Casuarina Curry at Upper Thomson (Food Review)

21 day Primal Challenge FAIL.

Hubby lured me to Casuarina Curry last night and I succumbed to temptation of the prata.

I ordered a cheese prata and hubby ordered 2 gosong prata to go with his mutton curry (not in pic).

The cheese prata was so worth it – so huge!!

Our second time ordering their mutton curry. Standard always the same – amazingly tender mutton cubes! Got the fatty bits too. Haha.

I’m back to Paleo today though πŸ™‚ had a damn busy day at work today and all
I had was a bowl of Greek yogurt and 3 hard boiled eggs. Oh and some dark chocolate.

And I have to brace through another 2 busy days. Argh.


Casuarina Curry at Upper Thomson – Food Review

To celebrate my 100% pass for FTT, I decided to sin and have prata for breakfast with my handsome hubby πŸ˜‰

God blessed me with a nice rainy Saturday morning too. Wee!

But cos it was cool and nice outside, alfresco seating all taken up. So we had to sit inside..

My first time ordering plaster cheese. I tot I should see a sunny side up plastered to a cheese prata? No? This looks vastly different!!

But it was nice.. See the sticky cheese? πŸ™‚

Hubby’s egg onion and plain prata. Looks more shiok than my small plaster hor? Haha. But I’m glad I ordered just that plaster cheese – it was very filling!

Hubby ordered mutton cubes to share too – it’s very good and tender!

Happy πŸ™‚