Running Man on Funshion App

To all my dear Running Man fans who use Funshion to watch Running Man, 2014 episodes are now available!


Just go to search using “Running Man” and you should see this new group! They have uploaded the first 2014 episode early this week and I just checked – the 2nd episode (where the real cooking competition starts) has just been uploaded today!



I’m going to Bintan Agro Beach Resort!

I’ll be following hubby for a short 2d1n work trip end of this month to Bintan Agro Beach Resort. Being a beginner amateur health freak, I did some googling coz i wanted to find out if they have a gym.

And I found out – yes they have, but its non-airconditioned and damn basic. Ok nvm, guess I will jus jog around the resort.

Then I saw something REALLLLLLYYYYYY familiar…

270 Blue Coral Sea Sports and Recreation Centre Brochure Side Activities at Bintan Agro Beach Resort [Bintan Island, Indonesia] (Large)

Zoom in on the Flying Fish picture on the right (middle)..


I’ve seen it in Running Man before!!


Poor Kwang Soo and a female guestΒ had to do the Flying Fish while Jong Kook tried to solve some Math sum LOLOL. And see how long his legs were hahaha!

When I saw this on Running Man, i already was so interested with this ride – and they have this in BIntan Agro!! Muahahaa i’m definitely going for it!!

Song Ji Hyo

She’s my new inspiration.

My lock screen wallpaper. She’s 2cm taller than me – and she is so slim! I saw some online bio – she’s 46kg! Man.. I’m so damn far from 46 can haha.

She can look so gorgeous with white skinny jeans.. WHITE ok – the most fattening colour to me and I rarely wear white coloured clothes. And more than that – she topped it off with a black and white horizontal striped tee. Hats off.

I can’t be as pretty as her la, but hope I can be slim like her someday!!

Yoo Ah In

Managed to finish Running Man’s latest episode with Yoo Ah In over the weekend. He acts as the king in Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love and also acted alongside with Micky Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Doesnt have a very deep impression of him actually until I watched Running Man and went “Hey he’s the king in Jang Ok-Jung”..

For the record, I only watched the first 30 minutes of Jang Ok-Jung.. hahaha. So now you know the super vague impression I have of Yoo Ah In.

In this Running Man, he’s very cute la, in summary. Cheeky, can cook well too.


Credits to owner (name on top of the pic) who posted these pics on Instagram! This part is funny, especially when fitness freak Kim Jong Kook found out that they fed him deep fried jelly worms!! The other funny part is when everyone else started sampling the deep fried jelly worms – poor hungry people lol.

But this Yoo Ah In damn smart lor – can guess it correctly!


His first time on RM – he was absolutely so stressed out during the first round where they spring-throw people into the pool. But he adapted rather quickly and played along so funnily with the rest.


Oh ya, there was one other funny scene during the deep fried jelly worms part. Yoo Ah In was trying to guess what the heck he was eating and he was taking an awfully long time to guess. But as the gamesmaster was counting down for him to guess, he went pleading with the gamesmaster, giving a very pitiful look and the whole room started laughing coz he looked so desperate haha.

So I was like, going through these pics with #yooahin hashtags on instagram and i suddenly saw this pic..


Isn’t this the cheeky assistant in the drama He Who Can’t Marry starring Ji Jin Hee??

This guy is Yoo Ah In?!!!!!

I went to double check.

confirm. He is Yoo Ah In.

Wah lau eh. How can he look so different in this drama.. LOL.

But i am glad he is looking much better now wahaha.

Running Man Korean BBQ Restaurant (Gangnam Branch) – Food Review

I just got home after my date with Belle and i already can’t wait to talk about it!

Thankfully I got off on time and I started my 1.3km walk from my office towards Temple Street. Took me about 25 minutes, including waiting for traffic lights – quite ok! Was perspiring a bit when I got there – yay.


Had to take this obligatory Mid-Autumn pic on the way.. Haha!


Once I turned left into Temple Street, there it was! The Running Man signboard got me so excited!!!! Wahaha.


They seem to have a really nice lunch menu too. I met Belle right at the entrance after I took this pic and we went in.

I did not take pics of the interior and the menu cos I was busy yakking away with Belle already. But u can google the restaurant name and you can find numerous reviews with interior and menu pics. But I have to tell you something. I flipped thru the menu and I FOUND SOON DAE!

So of course I ordered a plate of that πŸ™‚ plus our plate of pork and beef galbi, and rice wine!


Woohoo that looks good!


Looks like it filled the whole pan, but actually its not a lot, especially after u fry it and the vegetables start to shrink..


But it was really a lot of meat! Both pork and beef πŸ™‚


Refillable ban chan! The kimchi was quite spicy compared to the ones I’ve eaten, but still yummy. The green seaweed was tasty too!


My pork blood sausages, soon dae! If u see my previous post on the food I had in Korea last year, the soon dae I had in Korea looked more moist than this. Actually the soon dae I had in Kko Kko Nara (SG) didn’t look this dry too.


