Teaching Tween to Revise Herself!

I just went to Bras Basah Popular and got like $80 worth of assessment books for my P5 girl. It’s about 5 weeks before her actual exam so I have told her that she will need to self-practise everyday from today onwards. I took some time last evening to explain to her what self-practice is.

1. Attempt the assessment book as per normal.
2. After completing the particular exercise, check.
3. Use a green or red pen and mark own work.
4. Do corrections – understand why she is wrong + remember the correct answer.

I also cautioned her against the temptation of just copying the answers from the answer sheet. The diligent effort she puts in now will definitely be shown in her results, likewise if she starts copying, the results will also show the lack of effort put in. I further advised, she will be stuck at home doing revision everyday during the holidays if results are not satisfactory.Hence it will be wisest to jus work hard now and play later.

I guess having the lack of time to coach our kids is very real for all working mums. Every weekday after I get home at 7pm, I gobble down my dinner by 730pm and I only have 45 minutes with the kids before they drink milk, wash up and go to bed at about 830pm. Having a 4-year-old in the house makes things no better too – she goes “Mummy Mummy” on repeat mode every single minute, asking me endless questions and providing me with many opinions about everything. Hence, weekends are quite impossible to coach the tween too – with hubby working long hours on weekends. Hence, I decided to let her do self-practice every day for 2-3 hours when the toddler is napping.To me, regular revision bit by bit every day is better than last minute cramming 2-3 days before exam.

I will still take leave during exam period to provide some support and encouragement – and also test her on her Science definitions, Oral and Listening Comprehension which she cannot do on her own. I thank God for her everyday – she is considered a mild-natured and obedient kid in my opinion, just quite distracted and lazy at times – which is common in kids generally haha. Actually I feel quite bad for not spending more time with her due to having to allocate more time (often by ‘force’) to the 4-yo, but *shrugs* that’s life isn’t it. So let’s just make the best out of what we have.

So the ‘self-practice’ will start now and let’s see if it works!


Ramen Bar Suzuki

From the limited ramen meals I have had (due to my gluten intolerance), this is probably the best I’ve ever eaten. 

We managed to arrive at the restaurant at 130pm so I tried their late lunch special Dipped Ramen – this was how it looked. Very very appealing!

The broth was super prawny, so prawny that my colleague could literally smell it and comment “wah the prawn smell very strong”. The thick prawn broth came with 2 huge long slices of cha shu, 2 big grilled prawns, plenty of bean sprouts and cabbage. And topped up with lots of spring onion. 

There was this deep fried minced garlic condiment bottle – so the garlic maniac in me managed to sprinkle a thick layer of garlic all over my noodles (cooked al dente as instructed). 

And there was a bottle of chilli oil too – I also poured a bit over my noodles 😝

And the final taste – heavenly. Seriously, I’ve never tasted such good ramen before. Everything was fresh, and cooked to perfection. Even the cha shu was super good – very flavorful and tasty. 

Well, I’m not very experienced with ramen, so I was totally wowed  by this. For $12.90, it’s really quite worth it. 

Yes I mentioned I was gluten intolerant right. After lunch my face puffed up a little, probably my tummy too. But people generally don’t notice it. But I can feel the puffing up, especially my eyelids coz the skin there is thin hence more obvious. Thankfully my throat didn’t get itchy – their noodles were probably freshly made that’s why!

Verdict – will go again, after Ben’s wedding though. Can’t afford to puff up again.

Lim & Lim Services – Boutique Limousine Service & Personal Concierge Singapore

Everyone is getting busy nowadays.

Especially in Singapore, the city that never stops working. People are now, slowly but surely, resorting to more convenient ways to get around (think Grab/ Uber) and get their stuff (think Red Mart). Simply because there are more important things to be done – be it rushing work deadlines, spending time with family and friends, or sometimes, just some time alone to recharge.

It makes sense though, to ‘outsource’ such time-consuming activities. Hence I am recommending this boutique set-up that offers personalized limousine service and personal concierge.

Lim & Lim Services helps to alleviate one’s busy schedule by helping with the following:

  • pick up your child to and from school
  • bring your loved one for a doctor’s visit
  • send your family to the airport for a well-deserved holiday
  • bring your relatives around when they stop by Singapore for a break
  • collect your luxury bag that you sent for repair
  • buys grocery and toiletries for you, and deliver them to your door step
  • plans a private birthday dinner for your spouse
  • many other errands, and it’s impossible to state all here 🙂

The unique thing about Lim & Lim Services is, they are trustworthy and they know Singapore. Run by locals, Lim & Lim Services ensures that your loved ones are safe, your goods are delivered with care, and your errands are run with efficiency.

