#lose10kg has to start :)

Just for the record, I am sensitive to gluten and lactose. But for sake of convenience and because gluten and lactose don’t exactly hurt me very much, I will start to have this diet starting from tomorrow.

First thing in the morning 7am – Apple Cider Vinegar drink

Breakfast 9am – Soy Instant Cereal (not gluten-free, available at NTUC) and black coffee – 150cal

Post-breakfast itchy mouth – chewable multivitamin (my toddler didnt like it so I jus take over)

Lunch 12pm – Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Scottish Oats (iHerb) with crunchy peanut butter and sea salt. – 400-500cal

Post-lunch before zee monster visits at 130pm – another black coffee.

Teabreak 3pm – Naturade Chocolate Soy Protein Shake (iHerb) – 150cal

Dinner 730pm – 2 sunny eggs with olive oil, garlic bits, turmeric powder, sea salt and pepper, with homecooked soup and porkribs. – 300cal

Post-Dinner Drink – Apple Cider Vinegar

I will transition to Paleo (again) once I have finished all my gluten-free oats!


June 2015 Updates – Here and There

It’s already coming to end of June 2015. I only have 1 thing to say:

I’m not losing weight fast enough. =_=

As of last Friday morning I am 54.5kg. Then over the last weekend, I have been EATING LIKE MAD. Plus I am eating all the bad stuff.

  • Yes, last weekend seemed like an auspicious date for many weddings and I attended one last Friday at The Grand Hyatt – Man the portions were generous. I ate and ate from 8pm till 11pm. But I was a good girl – I did not touch alcohol.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans are binging on the super cheap durians now and I am no different. Had a whole box of MSW to myself last Sunday afternoon when the toddler was in dreamland.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday and my family did the same, at a tze char place with loads of good food. Chilli Crabs. Prawns with Salted Egg. Whole steamed fish. You name it, I ate it that night.

You can roughly conclude that I won’t be weighing myself for the time being..



Me on Monday, in casual colourful attire at work. Looks okay after all the feasting I hope – although the weight from all the junk usually will come in only after about a week 😦 which is ABOUT NOW.

Anyway, I have started on Intermittent Fasting Diet on a daily basis – fasting 18-19 hours a day and eating only within the 4-5 hour window. It has been about 2 weeks and it’s not so bad. I have also started going back to Amore for exercise classes since last week. I have been updating my Instagram very regularly on this – you can check it out (on the right of this blog).


Check out the Mizuno shorts in the pic. I bought it just before class last Thursday – 20% discount and it cost just $30 🙂 I like the length – short i.e. light and portable. I attended Aero Lo that evening and had a horrible experience with the instructor who was in her own world and did not care a hoot about newbies like me. So this week onwards I will only attend Monday’s Energy Sculpt and Wednesday’s StretchFit. I need to finish up the package which is expiring this October! Cannot waste!

I really need a lot more sports attire for these classes. Besides this pair of new black tights, I only have another pair of Nike BRIGHT PINK 3/4 tights which sometimes can be quite disturbing to the eyes.. But that Nike tights is very very comfortable and the material is thick and good! I shall check out Nike Outlet soon – coz the stuff there are on a good discount!


And I just discovered the beauty of Rooibos – especially Rooibos with Vanilla. And I have been drinking this over the weekend to stave off hunger during fasting – it works very well coz I love vanilla scents 😀

Have not encountered much weight loss yet on the Fasting diet – I will keep you guys updated 🙂

And back to the wedding last Friday at the Grand Hyatt – I managed to get myself a hairwash and blow/ curl at Hair @ Work at The Arcade (Raffles Place) for $45. Cheap or expensive ah – i really dunno. But i somehow felt cheated because I told the guy I had no time to set my hair so I just wanted a wash and blow. After chit chat he asked if he would like me to curl the ends a bit just to give it some boing boing – I said okay – and I was charged for setting the hair. =_=



You can’t really tell from this picture – but my hair was all curled up at the ends. Even before the dinner started, some hair has become straight (like the part you saw). $45 for such standard – I am really not sure… this was my first time getting my hair ‘arranged’ at a hair salon. Any advice here?

