Bibigo Marina Bay Financial Centre (Part.. XXX hahaha) – Food Review

it was a last minute lunch arrangement with another 3 colleagues yesterdayΒ – or rather, they have arranged earlier but i joined in at the last minute πŸ˜›

Managed to get a table for 4 very easily at about 1250pm – probably coz it wasn’t raining and people ventured out to Asia Square or even Shenton Way for cheaper lunches πŸ™‚

I ordered Spicy Chicken Stew – never tried it before. I usually order pork belly tofu stew with rice in the past but now i don’t eat grains.


We all had warm water as it was a bit cold in the restaurant.


Maria’s Grilled Chicken Salad arrived first! $11 – I thought it’s a bit expensive forΒ a chicken salad? I can get the same thing at Subway (and i get to choose all my vegetables)Β for about $8 and I already think it’s expensive..


Tofu Stew with seafood – Hui Mee who had this said it was diluted than the previous times she had it and the tofu tasted slightly sourish?! She left the pot half untouched, rice also half untouched! Price – $14, comes with sides.

Did they change chef? Or slack in their standards? They are usually quite consistent, in my opinion..


Jolie’s Kimchi Fried Rice – the portion was huge man! Price – $16, comes with sides and soup.


When my Spicy Chicken Stew came, i suddenly felt very embarassed. It came looking very grand in a wooden stove. LOL.


Doesn’t it look perfect? Sizzling, bubbling, chilli-red piping hot?! woohoo!

and I finished the entire pot! But I did not eat the potatoes, which made up maybe 1/3 of the pot and probably 1/2 the calories! They were quite generous with the chicken parts – love it πŸ™‚ But it’s quite spicy – but i was pretty comfortable with it (plus a bit of perspiration la haha).

It’s now my favourite Bibigo dish πŸ™‚ and it costs only $15!


Bibigo at Raffles City – Food Review

It’s a holiday and we decided to have a good lunch at Bibigo! Sadly the branch at Marina Bay Financial Centre is closed on public holidays, so we went to Raffles City instead.

It was quite empty when we got there at about 1145am, while Nam Nam already had a queue! I haven tried Nam Nam yet!!

Hubby, my mum and I all had tofu stew while Al had bibimbap – not much non-spicy choices for her.

Quality is the same as mbfc’s! But side dishes seemed lesser at raffles city.

Ordered hot stone chicken to share too- which I didn’t touch.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tofu stew as usual- and Am was asleep, even better!! I gave half my rice to hubby though. This will be the last meal of the day!

Bibigo Singapore (Marina Bay Financial Centre) – Food Review

I work at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC in short). And right below my office tower, it’s Bibigo. It’s really hard to not notice it, Psy’s pic is so big in front of the restaurant πŸ˜†






I’ve been to Bibigo no less than 5 times (pics above are some of food I’ve snapped when I was there) – and I will continue to go again because of their high level of quality control and consistency in the food they serve! The tofu stew (I have eaten that maybe 5 times?) tastes the same all the time πŸ™‚ and I absolutely love it! The flavour of the soup is really gao gao (hokkien: means thick enough) and their side dishes keeps me kimchi cravings at bay.

The service levels are good. All of them servers are smiley and service-oriented. The food comes relatively quickly after we order, which is really important for lunchtime where we all only got 1 hour! I would love to visit them for dinner soon, and eat SLOWLY. Maybe have some alcohol too πŸ™‚ they aren’t expensive. E.g. Tofu stew with rice and side dishes costs $14. Pretty ok right?

They have branches at Nex and Raffles City as well, which aren’t as convenient to me. But if u do pass by, pop in to try their meals!