Prata Raya at Thomson Plaza – Food Review

Hubby and I usually have the chance of having breakfast together on Saturdays while we wait for jie jie to finish her morning tuition. If we are sick of the food at Thomson Plaza, we will drive to somewhere else to eat but usually we just settle breakfast there cos we have to buy groceries and whatnots at NTUC later on.

So what’s available at Thomson Plaza in the mornings?
– Prata Raya
– Swensons
– food court
– Wang cafe
– Starbucks
– Hans
– Subway

Quite a variety eh? And on weekends, it’s quite crowded cos all the parents like us waiting for kids to finish tuition will have breakfast there too lol.

And so today, hubby and I decided to have prata. In fact we choose prata quite often cos Wang cafe is always full.

Their prata is actually quite overpriced I feel. What to do, they are the prata monopoly at Thomson Plaza. So I usually order 2 plain prata for $2, which is the most reasonable. Today hubby ordered 2 plain 1 egg.

But I find their service pretty good. It’s always the same staff, 1 PRC order taker, 1 Malay tall chap waiter cum cook, 1 Indian uncle flipping pratas and 1 Chinese auntie clearing plates. All quite nice people. And they have never got our orders wrong before. πŸ™‚

Oh I weighed myself this morning – 1 kg gone from the lack of dinner last night. I’m going to keep up with skipping dinners!!


Paradise Pavilion at Marina Bay Financial Centre – Food Review

My department (4 of us) went to Paradise Pavilion today to celebrate my director and buddy’s birthdays. I’ve been wanting to try out the food here! We were seated by the window at a nice corner table.

This is some pickled radish, combination of sweet sour salty with a tinge of spicy.

When this came, I immediately thought of Tim Ho Wan. This is obviously an imitation haha. This is smaller though and tasted more delicate I thought, compared to the bigger one at THW. I remember not being able to finish it!

A faraway pic of the XO carrot cake. Not impressive although quite tasty. The chilli sauce is nothing to wow about though.

Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. Their prawns were really fresh and juicy, and skin was soooooo soft!

Beef done Cantonese style. A tad salty but super tender. It was quite thin to start with πŸ™‚

This was something special – handmade fish noodles! Of course this tasted quite different from the usual flour noodles. A tinge of fishy-ness but very QQ springy texture – interesting and tasty. And the scallop added a lot of marks to it haha.

This was the usual 3-egg spinach. They were damn generous with the eggs. Simple dish that complemented the entire lunch.

This was the STAR of the lunch.

I can safely say that this is the best egg custard bun I’ve ever tasted – wins Imperial Treasure hands down. The texture tells u that there was a lot of yolk (slightly sandy texture) and the taste also very “yolkish”. BEST. Very good!

My manager is off on 2 weeks leave next Monday onwards.. Hoping for a quiet fortnight ahead so buddy and I won’t be too busy.

And yes, I’ve started to eat really light dinners. I’m drinking just a bowl of soup with the soup ingredients for dinner. Yesterday night I had a bowl of soup with pieces of lotus root. I got hungry at about 10 but I just ignored it. This morning my tummy was really flat and I wasn’t very hungry too. Hopefully skipping dinner will become a lifestyle. Save money some more. So friends, no more dinner dates!

Din Tai Fung (Marina Bay Link Mall)

Some of you may have known that I’ve recently fallen in love with DTF and their food. Yes recently. Previously I thought they were just okay, nothing worth raving about.. But I guess tastes will change as age catches on…

Ya so I had lunch today with my buddy at work. We don’t lunch together everyday cos I usually go gym. So we try to lunch together once in a while. And we both enjoy DTF!

We ordered 2 bowls of this.. So we had 1 whole bowl to ourselves. Shiok leh. Yum yum! And on top of the already existing chilli oil and vinegar, we piled on their chilli sauce on top of the dumpling before shoving it into our mouth. Bliss.

We ordered 10x of this crab xiao long bao too. Looks better on the pic when there are more in the basket don’t you think!! Hee.

It was crowded today. We had to wait about 20min before getting a table. But service was quite prompt as usual. Besides the above, we also ordered the spicy cucumber, the tang hoon chap chye (what’s the exact name..) and a basket of shrimp pork dumplings. Just nice πŸ™‚

More pics coming up tomorrow, cause I’m going Paradise Pavilion for my department lunch! Sigh, this week never go gym leh… Don’t dare to weigh myself Liao..

Bibigo Singapore (Marina Bay Financial Centre) – Food Review

I work at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC in short). And right below my office tower, it’s Bibigo. It’s really hard to not notice it, Psy’s pic is so big in front of the restaurant πŸ˜†






I’ve been to Bibigo no less than 5 times (pics above are some of food I’ve snapped when I was there) – and I will continue to go again because of their high level of quality control and consistency in the food they serve! The tofu stew (I have eaten that maybe 5 times?) tastes the same all the time πŸ™‚ and I absolutely love it! The flavour of the soup is really gao gao (hokkien: means thick enough) and their side dishes keeps me kimchi cravings at bay.

The service levels are good. All of them servers are smiley and service-oriented. The food comes relatively quickly after we order, which is really important for lunchtime where we all only got 1 hour! I would love to visit them for dinner soon, and eat SLOWLY. Maybe have some alcohol too πŸ™‚ they aren’t expensive. E.g. Tofu stew with rice and side dishes costs $14. Pretty ok right?

They have branches at Nex and Raffles City as well, which aren’t as convenient to me. But if u do pass by, pop in to try their meals!