And the guy went on to tell me that I needed very intensive protein hair treatment (2-step) and it costs about $240. Ok I do agree that my hair is in very bad shape now (after like 15 years of regular rebonding) and GOOD treatment PROBABLY REALLY costs this much.


Now what do you think of this hairstyle? *grin*



Been watching this drama and I find this concave hairstyle quite cool – not too long, but long enough to tie up if required. I will probably need to put on some serum to weigh my hair down and try to tame the ends that will bend outwards but that’s fine.


Yoga for Good Health & Weight Loss

I thought New Year Countdown wasn’t too long ago.

It’s already April – nearing mid-2015.

And I started doing yoga a month ago. The last 3 weeks, I have been quite regular, at least 5 days a week. It’s just so convenient. After my girls go to bed at 930pm latest, I unroll my yoga mat in my master bedroom, on my laptop and then start the yoga lesson right away. I don’t change into another set of clothes (who the hell sees anyway! as long as they are comfortable and allow me to stretch can liao loh) and I don’t need to wear any shoes (duh). I on the aircon and fan so it’s breezy and cool.




Here’s how my yoga area looks like. Each session will last at least 30-40 minutes (usually using 2 videos to make up the 40 minutes) and on energetic days I will do up to an hour. But since I am doing yoga everyday from Sundays to Thursdays (and Fridays if I am at work), I try not to overexert myself – I just do enough to feel some kick and sweat 🙂

The only setback is that there is no full length mirror in my bedroom so I cannot see if I am accurate in my poses, but that is probably okay coz I go for yoga class every Friday at work during lunchtime and the yoga instructor is able to correct me in my poses if I do them wrongly.

A few pics of what I do during yoga sessions at home:



Half the time I am holding my body weight in this position – and I realised that my arms became stronger and leaner after these 3 weeks! Weight-bearing exercises are really good and yoga works the same way, because you bear your weight (unlike in gym where you bear the weight of dumbbells). The good thing about yoga is, you follow whatever the video says and you are kept busy with all the movements, hence you don’t have time to get bored! It’s not like doing dumbbell exercises where you just keep doing reps.

By the way I have been doing Yoga with Adriene using her Youtube Videos. She has many videos to pick and choose from. I am currently doing her 30 Days of Yoga (just finished Day 16 last night) plus her other videos to supplement.




And I also get to STRETCH A LOT, which is so so comfortable and soothing after a long day at my desk-bound job and a long evening with the kids. Stretching helps the body to become more flexible and fluid.




I also get to do poses which are challenging for me. Like this side plank, I will need to do it this way (as shown in the picture) instead of the standard one with both legs on the side because my arms are so weak. I never knew my arms are this weak until I started doing yoga!

Because I started doing yoga, I realized that my arms and hips are weak. Horribly weak. And my pelvic area is very flexible i.e. I can do this pose where both my feet are intertwined and pointing outwards:

(taken from http://rexburgyoga.com/)

After this one month, I can feel my body getting stronger and not so achy at the end of the day. I haven been weighing myself regularly but I think I look more toned now (a friend who hasn’t seen me for weeks commented that I have lost weight last Sunday ^_^).

And I really must emphasize again, the convenience of doing yoga at home is the main reason why I have been doing it regularly for the past month! And I realise that regular weight-bearing exercise really does show on the body after some time 🙂

#findwhatfeelsgood #yaytogoodhealth


CocoRoselle Coconut Sugar – Healthy Sugar Alternative (Paleo friendly)

Eating correctly is THE  main solution to ensuring longevity and good health. Many people don’t realise that, simply because the benefits of eating correctly do not show themselves immediately. Likewise, if you eat junk food that’s filled with additives/ chemicals (i.e. NOT food), you will not see the immediate downsides. You will probably realise it ten twenty years later when you get diagnosed with cancer. By then it’s too late.

