Midweek cheer!

Midweek is here and today a new staff is joining our department. And so… I’m not going gym today cos we are going out lunch with her! And guess where?

Yes you are right – Bibigo. Wahaha. Sorry I sound really high cos I didn’t sleep last night and I’m kinda delirious now.

Wonder what I’ll have.. Maybe no rice dishes.. Will check out the menu later. And of course, u will see food pics on this blog very soon heehee.

Guess what, I have been weighing myself every morning ever since I started having just soup for dinner, and my weight is slowly but surely going downwards. Today’s weight – 62.9kg!! It was 64 five days ago 🙂 I really should chart a graph man, so I can remember.. Anyone wanna get graph paper for me??

Jiayou jiayou to myself and all who are losing weight too!

And lastly I leave u a photo disaster which I took hurriedly this morning. Hubby and I both look like shit but it’s so hilarious!! I tried to pull hubby in for a quick pic in the lift and he made a face, while I blinked. Haha!



When I was pregnant…

I just wanted a post that has pics when I was pregnant, just so that I will remember how un-pretty I was. Never will this happen again!!

This was when I was in my second trimester. Was still serving as a vocalist in church. And I already looked super bloated and puffed up :S

Still in second trimester – in Hong Kong. I agree that second trimester is the best of all trimesters. The load wasnt that bad yet, and the nauseous first trimester was mostly over. Well nausea stayed with me thru out from start to end, just that it was milder during second trimester. 😡

This took place at my home, when my life group celebrated birthday for me and CS.

Birthday celebration with my family. Look at that arm!

KTV with hubby. I believe I was in last trimester Liao. Cos that night there was a major road block for a stupid run and I stood so long outside Cineleisure waiting for hubby to pick me up. That wait nearly broke my back!

Confirm last trimester. One of my last duties as vocalist. Hmm I wonder when I will be back in church?

Last one taken during Christmas celebration with life group. I was huge already. After that I didn’t bother taking any more pics of myself cos I will delete them away after looking at it haha.

The experience of pregnancy is overall a horrid memory for me. A bad 10 months. I told many friends, I wasn’t myself at all and i am quite sure my colleagues can attest to that. I was cranky, paranoid, short tempered, demanding! So thankful that they could tahan me.

But I must say, pregnancy is different for everyone! Many ladies love to be pregnant. They say they have lots of energy, they got no nausea, they can go shopping without getting backache. WTF – sorry I cannot understand it lor haha. Not for me!

And moving forward, I want to be TRANSFORMED. To the me 10 years ago! I am determined to lose the 10 kg!

Here’s a pic of me now.

Not a good pic cos my dress hides everything. Zzz. Anyway my point is, I wanna be slimmer! Skinnier! Smaller! More bony! Less fleshy! Actually after a month of gym, I haven seen much results yet. I shall persevere. Extend to 40min per workout and I should see some results soon 🙂 and what’s my motivation?


Wear that gorgeous dress and look as pretty as her :))

Vogel’s Crunchy Honey Clusters & my new weekday menu!


I just had this for breakfast 🙂 after weeks of eating Sweet Home Farm granola, I’m trying this out for the first time.

It contains oats, corn, wheat and rice, together with raisins, banana chips and pumpkin seeds. Oh, and the honey flavour too. It’s about 180 calories per 45g serving, but I think I took more than 45g just now =_= I freaking need a weighing scale for this!

Taste: Honey flavour is quite distinct which is cool, and it goes along pretty ok with my almond milk (Almond Breeze brand, Vanilla flavour). Only downside for me was that the raisins get stuck in my teeth as i chewed on them, which caused some annoyance lol. And the overall feeling is that this seems to be less filling than granola. Granola has this satisfying chewy texture, especially after u let it sit a bit in the milk – it becomes softer and slightly mushy – beautiful! But some people don’t like mushy stuff? 😀

Let’s see how I feel later this morning 🙂


After a brief chat with Elsa last evening, I’ve more or less settled on my up-coming weekday menu after i finish my granola & almond milk!

