Announcement – I have to stop running for a while..

Until my Achilles tendon stop hurting ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Actually it started hurting a while ago, but it wasn’t serious and it was on and off. Usually it will hurt when I start running, then goes away after 5 minutes. But yesterday after my run, I had problems walking today.

And jus now, I went to the gym again…

I decided to do a brisk walk.

So for the first 20 minutes, I started walking at a speed of 4kph, then slowly increased until a max of 7.5kph. And I was also exercising my arms by doing the body combat punches and upward elbow jabs.

Then I attempted to do a really super light run at 6.5kph, for about 10 minutes.

Bad move. The tendon started hurting again. Until I had to stop at 35 minutes.

After my shower, I was limping slightly.

Looks like I better rest eh. Getting injured isn’t a joke.

Sigh. Was just telling Belle that Murphy’s law just had to happen. Then she told me there’s another law.

Whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong.



4km in 30 minutes

I’ve decided to attempt to run more often for 30 minutes and try to improve my speed gradually to run 5km within 30 minutes, instead of running longer per time to try to reach 5km.

Just now, I did 4km in 30 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚ and I came right up to shower cos I really had a long day. Shall skip squats tonight.

I’m quite certain that i can run at least 5 days a week (Sun to Thur). Fridays and Saturdays are really tough coz my nights are occupied with babysitting. Ok, I’ll start running 5 days a week first!

Jiayou fighting! Me gonna crash…

I’ve expanded! :(

My bra and dresses are tighter! Boohoo! Think the greenhouse buffet did A LOT of damage.. And tomorrow I have another lunch with manager and Hui Mee at Chez Petit Salut – but at least I know they use olive oil to cook for sure! Will just avoid grains ya?

Time to do strict paleo – no more Anlene milk powder and condensed milk I guess. Will have to hunt for calcium pills.

Today I seriously didn’t eat much – cos there’s nothing to eat at home lol.

Coffee with Anlene powder
2 soft boiled eggs
2 bananas
1 small kfc coleslaw (leftover fr yday)

I’m gonna clock less than 1200 calories today – and I shall go for a run tonight REGARDLESS of how tired I am!!

Need to be really disciplined for the next 1 month before Chinese New Year. Wonder if I can resist the goodies?? Haha. I have bought a tin of really good pineapple tarts for hubby – hope I can resist that!

Anyway, my driving instructor was telling me to run everyday to lose the weight first, then I can relax a bit and run every other day to maintain the weight. Think I have slacked after my 5kg weight loss – time to get back on track and start running everyday. 30min everyday!

Yup I ran today!

My attire is very sporty today, to complement my track shoes lol.


I made a quick stop at Junction 8 NTUC Finest and bought a packet of raw salmon steak, a packet of raw salmon slices and a 200g tub of Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt. And here’s what i had today in the office:

930am – Fage yogurt, hot green tea

12pm – 1 banana


1-2pm – 35min run, clockingย 4.5km


and while waiting for the lift, i realised the other 2 guys also wear New Balance!



230pmย – Some blueberries, raw salmon slices, steamed salmon steak, cup of coffee with condensed milkย (condensed milk isn’t Paleo (the only cheat i ate, but its AHH HEAVEN)

Haha my lunch sounds like rubbish isnt it – not a typical lunch that people usually eat!


5pmย – 1 banana

Everything is so yummy and clean (except for the condensed milk…lol)!

Tonight is caroling practice again and I will be bringing Al along so she can practise the hand signs for “We are the Reason” with the other kids. Maybe i can buy someย fruits for LG tonight on the way back home later ๐Ÿ™‚


Squats are really effective!

I did my 50 squats as per the 30-day squat challenge last night, with the following exercises in the following sequence:

  • 50 Pilates standing crunches
  • 20 squats
  • 50 Pilates standing crunches
  • 20 squats
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • rest 5 minutes
  • 30 sit ups


I am finally SMELLING the end of my squat challenge. not that i am happy that its finally ending though. Think I will restart the whole thing immediately after, coz I realised that squats are good for toning my bottom and my thighs ๐Ÿ™‚ I wished I had taken a ‘before’ pic a few months ago before i started my weight loss journey.. haiz.

And as you guys know, i am not too bothered by my weight now. But decided to snap a pic and share with you guys!


I forgot to weigh yesterday haha. and today my weight went up a bit compared to 2 days ago. but still about 58 which I am ok with. Probably the massive amount of squats i’ve done over the past few days finally started the creation of some heavy muscles? OR maybe it was the Bibigo’s Spicy Chicken Stew that I had 2 days ago =_=

Oh have i told u guys that I’ve registered for my FIRST PROPER RUN??


And there’s a better piece of news – HUBBY HAS REGISTERED AS WELL! wahahaha!

But he has a lot of catching up to do though – he hasn’t exercised for…years? O_0

This is a 6km race so I am definitely NOT READY FOR IT YET. My comfortable level on the treadmill currently is still 4-5km. Running on ground will be more challenging due to the greater impact and also the varying gradients of the ground. Hope i will be able to run daily soon – Registering for a run has made me so excited – there’s something to look forward to u know? YAY. So much more motivation!

But people, i am still working towards my 10kg weight loss goal. i have lost a total of 6kg since October 2013. Although I say I am not too bothered by my weight now, I believe my shift in focus (to running and building up my fitness level) will definitely help me achieve 10kg weight loss. I am still abstaining from grains but i still go for occasional (or not so? lol) good meals with good friends and colleagues. My eyes are still on 55KG as end goal!


Muacks Muacks – happy day everyone!




I love Maroon 5!

Cos there’s one song I love to listen to whenever I’m running.

It happened to be a free song that I downloaded last Christmas. It’s a club mix so the song is quite long, but the beat is so catchy! Haha.

I managed to run 4.6km (with another 400m walk initially – so total of 5km clocked!

Went down at abt 945pm as usual.

After my run! I ran for about 40 minutes – so proud of myself – I didn’t have such endurance before!!

Then I started my squats. Did a total of 125 squats and 200 Pilates crunches! My thighs almost gave way..

Tomorrow’s 50 squats, thank God. Tomorrow shall be rest day. But I am aiming to run everyday if possible – slowly build up the stamina first.

It’s nearly midnight and I’m sleepy already. Just washed my hair with Loreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner which hubby bought back just now. Then I used the serum from the same series as well (have been using the serum for years!) … Let’s see if my hair looks better tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰


4km light run today

Yes I know my last post was just an hour ago, but u know i am always so on about blogging right!!

More like I’m on about sharing my life with you my dear readers *wide eyed*

I added some other songs in my running playlist today, specifically songs by Utada Hikaru. She was my favourite Japanese singer when I was in my early twenties – yes u r right, her First Love was my first favourite lol!

All ready to work my legs!

There was another lady using my usual treadmill, so I used the corner one where air con wasn’t so strong. And I perspired A LOT. Shrugs, guess it’s good la, although I didn’t really like it, like not enough fresh air leh. >_<

This time round I didn’t immediately start running. I did a walk for 5 minutes before running – it was much better! And during today’s run, I focused on using my hip and thigh muscles more to move my legs and lessen the impact on my knees – not sure if I did it correctly but it felt much easier to run this way ๐Ÿ™‚ after the run I came right home, cos I have done my squats and jumping jacks earlier at home.

I know I don’t look like crap- that’s because I added a filter to it – ahaha! Cannot la, if I don’t add filter I look horrendous la!

Ok I’m going to shower!!