.

I took so long to post this up cos I wanted to wear them for a while first before I review. I’ve worn them for about 3-4 times. The front of my soles no longer hurt! However it’s the sides of my feet that gets bruised due to the strap of the heels. But it’s minimal and bearable – and I think it stop hurting after a period of time.

And I think that it’s also me who causes all the bruises. I’m someone who walks really fast cos I don’t like to waste time traveling. With heels, I have to force myself to slow down and walk like a lady hahaha. Guess I have to practise walking SLOWLY.

I will go back to get more shoes from Pedal Works! This pair cost me $62 and I suspect it will last me a super long time cos it’s very sturdy and well made! Since I’ve found heels that I can wear comfortably, maybe I can start buying more from Pedal Works hor hahaha.


The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza Part 2 – Food Review

I brought my family to The Good Trio for dinner last Saturday. Being the kiasu don’t-wanna-wait-for-seats me, I called up at 6pm to secure at 645pm table lol.

We reached there and got our table right away.

The very good chilli sauce that goes well with anything and everything.

We ordered more dishes than the first time and kinda lost track after we told the staff (a short stocky lady with short hair) what we wanted. Hubby asked her to repeat what we have ordered, cos he wanted to order some more if it isn’t enough.

The staff, seemingly in a great hurry, rattled off in mandarin what we ordered without any comma, full stop. She was simply like a machine gun! Got say might as well don’t say!

Hubby got pissed and just said ok. I also was a bit pissed. If we wanted you to repeat our order, u need to say clearly so we can hear properly right?? Zzz.

Our smoked duck appetiser arrived quite quickly. It was fatty and good.

Order Xiao long bao too; which hubby literally said that it was crap compared to DTF. Think the impatient staff earlier got into his nerves.

Vegetables with century egg. I quite liked this. Very homely taste!

Fried rice – my mum liked this a lot!

Think the kitchen is doing a great job – this pork belly was very flavorful and tender ๐Ÿ™‚

Hubby ordered another plate of chicken midway thru our dinner as the portions weren’t very big.

It came after a while and the first thought that came to my mind was – Aiya should have ordered this first! The portion was not bad. And it tasted v good too – they even served half a chicken backside which I loved!

The portions of some dishes were bad, while some portions were bigger. Quality of the food is quite good, compared to quality of the service. Think front of house staff need a lot of training!!

The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza (ไธ‰ไบบ่กŒ) – Food Review

Met up with Shiyun for dinner at the newly opened restaurant at Thomson Plaza – The Good Trio.

When I browsed through the menu earlier this week, it immediately struck me as similar to Din Tai Fung, cos they have dishes like pork belly with garlic sauce, drunken chicken, Xiao long bao etc. They also serve stuff like broccoli with prawns, double boiled soup, spinach with salted egg, similar to Crystal Jade.

And when Shiyun flipped thru the menu just now, she went “so similar to Pu Tien!” Which I’ve never been to.

Ok….. So it’s like a combination of many restaurants.

Prices are pretty ok in my opinion. It’s cheaper than the next door Treasure Inn (ไนๅคฉๅฎขๆ ˆ) so I think it will be good for families who want a good dinner without spending too much.

The restaurant is situated at the ground floor, very near the food court, along the same stretch as Japan Home.

This chilli sauce looks Good.

Yup I love it!! I think it contains belachan.

We ordered the double boiled soup with pork rib for $8.90. They have the chicken version too. It’s good for two pax. Quite reasonable price I thought, however Shiyun thought otherwise – cos there were only a 3 pork ribs in there.

It came up to about 2.5 bowls of soup. The soup was sweet and tasty, and I’m happy to report that there’s no msg (cos I’m home now and I’m not thirsty!)

When this pork intestine appetiser came, we both had the same thought.

So little!!!! And this cost $7.90? Or was it $6.90?

Still. Not worth it for the quantity.

6 Xiao long baos for $6.90 – same as DTF if I’m not wrong. We found the skin a bit thick and overall not as flavorful as DTF. But I think the meat inside is softer than DTF’s.

Stir fried French beans. Didn’t note the price but I like them – tender and crunchy. Quantity was ok.

The staff are new hence a bit blur. They served the soup first, and we were like, staring at the soup and wondering ‘so where’s the rice?’ Cos Shiyun ordered a bowl of rice (I didn’t). We had to call the staff to get the rice. And he served 2 bowls of rice instead cos he obviously didn’t read the chit properly. But other than that, it was quite ok. The meal cost us $40.85 and we got $40 worth of dining vouchers (promotion until tomorrow – u get 100% rebate vouchers). So I’m definitely going back to use my vouchers yay. Haha!

But yes, I think it’s a great option for us Thomson residents who wants a better dinner but find peach garden / treasure inn too pricey and junction 8 too crowded. I will definitely be a regular customer ๐Ÿ™‚ and go back try their other dishes. They allow reservations too – which is a big plus to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe I’ll be back this weekend lol.

The Cake Shop (Thomson Plaza)

There’s a newly opened cake shop at Thomson Plaza and the family decided to check it out last night. Their main counter sells cupcakes and mini cakes. The other side counter sells proper big cakes. So I decided to get 3 cupcakes for $7 to try. 1 cupcake is $2.40 I think, while 1 mini cake is $2.30.

The lady packed it nicely for me in a simple white box with their sticker logo.

Strawberry cupcake for Al. Looks so sweet eh? Actually I think it’s not cheap leh, cos the size looks smaller than Twelve Cupcakes?

She ate it just now after lunch and loved it (she loves anything sweet, like all children lol). My mum took a bite and said it was very sweet.

Cupcakes, like macarons, are sweet by nature.. I didn’t try so no comments from me.

The other two are mocha walnut. Looks nice too, haven’t tried!

My biggest question is – how long will they last in Thomson Plaza? From the sticker logo with the Ubi address, I guess they have other sources of business, so maybe the shop front at Thomson Plaza is a stepping stone to getting the public to know more about them. Me dunno much abt business la, but I think they took over the unit from Dino cakes (or issit Prima Deli?) so my impression is that cake shops there don’t last?? But I don’t mind this cake shop, their big cakes look nicer than the ones at Four Leaves haha!

Prata Raya at Thomson Plaza – Food Review

Hubby and I usually have the chance of having breakfast together on Saturdays while we wait for jie jie to finish her morning tuition. If we are sick of the food at Thomson Plaza, we will drive to somewhere else to eat but usually we just settle breakfast there cos we have to buy groceries and whatnots at NTUC later on.

So what’s available at Thomson Plaza in the mornings?
– Prata Raya
– Swensons
– food court
– Wang cafe
– Starbucks
– Hans
– Subway

Quite a variety eh? And on weekends, it’s quite crowded cos all the parents like us waiting for kids to finish tuition will have breakfast there too lol.

And so today, hubby and I decided to have prata. In fact we choose prata quite often cos Wang cafe is always full.

Their prata is actually quite overpriced I feel. What to do, they are the prata monopoly at Thomson Plaza. So I usually order 2 plain prata for $2, which is the most reasonable. Today hubby ordered 2 plain 1 egg.

But I find their service pretty good. It’s always the same staff, 1 PRC order taker, 1 Malay tall chap waiter cum cook, 1 Indian uncle flipping pratas and 1 Chinese auntie clearing plates. All quite nice people. And they have never got our orders wrong before. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh I weighed myself this morning – 1 kg gone from the lack of dinner last night. I’m going to keep up with skipping dinners!!