1) Before I leave home at 745am – homemade coffee with added Anlene powder – 100 calories est.

2) Breakfast at 9am – wholemeal sandwiches.

  • 2 slices Gardenia Wholemeal bread – 145calories
  • Fairprice reduced fat cheese 1 slice – 41 calories
  • 2 fat rings of raw onion – calorie free?
  • Picnic ham 2 slices – 70 calories                                              (TOTAL 256 calories)

3) Before-Gym snack at 12pm – Banana (Del Monte) – 120 calories

4) After-Gym meal at 230pm – Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate OR NutriBiotic, Vegan Rice Protein Spectrum Shake (not sure which one to buy yet…)

 – Protein shake with rice milk – rice milk (130 cal for 240ml) + 2 tablespoons protein powder (60 cal-Jarrow) OR 1 scoop (62 cal-NutriBiotic) = 190cal est.

5) Dinner at 730pm – Raw Meal Meal Replacement with rice milk – 1.5 scoops powder (232.5 cal) with 300ml rice milk (162.5 cal) = total 395 calories

That gives me about.. 1066 calories intake per day. PERFECT! But in between 230-6pm, I think I will be hungry 😦 only solution is to drink LOADS OF WATER.

How’s that? What do you guys think? Give me some feedback!!

Counting Calories

So how many calories are found in ur favourite hawker foods? Let’s see..

  • Fried Bee Hoon – 250 calories
  • Roasted Chicken Rice – 607 calories
  • Beef Hor Fun – 697 calories
  • Popiah – 188 calories
  • Char Kway Teow – 744 calories
  • Hokkien Mee – 522 calories
  • Lor Mee – 383 calories
  • Egg Prata – 288 calories

You can actually get the info from this website created by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. It contains all kinds of hawker food! Much more useful for us locals eh 😉

So the least evil of the above evil foods has to be..popiah.. or is popiah not considered sinful enough? Maybe Lor Mee then. 🙂 Beef Hor Fun is absolutely terrifyingly sinful ok – but it’s sooo nice isn’t it! Drenched in thick dark brown gravy, with slightly charred thick rice noodles and tender sliced beef.. Man. I’m drooling. That one dish alone can wipe out your whole target calorie intake for the day if you intend to lose weight! And what’s more, they are filled with unhealthy ingredients such as white rice/ white noodles i.e. high sugar content!

I eat fried beehoon with chicken wing and a big piece of fish nugget every Sunday morning, coupled with my homemade coffee with added Anlene powder. It’s my weekend comfort food which I will happily indulge in coz I don’t eat such food on weekdays (working in Marina Bay Financial Centre has made me stop eating out due to the HIGH costs!). So what do I eat on weekdays in the office? Here’s the menu:

  • Home Sweet Farm granola with Almond milk (about 450 calories – healthier meal replacement – oatmeal makes us full longer)
  • Raw Meal protein shake with Rice Milk (about 450 calories – healthiest meal replacement, no carbs at all!)
  • instant noodles (maybe once every 2 weeks when the craving attacks 100 calories for mini-mug noodles, 400-500 calories for the usual cup noodles)
  • instant miso soup (maybe 1-2 times every week – 30 calories)

I will be changing this ‘menu’ as soon as I finish my granola and almond milk. Will make sandwiches instead, with wholemeal bread, ham and cheese. Maybe make 2-3 sandwiches, for breakfast, lunch and teatime snack. But it means i gotta wake up earlier to prepare =_=

I can eat this forever and ever, don’t worry. I have tried this before 😉 I want to cut out oily and fried food as much as I can!

Am I an animal in the zoo?

I forgot to bring my sports bra to office today, hence couldn’t go gym. My calf muscles are still aching anyway, so it was a good chance to just stay in office, have my protein shake, rest and look silly laughing while watching my favourite Running Man.

