Do you use tampons? How to use a tampon? :)

The time of the month has arrived. Rather late this time though – got me a bit worried actually =_=

Woke up this morning and once I stood up, that annoying blob of blood started its journey downwards. Knowing that my period has finally arrived, I really didn’t know whether to feel relieved or annoyed. I hurriedly went to the toilet and opened my closet below the sink. Ahh, today I shall start using tampons, after maybe a year’s hiatus.

Why a year? Coz I was pregnant la, silly. After giving birthย early this year,ย my period came very soon afterย coz I did not breastfeed and I just used sanitary pads instead of tampons. So today, I decided to use tampons again. Don’t ask me why. Just feel like it. ahaha.

I’ve had chats with female friends and colleagues before and all of them (if I don’t remember wrongly) don’t use tampons. Reasons – uncomfortable, yucky, strange to have something inside there etc.

I actually cannot remember when I started using the tampon. But I do remember who introduced it to me. It was my ex-manager back in Outback Steakhouse when I was working there part time as a server. She was a very pretty manager and she still is a pretty hot mama now ๐Ÿ™‚ That was in year 2000. And so I started using tampons some time after that. I usually use it during my first few days when flow is the heaviest, coupled with a sanitary pad in case the tampon gets so full that it leaks.

I HATE FEELING THE FLOW. Without a tampon, you feel the warm stuff slowly oozing out of you and falling into the sanitary pad and you pray very hard that it will fall nicely in the centre of the pad (I hope I am not the only one experiencing this LOL) and not stain the panty. During the first few days, whatever action u make with the lower half of your body, the flow starts. And it’s damn yucky.

With a tampon, you don’t feel the flow at all coz the blood gets absorbed into the tampon INSIDE YOU! It’s like having no period at all haha. And if you know the use of a tampon correctly, taking out a used tampon and inserting a new one is really a piece of cake ๐Ÿ™‚

There are 2 kinds of tampons in the market (if I am not wrong ahaha) – one with applicator and one without. Don’t start getting panicky – ‘applicator’ sounds like a big word but actually it merely acts as your finger so your real finger doesn’t get dirty.

tampon with applicator

This is tampon with applicator (pic from The tampon is inside the bigger portion. You use the slimmer end to push the tampon in.


This is tampon without applicator (pic from

To make things easy, you can go to Wikihow to learn how to insert a tampon. They freaking teach u everything lol.

I prefer using tampon with applicator as I don’t like my hands to get dirty. On heavy flow days, even with applicator, my fingers do get stained at times. But hey, can wash one!! don’t worry! Dunno why, some people just detest the idea of having their own blood on their hands and hence reject the idea of using tampon completely? it’s all psychological!

But tampons with applicator are more expensive than those without. Even more expensive are those with PLASTIC applicator (more sturdy than cardboard applicators) which I adore. But I shall go stock up at Swanston (People’s Park) where toiletries are far cheaper than NTUC.

And and and, some ladies find it embarassing to have something stuck inside them.. ok.. i can understand if the ladies are not married yet AND haven’t had sex yet. But those married liao – actually using tampon should be very natural isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

okok, i am NOT everyone and i don’t wanna dictate or impose my opinions on anyone. But tampons are really comfortable (you don’t feel anything at all) and convenient. If can, try la ๐Ÿ™‚