And that’s why their logo is as follows:


vos serviteurs dévoués ~ your devoted servants

Here is their price chart for your easy reference:


Feel free to call 97877855 or email limnlimsg@gmail.com to find out more. Or, you can just check out their Facebook Page!

Birthday Lunch @ Bread Street Kitchen

The first quarter of each year is always a busy period for me.

  • January – wedding anniversary. It happened to be our 10th wedding anniversary this year so it was a big celebration.
  • February – mum and BB’s birthday. And they happen during the Chinese New Year period. Especially this year, my mum turned 60 so I held a dinner banquet at Peach Garden for her during CNY Day 5. Then for BB’s birthday, we went for a 2d1n staycation at Sentosa Sofitel just last week.
  • Early March – Toddler’s birthday. We did a simple celebration at her childcare with her friends 🙂

In a way, I am glad that the hype is finally over, especially for this year somehow. Sure, I love gatherings and celebrations, but introverts like me need to recuperate!

Okay so last Thursday BB and I went to Bread Street Kitchen for lunch. I have already reserved seats for 2 about a month ago and I indicated that it was a ‘birthday lunch for spouse’.

We were famished because we didn’t have breakfast and we went boat pedaling xD so we quickly made our orders with the friendly and obliging waitress. All the staff there, I observed, were either handsome or pretty. About half of them were Caucasians and they looked like models on a catwalk when they walked up and down the restaurant!


The bread basket consisted of a few types of bread, including breadsticks and a big flat bread… biscuit? I loved the butter – supposedly homemade – it was more salted than ‘lightly salted’ haha.


As we ordered spicy wings for appetizer, we were given these wet wipes to clean our hands after consumption – very considerate 🙂


And.. we ordered main dishes which had fries – so these were served too – too cute. and they were delish – very sweet ketchup I would say – I kept dipping, couldn’t stop!

We were facing the boardwalk so it was nice to chat and also people watch while we waited for our food. I realized that there were many people who jogged across the MBS boardwalk during lunch – which I think is a good idea (provided it wasn’t super sunny). I have started jogging twice a week now (for nearly 2 months already) and I am still trying to figure out a long term routine.. night run or run in the day? run outside or in the gym?

For now it looks like running at night is the way to go.. either gym or park also okay.


The wings were very good – BB and I (both very hungry) finished the whole plate within ten minutes. Well-marinated and well-cooked 🙂 BB is someone who can never resists wings – will order them as long as he sees them on the menu lol.


BB ordered Fish & Chips.. when he started eating, he gave a very strange (in a not-so-good God-help-me way) expression and asked me to try it. I did – tasted alright but the fish gave a rather unusual aftertaste. I was okay with it but BB apparently did not like it that much.

We called the manager over and she promptly brought it to the kitchen. After a while she came back with a brand new plate of fish & chips (even though BB already told her not to do up a new plate, he just wanted the chef to make sure that the fish tasted okay). So BB tried again – still same taste la, obviously haha.

But the thing is, the fish was obviously fresh looking from the texture, so it was just the taste that BB couldn’t get used to. So he just told the manager it was okay, it was JUST HIM. The manager was nice enough to even ask him if he wanted to order another main dish and she would do it 🙂 which we said no to.

The manager, during our conversation, shared that Bread Street Kitchen uses the ling fish for their Fish & Chips. Ling fish is a freshwater fish – so that explains the aftertaste that comes with all freshwater fish. Personally I would have eaten it with much gusto because I quite like freshwater fish!


My burger which I loved totally. My definition of ‘binging’! It was huge and I couldn’t finish it. Wished I had more room in the tummy..


Dessert was sticky toffee pudding! The waitress who took our order came with this and started singing a birthday song for hubby. She sang really well – got feel one…


We were stuffed after lunch but I was very impressed with their attentiveness to every customer’s need and the way they go the extra mile to ensure that customers get the best experience. Of course, good looks and good manners helped!

Feb 2016 – of jogging and manicures

Let’s see. Nearly 6 months after the big break.