Towards at the of my lunch break at about 150pm, I heard some chattering behind me. then the chattering came towards my workstation and I saw a new colleague talking to two other ladies (dunno where they are from and why they are in my office! are we allowed to bring anyone up in the first place??) and showing them around the office. I know her from my ex-workplace but not very close to her.

She brought the 2 ladies over to my side and chattered excitedly “here’s the file opening”. Then 1 blur lady asked some bimbo question and she said “open files one lah! There, Wendy Wendy!”. The two ladies turned to look at me like I’m a newborn panda in the zoo enclosure.

It lasted for about 2 seconds, then they proceeded to view the rest of the ‘zoo’.

The first feeling that came to me was – disgust. If she’s the boss, ok la, LPPL. But she isn’t, yet she behaves like the boss. =_=

Next, a question came to my head .. “Am I sometimes like her too?”

And that made me cringe. I NEVER wanna be like her!!

But sometimes, when we get so enthusiastic about something, we fail to look at our behavior/ actions. Like how some sales people try to hardsell their products so much and they fail to realise how annoying they can be.

Or maybe a more appropriate example will be, some religious people are so enthusiastic about sharing their faith, that they keep pushing and hardselling until people flee from them and as a result, flee from the religion / faith as well.

But still, at the end, i still felt like a showcase animal just now. :S

animal in zoo

(image from www.straitstimes.com)

Miss Misfit

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like your body doesn’t belong to you, and you end up wearing clothes that don’t fit your branded bag, and to top it off, because it’s raining, you slip on a pair of flip-flops so it’s easier to walk, you look like a clown before you step out of the door, and despite knowing you look like a clown, you feel too crappy to change out of it.

And so I reached office looking like an absolute misfit. While other OLs (Office Ladies) look spanking delicious with their Chanels and killer red heels.

And the crazy thoughts start pouring in.

“I don’t have enough nice clothes”

“I don’t have enough bags to fit my clothes”

“I need some waterproof + CHIO boots for rainy weather” (if there’s ever such shoes..)

And as if my mood isn’t bad enough, i started surfing Google images for nice bags..


I don’t mind this Chanel. Pack that face in too.


Or this Loewe Amazing Amazona.

I’ve always made fun of people (quietly in my mind) who don’t wear nice clothes to match their loud branded bags. Good God, now I am one of them 😦

And because of my misfit in everything this morning, I made a silly mistake at work. and now i am feeling worse. ARGH. I HATE MAKING MISTAKES.

Sigh. Misfit at work too. That – will be another lengthy rant maybe later today..

Fitness First Body Combat

I am currently attending the Monday lunchtime class at Marina Bay Financial Centre. It’s so convenient, my office is in the same tower as Fitness First and it takes just 5 minutes to change lifts and reach the gym.

Here’s a picture i took before the gruelling Body Combat class.


The instructor Kester launched an entirely new set of moves today. It was the 3rd or 4th lesson for me ever since i joined Fitness First, so I seriously Ga Lang Ga Bo (means made a lot of mistakes) to the max LOL. But what made me really happy was, I was actually contracting my abs automatically the entire lesson today! the previous lessons – I had to consciously use my abs for the moves but today was different. heeehee.

Oh and I started my Jumping Jacks challenge last night. I did 100 jumping jacks non stop and completed them within 2 minutes. Tonight’s 150 jumping jacks – hope i can pull through 🙂 Exercise seems easier now, after 3 weeks of doing it! This week I am able to go gym everyday – yay.

Mondays are the harshest coz it’s Body Combat. Tuesdays and Thursdays actually have RPM cycling sessions – i’ve tried my first one 2 weeks ago and i very nearly fell off the stationery bicycle. and not to mention the extremely sore butt for the next 2 days :S Maybe i will just stick to working out on the cross trainer tomorrow and watch some news and Masterchef Junior :))

To everyone who’s trying to lose weight – here’s quote for ya:

The difference between who you ARE and who you WANT TO BE is the work you put in!