I see my SHARPER chin!


And besides, I like my eyebrows today.


This will be one of the last few pictures I’ll be taking with my iPhone coz.. I am going to get Samsung Note 3!

This new gadget will be much bigger..wonder if it will hinder my picture taking ability.. after all I am used to the compact size of iPhone 5.. *shrugs* I want to get iPhone 5s but it’s so mad expensive!! That’s why I am getting Note 3 instead.

And yes, it’s gonna be black this time 🙂 White looks a bit plastic and pink is way too cute.. And the faux leather behind looks best in black! I have used Samsung before (Samsung Ace – basic phone, and S2) but somehow I reverted back to iPhone eventually. I hope things have improved and hopefully I will have a good experience with this model!


In case you are wondering why I haven’t been updating on my Paleo weight loss journey, that’s because I am doing that on my Facebook Page Paleo Diet in Singapore! It’s getting quite a bit of attention – I get messages from many friends asking me about it and if it helps in their current medical condition, if it is really effective in weight loss etc. I just posted this today on the page:


A real life testimony of a friend i know, who has seen some results on Paleo! I tell you, I never thought I could become so slim. I am sure ladies around me who are heavier than they want to, think that it’s just hopeless to lose weight or it’s just plain unrealistic to look like that model on the magazine. But it is through Paleo that I realise that hope is there, and it’s very possible to achieve that exact look and figure you want! Well maybe not exactly exact, but you get my drift.

If you have been following my blog for Paleo updates, why not pop over my Facebook page, like it, and you will get real time updates – I post what I eat for most meals, I post cool recipes, I post motivational pics, I post Paleo information, and I post real-life testimonies too. Even if you are not on Paleo lifestyle but would like to stay healthy and lean, I will be that pillar of support through that Page too. Feel free to PM me, or email me at norttigurl@gmail.com!



5am and awake

I’m now sitting on my mum’s bed looking at Am who’s sleeping away sweetly, with her pacifier halfway dropped out of her mouth. Just managed to trim her nails heehee. Much easier when she’s asleep!

I’m actually supposed to be sleeping now, but I slept early last night at about 11, so I’m feeling quite chirpy now lol.

I’m currently serving notice with my company, left with 2 plus weeks before my last day on 12 March. It’s funny how things can happen for the first time ever when there’s an impending farewell.. Like, my colleagues and I are going for ktv for the first time next Thursday, I’m going for a nice department lunch next Friday and we are going to take a group pic for the first time in history ever.

Partly because my old buddy Yanxi at work has resumed work in my department, it’s like a big reunion! Haha.

Met Juliana yesterday at Raffles Place during lunch coz she wanted to pass me some Tokyo bananas that she got from japan. She walked past me and didn’t realise it was me coz I had lost a lot of weight. And she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me. This was her whatsapp message after lunch:

Guess losing about 10kg does make quite a significant difference !!

I ended up buying 2 dresses while shopping with Juliana.. 1 white dress from MDS for just $12.90 and 1 green work dress for $18 at some shop at Arcade! Great deals – can try some more!!

And not forgetting, earlier that day, I made an online purchase of another dress from Dressabelle – also $18. 3 dresses in a day…

This was the Dressabelle dress I got. Nice leh!!

I bought size M cos I want my waist area to be more comfortable. Size S waist looks a bit small for me.. I could only guess! Will update u guys when I get the dress 🙂

Selfie which I took on Monday. Praying hard that I’ll lose more weight soon. Haha. My new target is to hit 49kg?… Sounds impossible, but let’s see how my Paleo lifestyle can lead me to that 🙂 I’m not gonna skip meals or eat lesser or go hungry coz Paleo diet will help me lose weight naturally while eating normally! It’s just the kind of foods I eat that matters.

Love paleo 🙂

Paleo lifestyle

I’ve actually come to a point where I don’t find Paleo such an exciting new concept anymore.

I mean it in a really good way.

It’s because the Paleo lifestyle has integrated into my life so perfectly that I do not see it as a separate diet. I see it as my life.

I just posted this on my Facebook page coz I am seriously amazed at the results this new lifestyle has brought me. I still eat freely on occasions eg birthdays, anniversaries etc but it has been pretty effortless losing the weight I gained.

Like today, I had a few pieces of cake/ fruit crumble/ tarts during the dinner buffet at Cafe Brio’s. I’m getting right back to Paleo tomorrow and shall stay that way the whole week.

