The Master’s Sun Korean Drama – Afterthoughts

I knew about this drama when it first aired in 2013 – all my colleagues were watching this online and very addicted to it – saying it’s very nice.

I refused to watch because it consists of ghosts… =_= understandable right – since I have seen them in real life before?! And at that time I didn’t really take fancy on both the male and female leads – no idea who they were. So yeah, didn’t watch.

So recently I watched It’s Okay, It’s Love starring Gong Hyo Jin (GHJ), the same female lead:

And she sort of grew on me – along with the whole cast in the drama. Funny how Korean dramas do this ‘growing on you’ thing. HK/ SG/ TW/ CN dramas don’t seem to have such an effect.

(Side track – I just realized that her initials GHJ are in a straight row on the keyboard hahahahha.)

So I decided to watch Master’s Sun last month. Since she looks quite chio in the pictures (as shown above) – argh skinny girls just look good in anything! And Belle the Korean drama expert encouraged me to watch too, assuring me that the ghosts aren’t scary.



I immediately went to complain to Belle. Actually the ghosts in Master’s Sun are quite similar to the ones I saw in the past. They are all in greyscale and they are all translucent i.e. I can see through them.

The only difference is – in real life, I cannot see their faces clearly. In Master’s Sun, the ghosts’ faces were dramatized to make them even scarier.


Belle assured me further by saying, the scary ghosts only appear in the 1st 3 episodes so as to portray the female lead’s fear and desperation to escape from this whole ability to see ghosts.


and I was glad that she was right.

Past the fear of ghosts, I gradually settled into the story. GHJ impressed me so much in the first few episodes. She had no regard on how she would look in the drama – she had dark-eye-rings make up that ‘ugli-fied’ her, horribly unkempt hair and bad dress sense – she looked 100% an insane woman who was trapped in this other world that only she could see. I could totally feel her desperation and frustration in the drama because no one else could understand her.

Then came this pompous unfeeling male lead whom she met by chance (or fate?) along the road and she realised that ghosts dissipate into thin air once she touches him. What a big big big discovery it must have been for her. I quite enjoyed her ‘lustful’ acting when she tried to get close to him in order to escape from the ghosts hehe.

Fast forward to my favourite parts when the male lead So Ji Sub (SJS, another easy initial to type LOL) starts to fall in love uncontrollably with her.

I find him a bit too fair for my liking – but he does look good in those suits.

I like his big big hands too…

Maybe the fact that GHJ is so petite helps accentuate his hunky build.

And men in geeky glasses –  who doesnt like?

Hero-to-the-rescue look – MELTS.

But in the end, I would say that GHJ outshone SJS a lot more in this drama. Letting loose and go wild with acting (like acting as someone possessed by a cat ghost!) is something that GHJ can do very well *clap clap*

For SJS, I guess i have to watch another SJS drama to comment on his acting. To be fair, this role did not really give him enough room to perform. After Master’s Sun, I started immediately on Padam Padam starring Jung Woo Sung. I couldn’t help but compare both JWS and SJS’s acting.

First episode of Padam Padam had me gaping over JWS’s acting. HE IS GOOD I TELL YOU.

And his tanned looks help also la hahahaha.

More on JWS after I finish Padam Padam!


Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Afterthoughts (Spoiler Alert)

I read somewhere that Jamie Dornan mentioned about having no chemistry with his co-star Dakota Johnson.

I think it may be true, after watching the movie a few days ago with Hubby.

Hmm, maybe the storyline did accommodate for the ‘no-chemistry’ factor as well, because it speaks about 2 strangers, who barely knew each other, coming into such a… confusing relationship. It was obvious that Ana likes Christian, but for Christian, my guess is that he likes Ana, it was his first time truly liking somebody, and he did not know how to handle it. Coz to him, his whole life consisted of performing dominant acts with females – plain physical stuff and nothing else. This time round with the playful and cute Ana (I really do like the way she talks breathlessly and also her naturally girly demeanor), Christian found himself breaking rules such as bringing her for dates, dancing with her etc. I really did enjoy the parts where they interacted with each other with clothes on.


On the other hand, the sexual components were quite… sober and from the scenes, I could feel that there was no emotions at play for Christian and it was purely a ritual to him – a ritual that brings about ‘satisfaction’. He took pleasure in every detail – the intricate red room, the neat displays of toys and the way he was tying her/ positioning her. As for Ana, it was clear that she was in love with Christian, the first guy who made her heart flutter ever since the first day they met. To her, the sex they had was love-making and not a ritual.


And hence, the conflict. sigh. I could feel the frustration that came from Ana – she wanted badly for him to love her normally. Christian probably wanted to as well – but he was having great difficulty overcoming this obsession of his that has overtaken him nearly completely. Nearing the end after he had whipped her 6 times, he was really afraid of losing her but he still couldn’t let go of the dominant personality.

Choices choices.

I took pity on Christian in the movie – he was brought up in a dominant environment where he was being forced to become the submissive when he was very young, and hence the distorted views of sex and physical interaction. I really do hope that he will be brave and open up in the next sequel!

You might have guess that I did not read the books. In a way I was glad that I did not read the books. Belle was telling me that she found so many discrepancies and shortcomings in the movie.

I have my gripes too – and the main one, was the cutting off of the scenes. There were several scenes that were cut off abruptly, like half a second too early, before Ana could finish that last word for example. I was like – what the? Why so unpro? It was as though they needed to keep the film within that exact 126 minutes =_=

Oh well. I did not regret watching this anyway – but the seats at Shaw Balestier really very very old and stiff – I miss the cinemas in Bangkok so much!

