Greenhouse Christmas Lunch Buffet (Ritz Carlton Singapore) – Food Review

It was a department lunch (read: FOC) and we happily left the office an hour before official lunchtime to catch a cab to Ritz Carlton yesterday.

It’s not my first time dining at Greenhouse. The previous 2-3 times were also with my department and my impression was that the food selection wasn’t spectacular but the ambience is very relaxed given the spacious layout of the restaurant. This time round with the Christmas season around the corner, prices went up too – after taxes, each pax cost $72!

The first section I saw when we entered the restaurant – desserts!

And these too.. Shot glasses of beautiful sweetness πŸ™‚

I went for the raw food first as usual and was really surprised by the great variety for this Christmas lunch buffet! I took a bit of everything in that section and it filled up the whole plate =_=

The mini decoration piece on our table. It was raining and windy outside, so the atmosphere was just right for Christmas!

My second round consisting of the various cold salad dishes – also filled up the whole plate!!

Portobello with spinach – my favourite!

This unagi chawanmushi is really nice, regretted not eating a second bowl >_<

I was so impressed by the food selection that I had to snap pics of the various sections! I usually don’t (paiseh mah lol) but this time round I was really very happy with Greenhouse πŸ™‚

This was the curry section, complete with naans!

Cooked food section with many meat dishes!!

The other cooked food selection – it went a full circle!

Sashimi with preserved side dishes including kimchi haha. First time I see kimchi in international buffet πŸ™‚

The other side of the seafood section!

These are the cold cuts section – at least 5 dishes to choose from – the most I’ve ever seen – and they are all yummy!

Cold salad dishes – another huge selection!

And a whole counter dedicated to breads of all kinds.

My third plate of food consisting of cooked food! I was then too full to snap more pics. I had half a bowl of Cheng Tng, half a bowl of Green Bean Soup, a few desserts (all super nice!!) and a scoop of Rum Raisin Ice cream.

And to end the whole deal, a cuppa coffee. Beautiful.

Can I do this again? I love the food!!


The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers (Buffet Lunch) – Food Review

I was initially attracted to the waterfall views hence I booked a table for the family for my birthday lunch. And it was nearer to our place than most other hotels in town, so it made an ideal choice!

My outfit of the day. I took this before going out cos I suspect there won’t be time to take many pics with kids in tow haha.

I bought this dress for Chinese New Year 2012 and now it’s quite loose especially at the chest area. Yes my boobs and upper back both lost weight after I started working out (all part of the package isn’t it zzz).

But very glad I can fit in now!

This was the view from our table – very nice. The weather was initially clear and then it started pouring a storm afterwards – pitter patter pitter patter!

We also watched a free show of the cleaner uncle trying to fish for a bird that has fallen into the water! We all saw a nice colorful fat bird fall into the pond and started struggling. It looked like it was suffering from a cramp or seizure, poor thing. After it struggled, the bird just stayed afloat on the pond with its wings pointing outwards. Wasn’t a nice sight actually to me, but the kids (including the kids from the next table) found it very fascinating.

The seafood selection was the best – they just kept on topping up without fail and I had a lot of these!

Their cooked food was quite dismal though, just a few selections of fried stuff, ONE staple (mee tai bak), and NO soup. There were some dim sum, also served laksa, lamb cuts, satay etc.

I love spinach salad!! And their herb vinaigrette dressing was good πŸ™‚
Their dessert counter isn’t the best I’ve seen also, but hubby had three of their chocolate lava cakes which were nice – they do it on the spot for u πŸ™‚

Hubby in pink too haha. We were very pink today cos Al and Am were all in pink! Lol.

But I would like to commend their good service – perhaps it was a slow crowd, hence our plates were being cleared very promptly. Am also had a big space for her stroller hence she managed to nap for half an hour during the lunch. And the place had high ceilings, so it helped with the noise level too. The ambience was good!

We all came home happy and fat, and slept from 3-6pm. Happy Saturday!

Birthday EQUALS Feasting

Actually, just 2 lunches. But it’s already a lot to me! *dunno whether i should be happy or not haha*

My birthday falls on a Sunday, and I have chosen The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers to be the location of my birthday lunch with family.


(pic taken from hotel’s website)

I love the waterfall greenery view. So i called the restaurant just now to make reservations. I asked if i could have the table in front of the waterfall and yup i could. But i was warned that as it was lunchtime, sunlight may stream in. Well, i’ll see when i get there at 12pm. if its damn sunny, I’ll ask to change to another table (i’ll make sure i will be there early enough to be able to make the change)!

I am sure Al will love the waterfall πŸ™‚

The next birthday lunch will be on the next day after my birthday lunch – together with my department. My manager’s birthday falls on 25 November so we usually celebrate together and it’s gonna be at ANOTHER HOTEL..

Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel!!


(pic taken from

It’sΒ a relatively newcomer in the food scene and i simply love their decor and design of those isolated cone-shaped tables!

Ha, don’t think i will start indulging ya. I will stick to salad and fresh seafood section. Won’t be touching anything cooked or mixed with oil and of cos no desserts lol. Think still worth it mah, since i’ll be eating a lot of seafood.

and yes, it will be my only meal of that day. and also, gym that night too!

Shall let loose a bit since it’s my birthday – cannot possibly be so rigid isnt it? πŸ™‚ time to enjoy!