Fitness First Body Combat

I am currently attending the Monday lunchtime class at Marina Bay Financial Centre. It’s so convenient, my office is in the same tower as Fitness First and it takes just 5 minutes to change lifts and reach the gym.

Here’s a picture i took before the gruelling Body Combat class.


The instructor Kester launched an entirely new set of moves today. It was the 3rd or 4th lesson for me ever since i joined Fitness First, so I seriously Ga Lang Ga Bo (means made a lot of mistakes)Β to the max LOL. But what made me really happy was, I was actually contracting my abs automatically the entire lesson today! the previous lessons – I had to consciously use my abs for the moves but today was different. heeehee.

Oh and I started my Jumping Jacks challenge last night. I did 100 jumping jacks non stop and completed them within 2 minutes. Tonight’s 150 jumping jacks – hope i can pull through πŸ™‚ Exercise seems easier now, after 3 weeks of doing it! This week I am able to go gym everyday – yay.

Mondays are the harshest coz it’s Body Combat. Tuesdays and Thursdays actually have RPM cycling sessions – i’ve tried my first one 2 weeks ago and i very nearly fell off the stationery bicycle. and not to mention the extremely sore butt for the next 2 days :S Maybe i will just stick to working out on the cross trainer tomorrow and watch some news and Masterchef Junior :))

To everyone who’s trying to lose weight – here’s quote for ya:

The difference between who you ARE and who you WANT TO BE is the work you put in!


3 September 2013 – nice date to start my 1st post heehee

I remember Raymond Lam (TVB actor / singer) saying something like “There’s no need to explain yourself to anyone”. It has been on my mind today, all day.

Come to think of it, this Raymond Lam has been living this quote in his own life.. he just d o e s n ‘ tΒ  c a r e.

And to complete the story, here’s a pic of him and me!

With many other fans wahahaha.


I was on his right. He was leaning towards me.. no he has no B.O. xD (I knew you wanted to know!)

Although I am not in the fanclub anymore, these are awesome memories which I am glad to own. Made a few friends and met some sucky people too wahah. ιƒ½ζ˜―θΏ‡εŽ»δΊ†,ε½“δ½œζ˜―δΈ€η§η»ιͺŒ!

I can’t believe that my first post is related to Raymond Lam =_=