Belle’s treat at Crystal Jade Steamboat – Food Review

Even though there was a steamboat time limit of 2 hours, it was more than enough to stuff ourselves silly.

We got seated at 655pm and had two hours of buffet time. I have to say that service at Junction 8 Crystal Jade is really not bad at all – they made sure they had enough staff to take care of the customers and they were very nice and professional towards me (I was initially quite pissed with the fact that they didn’t let Belle in early cos they would start counting the two hours once seated!).

My chilli sauce concoction πŸ™‚

We decided to try the spicy mala soup and the century egg tofu soup! The spicy mala soup was more manageable compared to the one I had last month at T-One Steamboat. Also because the staff kept adding the normal non spicy soup base to top up our mala soup, so it got less and less spicy eventually lol. The century egg soup base was interesting, but I didn’t really go and drink the soup, so can’t say much about the taste.

This was something out of the usual menu – a one-time off complimentary set of prawns.

Belle’s sauce concoction. 0_o

The food came really quickly after we sent in the order! By the way the price of this steamboat costs $20.80 (before taxes) per pax on weekdays – I think it’s not a bad price, cos the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

We weren’t allowed to make reservations for the steamboat too. It’s first come first serve basis. Shrugs.

Not sure if we ordered too much for the first round.. But we had difficulty finishing everything lol. Everything was very fresh and yummy – no complaints at all. Oh the staff even changed plates for us, and topped up our soup every now and then. Drinks were free flow too.

Caption this.

Belle the observant eater spotted this smiley face mushroom before popping it into her mouth.

The pig liver they served was so juicy, succulent, and fatty. It’s seriously the best pig liver I’ve ever tasted! Dunno what the pig ate man.

2nd round…… Oh their grass carp belly and fish meat were very good too!!

I will definitely go back again for steamboat – although they have a limit of 2 hours, it’s really more than sufficient. I even took little breaks in that 2 hours to chat and rest from the eating (yes it is quite a feat to keep chatting and eating at the same time lol). They start admitting customers for steamboat from 5pm onwards, so if possible, pls go early to ensure seats since reservations aren’t allowed. They have limited allocation for steamboat too.

After dinner, we went for dessert at Coffee Bean to end the session with a sweet full stop. I steered away from Paleo diet which is very rare lol.

Carrot cake and cheesecake!

And banana chocolate ice blended yay.

The carrot cake was very nice cos it had a heavy cinnamon taste to it which I loved. I didn’t try the cheesecake though. The banana chocolate ice blended was disappointing cos they use banana purΓ©e and not real banana chunks, hence it tasted a bit sourish. We stayed there till about 1015pm and then Kelvin (who came at about 945?) sent me home.

If we were in town, I would have suggested to adjourn further for a glass of wine xD then again when I got home, after shower, I dozed off while typing this post halfway at about 1130pm lol.

Looking forward to our next meet up session. Go running with me maybe?


Whatever’s in my Camera Roll

I will be choosing random pictures from my camera roll to talk about them. Think it’s fun!

Ah ha, saw this pic..

This was a picture taken during this year’s Chinese New Year at my place. What a feast it was *drools*

But of course the soup base isn’t as fantastic as the ones at the restaurants.. Maybe I should buy a yuan yang steamboat pot and have my favourite spicy soup base! Kimchi perhaps? Or Tom yam? Or ιΊ»θΎ£! I’ve fallen in love with ιΊ»θΎ£ dishes lately πŸ™‚

And of course, u simply have to buy the shabu shabu meat for steamboat – yum yum to the max. And the last thing that make or break the steamboat – chilli sauce condiment. πŸ™‚

Now that I’m on a weight loss plan, I haven been eating the usual stuff people eat and suddenly I feel so strange talking about food.. Zzz. But then again, I do feel much healthier feeding my body with cleaner and non-processed food! Much better than foods cooked with oil πŸ™‚

Steamboat at home is quite clean as well, as the soup base is really simply made, unlike the outside ones that are full of salt and msg. I’m definitely gonna have steamboat again next CNY!

