I feel GOOD (ta da ta da ta da da)

I just finished my lunch – B U R P.


I finished every single bit of it, including the salmon and veg juice/ gravy. Brussel sprouts are so nice and sweet!

and this was my breakfast!


i think my food is beginning to look nicer eh? More colourful hahaha. So what’s the plan for tomorrow’s Paleo meals?

According to the plan i made, breakfast is diced red bell pepper omelette (what a freaking mouthful) for breakfast, and stir-fry chicken with celery and brussel sprouts for lunch. maybe I’ll add some mushrooms to the chicken for contrast of colours? Heehee.

And, does red bell pepper go well with eggs? I will find out and let u know LOL. i think it will look funny haha. Maybe add some prawns? πŸ˜›

My weight has remained constant at 57.6kg for the past 3 days, despite the fact that I’ve been eating more. I wonder if it’s intending to spring a nasty surprise on me tomorrow. Let’s hope today’s body combat will help a bit. I wore my new shoes to body combat today. It really gave me more stability during the lunges (or did the past few days’ regular squats help in that too?) compared to the Reebok shoes I normally wear. But this new pair is more spacious hence it gives the feeling that its quite loose. think i need some time getting used to it. Tomorrow I’ll be doing Elliptical Interval Training – argh i don’t really like it but i think the more i don’t like it, the better results it give!



Just in time for Body Combat

AΒ long search request came in before lunch and I managed to clear it at 1250pm. I was thinking – cannot make it for body combat liao…usually attendance is quite good for body combat so i was quite sad that i couldnt make it today.

When i reached the gym, i went to the registration form and there were only maybe 12 names, much to my glee!! I quickly scribbled my name down and went to change.

So so glad i went, coz today’s class was INTENSE! it was a replacement instructor and he just went on and on and on. Great 45min spent!! And tomorrow is RPM cycling class – looking forward πŸ™‚

Yesterday was a tiring day – and it made me really feel like binging. I had granola with low fat milk for breakfast, 3 tiny bananas for lunch and granola again for dinner at 530pm. At about 9pm, i was already thinking what I should snack on..

and i ended up eating a big piece of seaweed – it’s only 13 calories….

This morning I weighed myself.


Cool – i am back to 59.1 πŸ™‚ So glad I did not take out those spicy fish sticks to munch on.. :X

I’ve decided to have wholemeal bread for this week, coz my emmental cheese slices are still in the fridge untouched! Bought a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread (its made of 50% wholemeal flour though zzz) – cheap and nice with the cheese!

Start of a new CLEAN week!

Being in office is good coz I get to have a more predictable and structured day in terms of diet and exercise.

I just had my Raw Meal Protein Shake. Finally finishing my Vanilla powder, will be opening my second andΒ last tin (unflavoured)Β very soon yay! After I finish the second tin (God knows when, it’s such a gigantic tin) i will stick to Naturade.


I put in 350ml rice milk (a bit more today coz this will be my only carbo intake for the day) and 1.5 scoops of powder (instead of the recommended 2) coz Raw Meal powder turns gooey very quickly after i mix it 😦 I drank it at 11am and my next protein shake (Naturade) will be after my body combat class at 2 plus pm.

This week onwards, my driving lessons will be only once a week, so it means for this week, I will be in office from Mon to Thur i.e. I am able to go gym 4 days!Β I will eat my muesli (need carbo for gym workouts!) at about 11am, then protein shake at 3pm. Wonder if it will help me achieve 58kg by friday?


didn’t lose much over the weekend coz it WAS THE WEEKEND. bleah..Β  BUTTTT being a brand new week today onwards, I shall BUCK UP and FIGHT!! *bloodcurdling pirate scream*

JUST 1.5 more kg TO 58KG!!!!!!

Skipping rope

I was feeling rather fat after the prata and so I tried to do some skipping with Al’s skipping rope.

Now I haven skipped since school days, which is more than 15 years ago? Al followed me into the master bedroom curiously as I said I wanted to skip. I started skipping, feeling like a heavy mother cow.

Al helped me count, thankfully, as I kinda got caught up with the skipping and lost count lol. Eh I haven skipped for so many years ok. This is totally new to me man. I told Al, I wanna skip 100 times.

Skip, trip, skip, trip.. With much cumbersome-ness.. I managed to skip 100 times after maybe 3 minutes. And I was panting like a marathon runner who just completed 24km.

Feeling rather accomplished, I went to rest and google “skipping rope 100 times calories”. I think I have burnt at least 100 calories?

And so I got to this page.

So…. 15 minutes of skipping burns 100 calories.

And just now I skipped only for about 3 minutes.


Okay… I need lots of practice… It’s a good exercise to do on weekends! Convenient πŸ™‚

Plank 30-day challenge

I started doing the plank challenge on Sunday night!

I actually tried doing the jumping jacks challenge a few weeks ago but it was difficult for me to jump quietly especially during weekends when Am was sleeping with me in the room. Planks are definitely quieter haha!

So I am at my 3rd day and I did the required 30 seconds. Not too bad! I wonder if I can last 1 minute when that day comes… =_=

Actually I feel like doing another 30 seconds plank now!

There, 2nd set done! Heehee. 30 seconds only, just do it right?

Planks are a great way to tone up the most important parts – tummy. My butt is getting into shape real fast due to the regular cross trainer workouts, I can see my arms getting muscular due to the body combat’s boxing and jabbing. Hope I see some results for my tummy soon!


After the heavy lunch and teatime snack yesterday, and a bowl of soup with meatballs for dinner….

I weigh more this morning. 😦 yesterday was 62.9. Today….. 63.5!

So, despite my sore achy body, i went gym during lunch. Just got back actually.. and I worked out for 40 min! New record yay!

gym1 gym2

I am actually starting to find it not so dreadful. Jus absent-mindedly step on and on and on lor. Time seems to pass by faster too heehee. Weight loss aside, exercise is good for health too. *pats me own back*

Alright back to work le!

Exercise is getting amazing!!

My earliest recollection of exercising (excluding school days) was when I was working part time at Amore during poly days. I got to attend free classes when working there and it was cool. Amore is an ladies-only club and I guess because of that, the exercises were milder than the co-ed ones in Fitness First. Well, either they are milder, or my stamina has gotten so damn jialat now..

I went to body combat class today after a week’s hiatus and I noticed something very different. I’ve been to about 3-4 body combat classes and I ended up very tired after that. It’s like a downward slope.

Today, after about 35-40 minutes of the class, I suddenly felt a lot of energy while doing the jumps (dunno what’s the exact name, doesn’t matter) and I felt I could go on forever! Is that what you call ‘catching the wind’?? Or is it the second wind?

Interesting isn’t it?? It’s like a wave of energy burst through me, out of nowhere. I went on until 45 minutes then I had to leave the class to shower. Cool….

Exercise is getting interesting :))