Running Man Live in Singapore on 19 October 2013!

They are coming to the sunny island on 19 October which is just one month away. I can so imagine myself being part of the crazy crowd chanting “RUNNING MAN! RUNNING MAN!” And the fact that I just watched the Vietnam episode makes it all the more vivid!!

But but but …. The tickets to the fan meet are crazy expensive! SGD$288 for the highest category… =_= I actually prefer to see them live in action, than in a fan meet. But hmm, I’m quite past the “camping-at-airport” stage.. Have done enough of that last time.. =_=

But do not doubt my words that I do love Running Man a lot. I’m quite a new fan of RM actually, started watching it only in April or May. Dunno why I started so late actually. The show gives me so much joy haha! Their friendships and closeness with one another make every episode an awesome show 🙂

Anyway, have u seen the latest episode yet? Where Kang Gary kissed Song Ji-Hyo!!


Ahhhh how sweet is that!! They are made for each other seriously!