Don’t ever feel down after a binge, cos there’s always tomorrow! I realise that my special occasions are really quite frequent.. My next BIG BINGE will last THREE DAYS cos I’ll be going for a holiday with hubby next next week!

That gives me even more motivation and reason to be a good cave girl from tomorrow onwards!! 🙂

Eat AGAIN tomorrow!

I’m having an early Chinese New Year reunion dinner with my mum – will be going to Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel tomorrow evening.

And last night, I had quite a few sinful pieces of roast duck and char siew which hubby bought for dinner. Argh.

So today, I HAVE TO BE A GOOD GIRL. I had Greek Yogurt with a bit of honey for breakfast, strawberries for brunch and now i am steaming my baby carrots for lunch. HUNGRY!

– 2 hours later –

I have eaten baby carrots and 2 eggs – still hungry leh. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME.. 😦


This week is a “GET FAT” week + Other updates ;)

My weight was 56kg this morning *argh*

That’s why I say I need to go down to 50kg to have some buffer – so I don’t go over the 55kg mark 🙂

And tomorrow hubby and I are celebrating our 10th couplehood anniversary / 8th marriage anniversary (we got together on 21 Jan 2004 and got married on 21 Jan 2006) – going to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore’s Italian restaurant Pontini for a nice dinner.

Before the dinner, we are going for 2Degree Ice Art 2013-2014 – we are not going there for the sculptures actually, I’m more interested in the MINUS 15 DEGREES SHIOKNESS and their SLIDES! Yes we will need to rent down jackets from the organisers, we will also bring along thermal socks, shoes, maybe our heattech thermal wear? Don’t play play leh – if wanna enjoy this kind of temperature, better make sure we are prepared for it 🙂

Weather in Singapore has been kinda chilly and dry the past few days – my hands looked really very wrinkly today (yes I slapped on some lanolin cream in the office this morning and they look better now haha). Remember to keep warm, fellow Singaporeans!

Ah I’ve managed to finish Good Doctor last night! I actually stayed up till 1am to finish the last 2 episodes :S so this morning I was really stoned. But I think its worth it – it was a really happy ending! And I think Moon Chae Won and Joo Won acted really damn well.


This is Moon Chae Won – I like her voice a lot – very natural and she always manage to carry off the script really well.

The other thing which I noticed about her – her eyeliner.. u see how the tail of her eyeliner juts out a little and make the eyeline longer?

I tried it this morning xD


For the record, I never put on eyeliner coz I think it’s damn troublesome. But i was so inspired by Moon Chae Won that I decided to put eyeliner everyday from today onwards!

But somehow I think my tail is abit too… curved upwards? Will improve tomorrow ha!

Ah i have to mention what eyeliner I am using because it’s really damn good – it doesnt smudge AT ALL.

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner. I have super oily eyelids and only this works for me!

Before I sign off, I just need to remind you guys to check out my newly set up Facebook Page called Paleo Diet in Singapore – I hope to let more Singaporeans know about this diet lifestyle that works for me so well – so do help me like it and spread the word pls?

My Facebook Page: Paleo Diet in Singapore – IS UP AND RUNNING!

Do support k?

Please click here and like my Page! I can foresee this Page to be motivational, practical and full of little tips on how to lose weight using Paleo Diet mainly, along with loads of general diet/ health advice and articles. Let me do the research and nitty-gritty stuff for you!

If you do have anything you want me to find out for you, just let me know via the Facebook page, or comment on my blog, or email me on norttigurl@gmail.com – I’m no doctor or dietician, but I will be that pillar of support and help should you need any 🙂

Weight Loss is POSSIBLE!

Flu Season in Singapore?

My company doctor had a waiting list of patients. I came down to register at 140pm and was asked to come back 2 hours later.

So many people sick 0.0


I’m basically having a bad case of sneezing and sniffing. No other symptoms yet. Hopefully no other symptoms! I wanna get well ASAP! Mummies cannot fall sick u know!

And so I got my Zyrtec-D, some Danzen equivalent and panadol for medication – yay free! Zyrtec-D very expensive if buy at Watson – $11.60 per box and it’s only 10 pills inside =_= but very effective for me.

Oh have u seen my instagram? My weight as of this morning is 55.1kg, just 100 GRAMS away from my goal of 55 kg!

I will be starting a Facebook page on paleo diet – cos I have experienced it for myself and it works so well for me – all I need to do now is to think of a name for the Facebook page – any suggestions?

Paleo Diet in Singapore

How abt that? this is easy for people to search?

Wendylimwendy’s Paleo Page

More personal?

Another thing – will u support and help my page? 🙂