When I was pregnant…

I just wanted a post that has pics when I was pregnant, just so that I will remember how un-pretty I was. Never will this happen again!!

This was when I was in my second trimester. Was still serving as a vocalist in church. And I already looked super bloated and puffed up :S

Still in second trimester – in Hong Kong. I agree that second trimester is the best of all trimesters. The load wasnt that bad yet, and the nauseous first trimester was mostly over. Well nausea stayed with me thru out from start to end, just that it was milder during second trimester. 😑

This took place at my home, when my life group celebrated birthday for me and CS.

Birthday celebration with my family. Look at that arm!

KTV with hubby. I believe I was in last trimester Liao. Cos that night there was a major road block for a stupid run and I stood so long outside Cineleisure waiting for hubby to pick me up. That wait nearly broke my back!

Confirm last trimester. One of my last duties as vocalist. Hmm I wonder when I will be back in church?

Last one taken during Christmas celebration with life group. I was huge already. After that I didn’t bother taking any more pics of myself cos I will delete them away after looking at it haha.

The experience of pregnancy is overall a horrid memory for me. A bad 10 months. I told many friends, I wasn’t myself at all and i am quite sure my colleagues can attest to that. I was cranky, paranoid, short tempered, demanding! So thankful that they could tahan me.

But I must say, pregnancy is different for everyone! Many ladies love to be pregnant. They say they have lots of energy, they got no nausea, they can go shopping without getting backache. WTF – sorry I cannot understand it lor haha. Not for me!

And moving forward, I want to be TRANSFORMED. To the me 10 years ago! I am determined to lose the 10 kg!

Here’s a pic of me now.

Not a good pic cos my dress hides everything. Zzz. Anyway my point is, I wanna be slimmer! Skinnier! Smaller! More bony! Less fleshy! Actually after a month of gym, I haven seen much results yet. I shall persevere. Extend to 40min per workout and I should see some results soon πŸ™‚ and what’s my motivation?


Wear that gorgeous dress and look as pretty as her :))