Firstly, I am thankful that I am still pretty much the same. I don’t think I have accomplished anything significant these 6 months actually, but I am still grateful for the fact that I am breathing well… living well…

Secondly, I am not sure why I am posting this. I had stopped last year because I somehow lost motivation to write. I suddenly felt that food reviews, product reviews, any kind of reviews are really pointless and not meaningful at all, so why was I spending so much time doing it. And no point trying to make money out of this blog because I am not that great a writer/ promoter/ reviewer, and there are plenty of other aspiring bloggers out there who can do a much better job. I also thought that I could spend my time better doing more meaningful stuff such as reading the Bible (which I have not yet started) and spending more time with my family. I spend time going through my tween’s school work every weeknight and attend to my toddler’s absurd (but hilarious) demands during her every waking moment.

I currently still think the same way, and have no intention of doing any opinions/ reviews on whatsoever again. Maybe for now, I just want to post some new updates as of 2016, just for record.

As I have said, nothing much has changed. Weight went up a little but that’s due to the current Chinese New Year binging and also upcoming hubby’s birthday celebration this weekend. After that I am immediately going to start jogging even very regularly.

Yes you saw it right – I STARTED JOGGING. To be specific, I started about a month ago, and I have been clocking 2 jogs per week till now.

I say that I am jogging because my speed is about 6.5 km/h (hence not considered as running in my opinion). For some people with long legs, that’s a brisk walk.

Yes I am sure I AM JOGGING (hubby goes jogging with me and he confirmed I was jogging ;D). I am starting it slow because I have hypermobility issues and my knees hurt previously when I tried running on a treadmill, so I want to make sure I am doing it right, and I am following this for good jogging form:


And this time, no treadmill (which made my knees hurt so bad for reasons I am not aware of). I am jogging outdoors. Which I realized is a lot more fun and interesting – I was just telling my colleague this morning that I am literally on my toes during my night runs because I had to keep a lookout for rats crossing my path at the park or along the pedestrian walkway. Time passes much faster too, strangely and I no longer need music to spur me on when I am outdoors. Matt Frazier was right – listening to one’s own breathing (and watching out for rats or occasional flying leaves that sometimes look like creepy creatures at night) is far more interesting.

Also surprisingly, my knees no longer hurt when I do slow jogs at 6.5 km/h using the tips to jog correctly (as above). I could go on non-stop for 4km currently, and looking forward to being able to jog 5km and beyond without stopping. The goal now is to run longer, and not faster.

Finally, I would like to show off my nails!

IMG_0763 (1)

Sorry I can’t show a ‘before’ picture because they were just simply too disgusting. I have been biting nails for the past 30 years and suddenly a month ago, something clicked in me which caused me to make THE decision to grow some nails.

All this while, I always have this belief that humans are able to look good and stay fit as long as you work hard to maintain yourself. But somehow, I have excluded my nails in this kind of mindset and always accepted the fact that my nail biting is a habit I can’t get rid of and will stick to me for life.

Then it dawned upon me (don’t ask me how, it just happened) that I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT IF I DECIDE TO. And so I did.

And here you are, my nice nails.

So as of Feb 2016, I have some nice jogs and nice nails going on. Time to decide on my daily bible devotion SOON.

Chir Chir 치르치르 (Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory) @ 313 Somerset (Food Review)

My elder girl’s boring weekly food menu looks like this:

  • Weekday Breakfast – hot milk (Enfagrow) at home before she boards school bus, and then a small bun on the bus. She also eats those Breadtalk/ Four Leaves bread for recess.
  • Weekday Lunch and Dinner  I order tingkat for my mum and her so she eats whatever is being delivered.
  • Saturday Breakfast before 930am Chinese Tuition – hot milk (Enfagrow) plus cake/ bread.
  • Saturday Lunch – my mum will cook porridge with fish/ pork for her. Not her favourite but my mum wants her to have some homecooked food.
  • Saturday Dinner – usually we head back to my MIL’s place for dinner for another good home cooked dinner.
  • Sunday Breakfast before church – hot milk (Enfagrow) plus some bee hoon that my mum buys from AMK Hawker Centre
  • Sunday Lunch after church – somewhere near church, either Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice, or Army Market (some rice item)
  • Sunday Dinner – Thomson Plaza Food Court (rice or noodles)

And every night before bed, she will drink a cup of warmed fresh milk. And in between meals, she will also ask for snacks eg string cheese, a cup of fresh milk, bread etc.

So whenever my hubby and I bring the elder girl out, she will try to request to eat at nicer places, because she rarely gets to eat good food on normal days.

