Nearly collapsed

After planking for 40 seconds.

Tomorrow is rest day.. But I think I better do at least a 30 seconds just to maintain the momentum?? Next day is 45 seconds!! How!! :S

It has been a rough day at work today, with many lengthy searches and weird requests. But a good thing is that the new girl seems to be catching on rather nicely. Hope she is here to stay!! πŸ™‚

And another good thing is I loved my RPM session today πŸ™‚ Thursdays shall be RPM day, Mondays are Body Combat day! Next week onwards I will only be going gym 2-3 time a week due to driving lessons two afternoons per week (will be taking afternoon leave hence gotta rush off on the dot at 1pm so can’t go gym). Ok la, I can do planking at home πŸ˜›

Gtg sleep – long day tomorrow! Nitey!


Plank 30-day challenge

I started doing the plank challenge on Sunday night!

I actually tried doing the jumping jacks challenge a few weeks ago but it was difficult for me to jump quietly especially during weekends when Am was sleeping with me in the room. Planks are definitely quieter haha!

So I am at my 3rd day and I did the required 30 seconds. Not too bad! I wonder if I can last 1 minute when that day comes… =_=

Actually I feel like doing another 30 seconds plank now!

There, 2nd set done! Heehee. 30 seconds only, just do it right?

Planks are a great way to tone up the most important parts – tummy. My butt is getting into shape real fast due to the regular cross trainer workouts, I can see my arms getting muscular due to the body combat’s boxing and jabbing. Hope I see some results for my tummy soon!