I took a bite. Ah, tasted just as good la! But I have to agree with Belle that the ones in Korea taste more bloody. Which i prefer more πŸ˜‰


Stir frying in process – the nice lady boss Ms Rachel Kim did the frying for us!


We ordered rice wine too, Belle’s recommendation. It came in a cute golden kettle. 1 bottle was just nice for both of us. It’s much better than soju!! Tasted like very sweet beer heehee. Very suitable for ladies.


After we’ve eaten like 80% of our galbi, we decided to throw in some noodles! It was a great move cos Belle liked it a lot πŸ™‚


Managed to snap a pic of the name card at the cashier – they take in reservations so do call before you go πŸ™‚

It was a great dinner – we ate together with many other natives. Was especially crowded today cos tomorrow is Chuseok holiday (hope I spelled it correctly) and its apparently a very big holiday in Korea according to Belle, so many natives in Singapore were in the restaurant just now to celebrate. Wow! Haha. It was a very nice dining experience – I felt like I was in Korea πŸ™‚ saw some good looking Koreans too *fangirl mode on*

Do try it with your friends during nights out – it will be very enjoyable!!

SA Tours 8D Korea Discovery + Jeju (Feb 2012) – Focus on the FOOD

Why this post suddenly? Hahahaha.

Because I am meeting Belle for Dak Galbi tomorrow at Running Man Korean BBQ Restaurant at Temple Street tomorrow and I am kinda hallucinating korean food now. So might as well go dig out the food pics from my Korea trip last year! It’s gonna be quite an extensive post πŸ™‚ filled with beautiful food!


Toppoki – chilli rice cakes. Chewy and spicy snack that kept our freezing bodies warm.


Soon dae, my ultimate favourite roadside snack. It literally means pork blood sausage. It is usually made of pig’s intestines stuffed with cellophane noodles and pork blood. Yum Yum, i love innards and this is perfect for me.


this stall gave me another part of the pig too – liver? hohoho – me not good with anatomy.. haha.


this was from another stall which i preferred. the auntie gave me rock salt and also some chilli flakes – it really gave the soon dae so much ooomph!


I finished the entire box myself. Hubby didnt know how to appreciate such stuff haha.

Sadly in Singapore, it’s really hard to find soon dae. So far I have eaten it at Kko Kko Nara and it’s 3 times the price =_=


Such roadside stalls are commonly found along the streets of Seoul. and it’s always a welcoming sight in winter!


This was the first snack we tried – fried chicken.


It was good. Hell, whatever that was hot was delicious!


We had this in Myeong Dong. Some cheesy potato snack. Hubby’s favourite snack!


Look how elated he was.


I didnt eat this (I would burst if I had) but doesnt it look so nice and orderly? πŸ™‚


I totally heart this too – the bread was deep fried and it tasted sweet and satisfying, while the hotdog was savoury – power combi!


When we were there, meals were the HIGHLIGHT of the day, because our tour guides brought us to all the nice places to eat! and also we were very cold from all the outdoor sight-seeing. Actually the food we were supposed to eat according to the tour package were not so good de, but the tour guides asked us if we were willing to top up some $$ – then they would bring us to the yum yum places with lots of MEAT. And so the SG foodies in our tour group said YES! muahaha. We were really glad we did, coz practically every meal was either steamboat or BBQ!


We ate A LOT OF RICE during the whole trip. Strangely, the rice tasted very good in Korea. U see the yellow bits in the rice? Maybe that was why?


This was my first Dak Galbi. and I stir-fried it for my table πŸ™‚ very fun!!


Close up – SIZZLING! Sa sa sa!


End product – swee boh?? It was very tasty…Belle we gonna have this tomorrow night Belle.


This was also similar to Dak Galbi, also need to stir-fry ourselves, just that it was without veg. JUST MEAT ALONE. SURE!!! BRING IT ON MAN!


Added garlic and onions – stir stir stir! Have to keep on stirring, if not it’ll get burnt.Β I didnt mind – i was cold and needed some exercise.


We also had all kinds of steamboat during the trip. This was dumpling steamboat. The cabbage in Korea really cannot be compared to the one in our country. They are really sweet. You can taste the SUGAR content inside the cabbage! hence the soup was really nice too.


This was the best steamboat ever – abalone.


oh where oh where is the abalone?


Tada! The waiters threw them in when the soup started boiling.


Close Up of the dying WHOLE abalone.


First time we had whole abalone! And we added instant mee into the soup — ooh so KOREAN πŸ™‚


ha, this meal was not in the package. Hubby, myself and another couple decided to have supper that night in Jeju and deng deng deng – pork belly it shall be!


along with banchan – yay to FOOD! haha, sounds weird now that I am on a diet..


and the amount of banchan I had during thr trip was…


the amount of kimchi i had was….


and my superb tour guides plus photographer just kept topping them up!


Endless.. but i love banchan!


all sorts! i tried all of them πŸ™‚

This isn’t all of what I had in Korea. Man i wish i can go back now … they should have a tour package featuring the places where Running Man holds their races and games!