SA Tours 8D Korea Discovery + Jeju (Feb 2012) – Focus on the FOOD

Why this post suddenly? Hahahaha.

Because I am meeting Belle for Dak Galbi tomorrow at Running Man Korean BBQ Restaurant at Temple Street tomorrow and I am kinda hallucinating korean food now. So might as well go dig out the food pics from my Korea trip last year! It’s gonna be quite an extensive post πŸ™‚ filled with beautiful food!


Toppoki – chilli rice cakes. Chewy and spicy snack that kept our freezing bodies warm.


Soon dae, my ultimate favourite roadside snack. It literally means pork blood sausage. It is usually made of pig’s intestines stuffed with cellophane noodles and pork blood. Yum Yum, i love innards and this is perfect for me.


this stall gave me another part of the pig too – liver? hohoho – me not good with anatomy.. haha.


this was from another stall which i preferred. the auntie gave me rock salt and also some chilli flakes – it really gave the soon dae so much ooomph!


I finished the entire box myself. Hubby didnt know how to appreciate such stuff haha.

Sadly in Singapore, it’s really hard to find soon dae. So far I have eaten it at Kko Kko Nara and it’s 3 times the price =_=


Such roadside stalls are commonly found along the streets of Seoul. and it’s always a welcoming sight in winter!


This was the first snack we tried – fried chicken.


It was good. Hell, whatever that was hot was delicious!


We had this in Myeong Dong. Some cheesy potato snack. Hubby’s favourite snack!


Look how elated he was.


I didnt eat this (I would burst if I had) but doesnt it look so nice and orderly? πŸ™‚


I totally heart this too – the bread was deep fried and it tasted sweet and satisfying, while the hotdog was savoury – power combi!


When we were there, meals were the HIGHLIGHT of the day, because our tour guides brought us to all the nice places to eat! and also we were very cold from all the outdoor sight-seeing. Actually the food we were supposed to eat according to the tour package were not so good de, but the tour guides asked us if we were willing to top up some $$ – then they would bring us to the yum yum places with lots of MEAT. And so the SG foodies in our tour group said YES! muahaha. We were really glad we did, coz practically every meal was either steamboat or BBQ!


We ate A LOT OF RICE during the whole trip. Strangely, the rice tasted very good in Korea. U see the yellow bits in the rice? Maybe that was why?


This was my first Dak Galbi. and I stir-fried it for my table πŸ™‚ very fun!!


Close up – SIZZLING! Sa sa sa!


End product – swee boh?? It was very tasty…Belle we gonna have this tomorrow night Belle.


This was also similar to Dak Galbi, also need to stir-fry ourselves, just that it was without veg. JUST MEAT ALONE. SURE!!! BRING IT ON MAN!


Added garlic and onions – stir stir stir! Have to keep on stirring, if not it’ll get burnt.Β I didnt mind – i was cold and needed some exercise.


We also had all kinds of steamboat during the trip. This was dumpling steamboat. The cabbage in Korea really cannot be compared to the one in our country. They are really sweet. You can taste the SUGAR content inside the cabbage! hence the soup was really nice too.


This was the best steamboat ever – abalone.


oh where oh where is the abalone?


Tada! The waiters threw them in when the soup started boiling.


Close Up of the dying WHOLE abalone.


First time we had whole abalone! And we added instant mee into the soup — ooh so KOREAN πŸ™‚


ha, this meal was not in the package. Hubby, myself and another couple decided to have supper that night in Jeju and deng deng deng – pork belly it shall be!


along with banchan – yay to FOOD! haha, sounds weird now that I am on a diet..


and the amount of banchan I had during thr trip was…


the amount of kimchi i had was….


and my superb tour guides plus photographer just kept topping them up!


Endless.. but i love banchan!


all sorts! i tried all of them πŸ™‚

This isn’t all of what I had in Korea. Man i wish i can go back now … they should have a tour package featuring the places where Running Man holds their races and games!