Just in time for Body Combat

AΒ long search request came in before lunch and I managed to clear it at 1250pm. I was thinking – cannot make it for body combat liao…usually attendance is quite good for body combat so i was quite sad that i couldnt make it today.

When i reached the gym, i went to the registration form and there were only maybe 12 names, much to my glee!! I quickly scribbled my name down and went to change.

So so glad i went, coz today’s class was INTENSE! it was a replacement instructor and he just went on and on and on. Great 45min spent!! And tomorrow is RPM cycling class – looking forward πŸ™‚

Yesterday was a tiring day – and it made me really feel like binging. I had granola with low fat milk for breakfast, 3 tiny bananas for lunch and granola again for dinner at 530pm. At about 9pm, i was already thinking what I should snack on..

and i ended up eating a big piece of seaweed – it’s only 13 calories….

This morning I weighed myself.


Cool – i am back to 59.1 πŸ™‚ So glad I did not take out those spicy fish sticks to munch on.. :X

I’ve decided to have wholemeal bread for this week, coz my emmental cheese slices are still in the fridge untouched! Bought a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread (its made of 50% wholemeal flour though zzz) – cheap and nice with the cheese!


Start of a new CLEAN week!

Being in office is good coz I get to have a more predictable and structured day in terms of diet and exercise.

I just had my Raw Meal Protein Shake. Finally finishing my Vanilla powder, will be opening my second andΒ last tin (unflavoured)Β very soon yay! After I finish the second tin (God knows when, it’s such a gigantic tin) i will stick to Naturade.


I put in 350ml rice milk (a bit more today coz this will be my only carbo intake for the day) and 1.5 scoops of powder (instead of the recommended 2) coz Raw Meal powder turns gooey very quickly after i mix it 😦 I drank it at 11am and my next protein shake (Naturade) will be after my body combat class at 2 plus pm.

This week onwards, my driving lessons will be only once a week, so it means for this week, I will be in office from Mon to Thur i.e. I am able to go gym 4 days!Β I will eat my muesli (need carbo for gym workouts!) at about 11am, then protein shake at 3pm. Wonder if it will help me achieve 58kg by friday?


didn’t lose much over the weekend coz it WAS THE WEEKEND. bleah..Β  BUTTTT being a brand new week today onwards, I shall BUCK UP and FIGHT!! *bloodcurdling pirate scream*

JUST 1.5 more kg TO 58KG!!!!!!

Diet tweaks

After yesterday’s heavy meal, I decided that I should be even more drastic and stringent in my weekday diet so as to provide an even better buffer for weekend family meals.

On weekdays, my diet will be as follows:

8am – coffee with Anlene powder
In between if hungry – water
12pm – 1 wholemeal bread
(If I’m in office) 230-3pm – 2-3pcs wholemeal bread or muesli with milk
(If I’m at driving lesson) 4pm – 2-3pcs wholemeal bread

Weekends – no carbo and nothing after 8pm.

Sigh I have a wedding dinner coming up on 26 Oct. I figure I’ll eat to make its worth.. Lol. So ya, need to lose even more now!!!!

Bought some food which I brought to office.

I was eating this Gardenia Wholemeal bread today – very filling and super nice texture! Not dry at all πŸ™‚

I tried this new Carman’s Fruit Free muesli too. It’s fruit-free cos I hate raisins which always appear inside my cereal! It’s not too sweet and I love how it tastes – HEALTHY!

This is how it looks like!

My lunch today after gym πŸ™‚

I bought this Japanese instant seaweed soup too, when savoury cravings attack. Only 13 calories!

Today I paddled extra hard cos I was puffing mad over the weight gain after yesterday’s dinner.. Lol.

Was late due to work and missed body combat class today. But it was a good workout on the cross trainer still!
So today my last meal was at 4pm. Not eating anything anymore (it’s now 8pm). I need to be super disciplined from now on!


After the heavy lunch and teatime snack yesterday, and a bowl of soup with meatballs for dinner….

I weigh more this morning. 😦 yesterday was 62.9. Today….. 63.5!

So, despite my sore achy body, i went gym during lunch. Just got back actually.. and I worked out for 40 min! New record yay!

gym1 gym2

I am actually starting to find it not so dreadful. Jus absent-mindedly step on and on and on lor. Time seems to pass by faster too heehee. Weight loss aside, exercise is good for health too. *pats me own back*

Alright back to work le!

Exercise is getting amazing!!

My earliest recollection of exercising (excluding school days) was when I was working part time at Amore during poly days. I got to attend free classes when working there and it was cool. Amore is an ladies-only club and I guess because of that, the exercises were milder than the co-ed ones in Fitness First. Well, either they are milder, or my stamina has gotten so damn jialat now..

I went to body combat class today after a week’s hiatus and I noticed something very different. I’ve been to about 3-4 body combat classes and I ended up very tired after that. It’s like a downward slope.

Today, after about 35-40 minutes of the class, I suddenly felt a lot of energy while doing the jumps (dunno what’s the exact name, doesn’t matter) and I felt I could go on forever! Is that what you call ‘catching the wind’?? Or is it the second wind?

Interesting isn’t it?? It’s like a wave of energy burst through me, out of nowhere. I went on until 45 minutes then I had to leave the class to shower. Cool….

Exercise is getting interesting :))

Sunshine Multigrain Bread tastes Great!

I managed to get my new breakfast ingredients on Saturday at NTUC!

And here’s what I brought to office today:

Using Sunshine’s Multigrain Bread, picnic ham, cheese slice and garlic herb spread, this is really tasty. The garlic herb spread needs to be spread THINLY so it won’t become too greasy.

Bananas as a pre-gym snack at 12 plus. My mum managed to buy these really tiny bananas from Ang Mo Kio Block 628 wet market!

Made this Vitamin C drink once I came into office today. Everyone at home is taking turns to fall sick. I’m determined not to become one of them!

After gym later, I will make myself a protein shake and that will last me until 730 pm. If I get hungry in between, I’ll just drink water.

Gotta say to myself- Hunger is just a feeling. Choose to ignore it.

Fitness First Body Combat

I am currently attending the Monday lunchtime class at Marina Bay Financial Centre. It’s so convenient, my office is in the same tower as Fitness First and it takes just 5 minutes to change lifts and reach the gym.

Here’s a picture i took before the gruelling Body Combat class.


The instructor Kester launched an entirely new set of moves today. It was the 3rd or 4th lesson for me ever since i joined Fitness First, so I seriously Ga Lang Ga Bo (means made a lot of mistakes)Β to the max LOL. But what made me really happy was, I was actually contracting my abs automatically the entire lesson today! the previous lessons – I had to consciously use my abs for the moves but today was different. heeehee.

Oh and I started my Jumping Jacks challenge last night. I did 100 jumping jacks non stop and completed them within 2 minutes. Tonight’s 150 jumping jacks – hope i can pull through πŸ™‚ Exercise seems easier now, after 3 weeks of doing it! This week I am able to go gym everyday – yay.

Mondays are the harshest coz it’s Body Combat. Tuesdays and Thursdays actually have RPM cycling sessions – i’ve tried my first one 2 weeks ago and i very nearly fell off the stationery bicycle. and not to mention the extremely sore butt for the next 2 days :S Maybe i will just stick to working out on the cross trainer tomorrow and watch some news and Masterchef Junior :))

To everyone who’s trying to lose weight – here’s quote for ya:

The difference between who you ARE and who you WANT TO BE is the work you put in!