Is Garden of Life’s Raw Meal considered Paleo?

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve brought this to work.


I wonder if its Paleo?


It’s gluten-free and dairy-free – should be Paleo? The ingredients they use are all sprouted grains and vegetables. Sprouted grains means the grains have evolved into vegetables isn’t it? I did some research online and Mark’s Daily Apple tells me that they shouldn’t be any problem.

Alright then! I had a scoop of this with almond milk plus a banana at 9am when i reached office and i am still full (it’s 11am now). Great 🙂 I badly need to get back to Paleo and today shall be the day! Lunch will be the same thing as well, but i will bring along 2 hard boiled eggs to my driving lesson later.

I am sleepy man. Didnt have a good sleep 😦 need my coffee fix later if not i’ll drive badly lol.

Oh and i am wearing new heels today! Will review them soon 🙂



Vogel’s Crunchy Honey Clusters & my new weekday menu!


I just had this for breakfast 🙂 after weeks of eating Sweet Home Farm granola, I’m trying this out for the first time.

It contains oats, corn, wheat and rice, together with raisins, banana chips and pumpkin seeds. Oh, and the honey flavour too. It’s about 180 calories per 45g serving, but I think I took more than 45g just now =_= I freaking need a weighing scale for this!

Taste: Honey flavour is quite distinct which is cool, and it goes along pretty ok with my almond milk (Almond Breeze brand, Vanilla flavour). Only downside for me was that the raisins get stuck in my teeth as i chewed on them, which caused some annoyance lol. And the overall feeling is that this seems to be less filling than granola. Granola has this satisfying chewy texture, especially after u let it sit a bit in the milk – it becomes softer and slightly mushy – beautiful! But some people don’t like mushy stuff? 😀

Let’s see how I feel later this morning 🙂


After a brief chat with Elsa last evening, I’ve more or less settled on my up-coming weekday menu after i finish my granola & almond milk!

1) Before I leave home at 745am – homemade coffee with added Anlene powder – 100 calories est.

2) Breakfast at 9am – wholemeal sandwiches.

  • 2 slices Gardenia Wholemeal bread – 145calories
  • Fairprice reduced fat cheese 1 slice – 41 calories
  • 2 fat rings of raw onion – calorie free?
  • Picnic ham 2 slices – 70 calories                                              (TOTAL 256 calories)

3) Before-Gym snack at 12pm – Banana (Del Monte) – 120 calories

4) After-Gym meal at 230pm – Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate OR NutriBiotic, Vegan Rice Protein Spectrum Shake (not sure which one to buy yet…)

 – Protein shake with rice milk – rice milk (130 cal for 240ml) + 2 tablespoons protein powder (60 cal-Jarrow) OR 1 scoop (62 cal-NutriBiotic) = 190cal est.

5) Dinner at 730pm – Raw Meal Meal Replacement with rice milk – 1.5 scoops powder (232.5 cal) with 300ml rice milk (162.5 cal) = total 395 calories

That gives me about.. 1066 calories intake per day. PERFECT! But in between 230-6pm, I think I will be hungry 😦 only solution is to drink LOADS OF WATER.

How’s that? What do you guys think? Give me some feedback!!

Counting Calories

So how many calories are found in ur favourite hawker foods? Let’s see..

  • Fried Bee Hoon – 250 calories
  • Roasted Chicken Rice – 607 calories
  • Beef Hor Fun – 697 calories
  • Popiah – 188 calories
  • Char Kway Teow – 744 calories
  • Hokkien Mee – 522 calories
  • Lor Mee – 383 calories
  • Egg Prata – 288 calories

You can actually get the info from this website created by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. It contains all kinds of hawker food! Much more useful for us locals eh 😉

So the least evil of the above evil foods has to be..popiah.. or is popiah not considered sinful enough? Maybe Lor Mee then. 🙂 Beef Hor Fun is absolutely terrifyingly sinful ok – but it’s sooo nice isn’t it! Drenched in thick dark brown gravy, with slightly charred thick rice noodles and tender sliced beef.. Man. I’m drooling. That one dish alone can wipe out your whole target calorie intake for the day if you intend to lose weight! And what’s more, they are filled with unhealthy ingredients such as white rice/ white noodles i.e. high sugar content!

I eat fried beehoon with chicken wing and a big piece of fish nugget every Sunday morning, coupled with my homemade coffee with added Anlene powder. It’s my weekend comfort food which I will happily indulge in coz I don’t eat such food on weekdays (working in Marina Bay Financial Centre has made me stop eating out due to the HIGH costs!). So what do I eat on weekdays in the office? Here’s the menu:

  • Home Sweet Farm granola with Almond milk (about 450 calories – healthier meal replacement – oatmeal makes us full longer)
  • Raw Meal protein shake with Rice Milk (about 450 calories – healthiest meal replacement, no carbs at all!)
  • instant noodles (maybe once every 2 weeks when the craving attacks 100 calories for mini-mug noodles, 400-500 calories for the usual cup noodles)
  • instant miso soup (maybe 1-2 times every week – 30 calories)

I will be changing this ‘menu’ as soon as I finish my granola and almond milk. Will make sandwiches instead, with wholemeal bread, ham and cheese. Maybe make 2-3 sandwiches, for breakfast, lunch and teatime snack. But it means i gotta wake up earlier to prepare =_=

I can eat this forever and ever, don’t worry. I have tried this before 😉 I want to cut out oily and fried food as much as I can!

Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement

raw meal rice milk

Some of you may know that I am drinking this Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement Protein Shake which I bought from I’ve read many reviews and some people say that they are having problems mixing the powder with the liquids. Mix with water – it becomes gooey and yucky.

And yes, I have the same problem as well and I’ve found the best liquid to mix the powder with – Rice Milk from Pacific brand! I got the rice milk from NTUC Fairprice Finest. The shake (after I mixed it) stays quite watery and it’s really nice to drink. I’ve tried almond milk, low fat milk and water. Water is the WORST, next is almond milk and then low fat milk.

This shake is really good – keeps me full but there’s just one downside.. I start to crave for savoury foods. =_= Yes yes that’s my own problem which I have to try to overcome lor. But but, the tapioca chips.. chilli potato chips.. chilli belinjo chips under my table, the muruku on my table are all calling out to me!!