Ok I am being extreme I know. But you get what I mean right?

Yes, I can see you nodding your head. But in an hour or so, you will probably end up eating some processed food for lunch. *yawn*

OK anyway, today I wanna talk about this great sugar alternative that I received in my mail some time back!



Organic. Raw. Low GI. Healthy. SOUNDS GOOD.

Now, I am starting to prefer organic stuff.

Definition of “organic” –

“(of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.”

Essentially, food grown using organic methods do not have chemicals. The fact that you don’t see pesticides on your vegetables does not mean that they aren’t present. You wash already – also does not mean that they are gone. I know, i sound very kia-see (scared to die) but if you think like a mum, you got young kids and all, the last thing you wanna do is to poison your loved ones slowly.

You can say “aiya our ah-ma ah-gong (grandma grandpa), mummy daddy have been eating these stuff and they are fine!”

It’s your personal decision ultimately – but I am starting to realise the gravity of such things. Maybe I am getting old.

And I will be one year older as of next Monday. LOL.


Check them out on social media!

I was very curious about how the sugar will look like so I poured it out on a piece of paper.


Looks yummy already. It’s really ‘sand-like’ as stated on the card!


Love this modern design. By the way, artificial sweetener isn’t food u know?


I was so sleepy this morning – kept waking up last night. So I made my second cuppa coffee at 11am and added CocoRoselle coconut sugar – my coffee turned out sweeter than usual (which I prefer actually) but it’s great knowing that this sugar is a healthy sugar alternative 🙂

I was just browsing their website – they don’t have a Singapore retailer currently, but do check out their online retailers and see if they ship to Singapore! Then you can also enjoy good sugar 🙂

Was I so round??


The picture on the left was taken when I was about 60 to 62kg, or maybe more.. It was before my 2nd pregnancy, maybe in 2011-2012. I saw this picture while browsing thru the old albums and decided to do a comparison.

The picture on the right was taken today during lunch.. and I am at 55kg now.

What a difference.

Anyway I just wanna share an observation I made just these two days. I’ve been eating more this week and I noticed that my back doesn’t ache that badly in the evening. I also feel more energetic.. Not sure why but I think it could be that I’ve been eating too little all this while.. either too little or what I was eating didn’t give me adequate nutrition to support my body well enough.

But i definitely do not want to gain back the weight that I’ve lost over the months lor! I think 55 is the max i should go. But i need to go down to 53 or 54 first so there will be some buffer.

So, in order to eat more for energy but not gain any more weight, I’ll be starting to do brisk walking soon, maybe thrice a week. Haha very ambitious to say thrice a week. But it’s the ideal isn’t it? Exercise helps to tone the body and also improves metabolism. So in the end i will look and feel better. It’s a good investment!

Well I never know until I try out. Life is an adventure. Never try never know! Just do it!

Nothing is impossible


4 more kilograms to go. To my target weight of 49kg. Actually I feel that 48 sounds better, but it’ll mean that I’m underweight. Actually 49 is already underweight..

Let’s see how light I can become. 🙂

It’s amazing. I just related myself to the word “underweight”. Really, nothing is impossible.

I love my new body!

As you would have known, I have lost 10 kg within 5 months. Previously out of shape and flabby, I am now seeing a more toned and bony Wendy.

And let me tell you this: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW BODY at 53kg.


I can feel my hip bones. I can see my square shoulders. I no longer feel my inner thighs slapping against each other. Life gets a whole chunk better when you look good. And the better news is, I will be looking this good or even better in time to come. 🙂

I am also very excited about my new job too. It has been the 4th day and so far so good. This job needs a bit of getting used to coz it requires lots of liaising and communicating with many people, very different from the previous one where I just wait for emails to come in and the only thing I communicate with is the database. It’s a bit scary you know, but life is an adventure and every little experience is a good learning moment 🙂

Most important thing is to stay healthy and happy to enjoy every moment, isnt it? 🙂