Feel like cheating

And eat some nice food.. And so I had a small bowl of lotus root soup with some pork just before 8pm just now.. I’ve had such a busy day at work u know … >_<

Work today had been hectic – haven felt hectic for a while already. The amount of forms that came in today was ATROCIOUS. And the amount of forms incorrectly filled was also … Sigh. And the best part is, some lawyer decided to send in a search request at 550pm.

What the TOOT right?

Hubby happened to be working late today, so he couldn't buy dinner. I gotta take train to bishan, get dinner there and then take the feeder bus back. If I leave on time, I can reach home by 715pm.

And the lawyer decided to send the email so tooting late. Actually, this particular lawyer always sends requests at this time. Sigh.

I know, I know *flails arms helplessly* this is work and shit happens. That lawyer isn't at fault and it's just bad timing.

Just let me rant k.

So I left office at 625pm, rushed back home n managed to reach home slightly after 730pm. There and then, I wished (again) that I worked near home.

It takes me 1 hour 15 minutes to travel to and from work. It's a stupendous waste of time!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ if I work at that commercial area next to my place, I would be home in 5 min!

This is life. My life. A life of a working married mum of 2 kids.

I really hope things will get easier soon.. Where I can go gym before n after work.. Where I can work late and not feel so damn pressurized about buying dinner back. Seriously, random incidents like this, even though it's just occasional, can drive me nuts!

Can I have a job that can let me off at 6pm sharp, every single day?



After the heavy lunch and teatime snack yesterday, and a bowl of soup with meatballs for dinner….

I weigh more this morning. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ yesterday was 62.9. Today….. 63.5!

So, despite my sore achy body, i went gym during lunch. Just got back actually.. and I worked out for 40 min! New record yay!

gym1 gym2

I am actually starting to find it not so dreadful. Jus absent-mindedly step on and on and on lor. Time seems to pass by faster too heehee. Weight loss aside, exercise is good for health too. *pats me own back*

Alright back to work le!

Midweek cheer!

Midweek is here and today a new staff is joining our department. And so… I’m not going gym today cos we are going out lunch with her! And guess where?

Yes you are right – Bibigo. Wahaha. Sorry I sound really high cos I didn’t sleep last night and I’m kinda delirious now.

Wonder what I’ll have.. Maybe no rice dishes.. Will check out the menu later. And of course, u will see food pics on this blog very soon heehee.

Guess what, I have been weighing myself every morning ever since I started having just soup for dinner, and my weight is slowly but surely going downwards. Today’s weight – 62.9kg!! It was 64 five days ago ๐Ÿ™‚ I really should chart a graph man, so I can remember.. Anyone wanna get graph paper for me??

Jiayou jiayou to myself and all who are losing weight too!

And lastly I leave u a photo disaster which I took hurriedly this morning. Hubby and I both look like shit but it’s so hilarious!! I tried to pull hubby in for a quick pic in the lift and he made a face, while I blinked. Haha!


Am I an animal in the zoo?

I forgot to bring my sports bra to office today, hence couldn’t go gym. My calf muscles are still aching anyway, so it was a good chance to just stay in office, have my protein shake, rest and look silly laughing while watching my favourite Running Man.

Towards at the of my lunch break at about 150pm, I heard some chattering behind me. then the chattering came towards my workstation and I saw aย new colleague talking to two other ladies (dunno where they are from and why they are in my office! are we allowed to bring anyone up in the first place??)ย and showing them around the office.ย I know her from my ex-workplaceย but not very close to her.

She brought the 2 ladies over to my side and chattered excitedly “here’s the file opening”. Then 1 blurย lady asked some bimbo question and she said “open files one lah! There, Wendy Wendy!”. The two ladies turned to look at me like I’m a newborn panda in the zoo enclosure.

It lasted for about 2 seconds, then they proceeded to view the rest of the ‘zoo’.

The first feeling that came to me was – disgust. If she’s the boss, ok la, LPPL. But she isn’t, yet she behaves like the boss. =_=

Next, a question came to my head .. “Am I sometimes like her too?”

And that made me cringe. I NEVER wanna be like her!!

But sometimes, when we get so enthusiastic about something, we fail to look at our behavior/ actions. Like how some sales people try to hardsell their products so much and they fail to realise how annoying they can be.

Or maybe a more appropriate example will be, some religious people are so enthusiastic about sharing their faith, that they keep pushing and hardselling until people flee from them and as a result, flee from the religion / faith as well.

But still, at the end, i still felt like a showcase animal just now. :S

animal in zoo

(image from www.straitstimes.com)

Miss Misfit

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like your body doesn’t belong to you, and you end up wearing clothes that don’t fit your branded bag, and to top it off, because it’s raining, you slip on a pair of flip-flops so it’s easier to walk, you look like a clown before you step out of the door, and despite knowing you look like a clown, you feel too crappy to change out of it.

And so I reached office looking like an absolute misfit. While other OLs (Office Ladies) look spanking delicious with their Chanels and killer red heels.

And the crazy thoughts start pouring in.

“I don’t have enough nice clothes”

“I don’t have enough bags to fit my clothes”

“I need some waterproof + CHIO boots for rainy weather” (if there’s ever such shoes..)

And as if my mood isn’t bad enough, i started surfing Google images for nice bags..


I don’t mind this Chanel. Pack that face in too.


Or this Loewe Amazing Amazona.

I’ve always made fun of people (quietly in my mind) who don’t wear nice clothes to match their loud brandedย bags. Good God, now I am one of them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And because of my misfit in everything this morning, I made a silly mistake at work. and now i am feeling worse. ARGH. I HATE MAKING MISTAKES.

Sigh. Misfit at work too. That – will be another lengthy rant maybe later today..

Rainy Thursday

Today isn’t a good day for my poor feet. I wore these today..


It’s not the most comfortable pair of shoes and I ended up walking so much today. I was on PM leave today as I’ve booked a driving theory lesson at Ubi driving centre and my girl has a Mid-Autumn carnival later on in the evening.

I’ve checked out the traveling details last week, to go to the driving centre from my workplace Marina Bay Financial Centre. And so I happily took a train on the Circle Line to Tai Seng first.

Now, usually underground train stations will have 2 exits right – one on each side of the road. When I reached Tai Seng and got out to get to the bus stop I wanna go to (which is the one right outside Sakae Sushi headquarters), I realized that it was on the opposite side of a damn big and busy road!

And there isn’t any exit leading to that opposite side. It was raining.

And guess what I did?

Whatsapp hubby and complain to him, putting all the blame on him.

“Should never have agreed on learning driving! … It’s raining! … Must cross the bloody traffic light! … Next time u come pick me up at Dakota and send me to the driving centre!… I don’t care where u will be, just make sure u come pick me for my next theory lesson!”

And all these I did while I crossed the bloody big road to the opposite side.

Indeed a good multi-tasker.

I finally got the the stupid bus stop, and I checked the IRIS app on the estimated arrival of bus 93.

12 minutes!!!!

My lesson was at 215pm and it was already 150pm.

Started whatsapp-ing hubby furiously again.

“Takes half an hour to travel just 3 bus stops”

I ended up taking the other bus which I had to alight 1 stop earlier. When I alighted, I was horrified.

No overhead bridge. The nearest traffic light was like a kilometer away.


I was at the bus stop where the small dot is, near the top. I had to walk to the junction on the extreme left, cross that huge road, walk into the industrial estate and turn right to the driving centre on the extreme right.


If u know me, I’m sure u can totally imagine me dragging my face along the road. It was that long.

I was just on time for the class, no time to even grab a bite ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Well, something good did come out of it…

I passed most of the trial tests during class!!