And I’m still on leave!

But I’m back to work tomorrow 😦

I haven managed to find time to post my Bintan pics yet, cos it’s a lot!! Will try to do it tonight after I go for my run πŸ™‚

Today’s my last day of leave. Yesterday hubby stayed at home too, and we brought Al to watch Frozen after our lunch at Din Tai Fung (yes eat again). It was quite a nice movie leh, cos I’m a sucker for good songs in the movie and Frozen has plenty of songs in it! The movie is done by the same producers of Tangled, which has a lot of nice songs too!

And maybe I should post the gluttony pics at Din Tai Fung.

Appetisers – drunken chicken, spicy cucumber and pork with cucumber and garlic. It was my first time trying their garlic pork, it is fantastic!!

Stir fried spinach – good and healthy fibre for the whole family πŸ™‚

Fried rice shared between hubby and Al.

Their pork chop, which was surprisingly tender yesterday haha.

I had to order this….. It was calling out to me..

And their crab Xiao Long Bao for Al.

These pics were totally unedited – so may look a bit dark cos lighting wasn’t too bright there.

My casual outfit of the day!

Today I had 2 soft boiled eggs and a cuppa coffee for breakfast, and for lunch I had a banana and some blueberries. Gonna eat light from today onwards already!!


Birthday Dinner at Din Tai Fung Bishan – Food Review

It was mad crowded as usual with long queues everywhere at Junction 8, especially DTF. I have actually called in a few weeks ago to sort of let them know that I would be having a birthday dinner here. they do not allow reservations actually but they have said that they would take note and try to let me have a table ASAP.

So I was there with mil at 630 (it was already crowded outside with many people waiting) and I managed to get in at about 650pm without joining the queue system. Well I still had to wait 20min but thankful that DTF has tried their best even though they strictly don’t take in reservations.

So.. Here are the food pics!

These are the complimentary seasonal Chuan style dumplings. Spicy like the usual ones with chilli oil, quite good but I still prefer the usual ones πŸ™‚

Tada, the usual dumplings in chilli oil which I LOVE!!

Joanne’s recommendation- prawn pancake. Really quite good – juicy, soft and addictive!

Ordered this for Al who has to eat every meal with soup..

Haha I cannot live without this la. We had the xiao Cai too, but I didn’t manage to snap a pic of that.

This is duck in crispy skin. Al likes it too.

One of the staples. Don’t the prawns look lovely?

The other staple – fried rice with pork chop. Half-eaten already heehee.

Of cos we ordered the xiao long bao x 10 and also the shrimp dumplings x 6. But I was entertaining Am so didn’t manage to snap pics. Overall the dinner was just nice for 4 adults and 1 child.

And we sang a birthday song softly amidst the diners in DTF (couldn’t get any louder cos it was just me and hubby singing.. Both grandmas didnt sing lol) and cut birthday cake for Al in the end.

Disney princess Swensons cake with 3 flavour – choc vanilla and strawberry – the kind of cake u get when u can’t make up your mind lol.

This is how it looks like inside. No I didn’t eat the cake.

It was a simple celebration with Al’s favourite people and favourite food. Yay!

Din Tai Fung (Marina Bay Link Mall)

Some of you may have known that I’ve recently fallen in love with DTF and their food. Yes recently. Previously I thought they were just okay, nothing worth raving about.. But I guess tastes will change as age catches on…

Ya so I had lunch today with my buddy at work. We don’t lunch together everyday cos I usually go gym. So we try to lunch together once in a while. And we both enjoy DTF!

We ordered 2 bowls of this.. So we had 1 whole bowl to ourselves. Shiok leh. Yum yum! And on top of the already existing chilli oil and vinegar, we piled on their chilli sauce on top of the dumpling before shoving it into our mouth. Bliss.

We ordered 10x of this crab xiao long bao too. Looks better on the pic when there are more in the basket don’t you think!! Hee.

It was crowded today. We had to wait about 20min before getting a table. But service was quite prompt as usual. Besides the above, we also ordered the spicy cucumber, the tang hoon chap chye (what’s the exact name..) and a basket of shrimp pork dumplings. Just nice πŸ™‚

More pics coming up tomorrow, cause I’m going Paradise Pavilion for my department lunch! Sigh, this week never go gym leh… Don’t dare to weigh myself Liao..