Guess her love for good food and service comes from hubby and myself haha.

So last Monday when we brought her out for some personalized shopping without the baby sister, she was no different. We were at Somerset area since 1230pm on Monday which is the last day of our long weekend SG50 holiday. We went for a nice Japanese buffet lunch at Kiseki (Orchard Central 8th floor) which she enjoyed a lot coz she could eat endlessly and choose whatever she liked (she loves being able to choose and decide for herself!), then we went for some major shopping at H&M and Uniqlo – mainly getting clothes for her.

We were about to go home at 5pm when my girl said that she wanted to have dinner before we headed home. Hubby and I were not hungry at all, so it was quite tough to decide where to eat.

“I want to eat at a restaurant! No foodcourt!” my girl requested. We gave in, coz we could see that she didn’t wanna go back home that early.

Then at the lift lobby, we saw this very tantalising picture of Mac n Cheese. And so we went to that restaurant, called Chir Chir.

IMG_5868I was for it because it was a Korean food outlet (watching Korean variety/ drama too much). I did a quick Google search on this restaurant and realized that it was brought in by 5 friends in the insurance and finance sector. Okay, probably a franchise. Should be not bad, since there will be proper procedures from A to Z as all franchises do.

We ordered a Mac & Cheese for the girl first, as both hubby and I were still full from the buffet lunch.

It arrived pretty quickly and looking quite yummy.


It doesn’t look like the one in the lift lobby poster though – there should be some flaky stuff on it. Oh well, never mind – the girl liked it and that was all it mattered.


I tried it too – really super cheesy and rich. Cheese lovers will probably fall head over heels in love.

After the Mac & Cheese arrived, hubby and I decided to order their Chir Chir Mi Chir to share.


Looks good isnt it? There’s fried chicken, pasta, and oven baked in mozzarella cheese. Note the time in the picture – 520pm. I took this picture right after we ordered.



About 20 minutes after we ordered our Chir Chir Mi Chir i.e. 540pm as shown, water came. I was “Oh, so the procedure is, you get water only when your dish is about to arrive?”

So the Mac n Cheese which we ordered first isn’t considered a dish ah?



This was the bill. Not super cheap for a party of 3. The time stated on the bill was the time the Mac & Cheese was ordered.

After what seemed like an eternity, hubby finally lost patience and asked a staff when is our Chir Chir Mi Chir arriving. The staff replied that it would arrive soon.

We waited some more and then hubby asked again – the same staff immediately retorted with a “my manager is waiting for your dish over there now”.

Note, there was no sincere apology given.

After some more waiting, it came.


We waited a total of 40 minutes for this ridiculous-looking dish.

  1. It did not look even remotely similar to the dish as pictured in the menu – was the pasta oven-baked together with the chicken with the mozzarella cheese (as it should be) or was the pasta cooked separately and then thrown on top of the oven-baked chicken??
  2. It was not even dinner time. It was not super crowded, it was not super busy. Did we really have to wait for 40 minutes? I asked that same staff in Mandarin (figured that she was a PRC after the halting English she spoke and we could not understand) when this dish came – how long do people usually wait for this dish? She said “at least 20 minutes”. Ok, So we waited double the time in a non-peak period. Where is the follow up? Why didn’t the staff inform us after 25 minutes “Oh we are very sorry for the delay, the kitchen is facing a crunch now and you may have to wait for another 15 minutes – is that okay with you?” No there wasn’t any of such follow up – hence we weren’t given a choice BUT TO WAIT. And in the end, we got a messy looking dish that I could have cooked up at home and tasted even better. Even hawker centre chicken rice looks better than this u know?
  3. Taste – the pasta was tasteless. I can do better pasta. Chicken – dry. Cheese sauce – watery and did nothing but to drench the deep fried chicken until they got so soggy.

Not even a sorry either. The staff obviously did not think she was in the wrong, she was defensive all the way and acted as though we were the ones making a fuss. The water came late also.

Where is the customer service? Are we supposed to wait forever for food? We paid for service as well. Is it really so difficult to inform us that our dish would be late?? You rather act busy with other tables and hope that we will just wait along and not make noise? Very immature leh. My 5 friends in insurance and finance sector who brought Chir Chir in, did you train your staff how to react to such situations?

We paid $50 for such a lousy experience – I rather just go hawker centre and just get 20 packets of chicken rice and give it to the poor.