Gravity (Movie by George Cloony & Sandra Bullock) – SPOILER ALERT

I watched this movie a few weeks back with hubby, in our bedroom, on the iPad.

It was rather uncomfortable – even though we were propped up nicely with pillows and all.

I don’t really do movie reviews but this movie had really caught my attention and may I add, my very breath as well.

From the start of the movie, Ryan (Sandra Bullock) was already having an insufficient level of oxygen and I felt so damn much for her for dunno what reason. I realised that I was unconsciously breathing very thinly, as though I myself was experiencing a lack of oxygen in my tank as well. =_=

Ya so I felt slightly dizzy during the course of the movie coz I wasn’t taking in too much air. LOL.

I am serious ok.

And the other thing that struck me was Sandra Bullock’s toned and svelte body. MAN I can imagine the number of hours she put in the gym before attaining such a figure. It was a joy to watch her in Gravity – even though most of the scenes were digitally remade, it looked so realistic.

Her partnership with George Clooney in this move was impeccably done too – her dependence on Kowalski (George Clooney’s character name) in the beginning, her ‘forced-to’ toughness when Kowalski left her, her ‘awakening’ to another presence bigger than herself (presumably God) through visions and dreams, her sheer desperation to just get out of space and back to good old earth.

Her experience is something I will never want myself to go through. hahaa.

And leaving you a picture of the beautiful co-stars.

Emergency Man and Woman (Korean drama)


Just started watching this yesterday – latest drama that just started airing last week I think? Starring Choi Jin-Hyuk and Song Ji-Hyo, it’s another medical drama. I’ve watched just 2 episodes and have seen a super gory scene of the doctor cutting up a man’s chest without administering painkillers 0_o

I could hardly breathe when I was watching that and imagine my face – all distorted and shocked.

And I was watching this on the train packed with people lol.

The first episode was quite blah, but things start happening in the second episode so it’s getting interesting. Maybe the fact that I like medical dramas helps too 🙂

One thing I cannot get quite used to is watching Song Ji-Hyo act. Besides Frozen Flower (which wasn’t a very ideal drama to watch good acting lol), this is the first proper drama that I’m watching with her in it. Think I’m too used to the real life Ji-Hyo in Running Man haha.

Choi Jin-Hyuk – first time I see him act also. Quite ok la, not the type I like, but guess I’ll grow to like him when I watch on?

By the way I’m watching this via Funshion app! Go check it out 🙂

Good Doctor (Korean Drama)


I think I like medical dramas XD

I already knew about Good Doctor last year when it started showing in Korea. But I didn’t really like the lead actor Joo Won coz he was very mean in another drama which I watched, King of Baking, Kim Takgu.. Check out his mean look in King of Baking:


FYI, Joo Won is the guy on the left. lol. The guy on the right (Yoon Shi Yoon) is the good one. Well, in the end Joo Won turned out to be a good guy in the drama. But guess the bad scenes were more than the good ones, haha.

Since early this year, I haven’t been watching dramas coz I was very caught up with Running Man. And suddenly, since start of 2014, my Funshion app stopped uploading Running Man episodes for dunno what reason. So I decided to watch a drama while hoping and wishing that Running Man will be up soon.

Decided to watch Good Doctor, since it was available for download on Funshion, and also Joo Won won some award for this drama. Shouldn’t be too shabby eh?

Oh there’s another guy i quite like in Good Doctor too.gooddoc3

His name is Joo Sang-wook. And I knew him through Running Man. haha! I saw Episodes 76, 77 and 169 where he appeared and he really can be quite hilarious – especially when he starts talking to himself in the car alone while driving to destinations. LOL.


He even takes selfies ok. Heehee.

Ya so i started watching Good Doctor, and boy i am so hooked onto it now!


Some parts are quite heart-wrenching coz the department these people work in is the children surgery as a mummy, seeing injured or sick children is quite a sad thing. But so far (I’ve watched about 8 episiodes) everything turned out pretty well. and the lead actress is quite good too – Moon Chae-won. This is the first time I am seeing her in dramas. Her acting is really not bad leh.

FYI, I am considered a Korean drama newbie. So many people, i still dunno 🙂

Think I will be able to finish this drama within this week. If you are considering a drama to watch, try Good Doctor 🙂

Cold Eyes Korean Movie showing in Singapore today!


Here’s the main poster where most Singaporeans will see at cinemas. I managed to catch the exclusive screening with my cousin last Friday at Jurong Point Golden Village and even managed to see the cast in person during the meet and greet session 😀 Here’s my two cents’ worth on the movie.


To add on, the movie was really quite exciting. Kept us at the edge of our seats from start till end. Korean movies really are different from HK/ Taiwan/ China/ USA movies.. The shooting techniques.. special effects.. sound effects are quite different. Can’t quite pinpoint the differences but it was a refreshing change 🙂


Here are the 3 main cast from the movie – Lee Junho from 2PM, Jung Woo Sung (previously acted in Padam Padam, Athena etc) and Han Hyo Joo (previously acted in Spring Waltz, Brilliant Legacy, Dong Yi, Love 911, Masquerade etc). I got to know more about them when they appeared in Running Man to promote their movie. They were all so good-looking!

The movie plot was quite predictable but the way they tried to find the bad guy was very very interesting and clever. Loved it!


Here’s a close up pic of them during the meet and greet session at Jurong Point (credits to it was very very humid and warm that day – they must be feeling so uncomfortable wearing those long-sleeved attire! 50 lucky fans got the chance to go up to stage in groups of 10 to take pic with them – so lucky. All 50 of them got to shake hands and say hi to the cast O_O Me no luck – my number didnt get called out 😦

Anyway, if you are wondering what movie to watch this weekend, Cold Eyes is a good choice 🙂 Eye candy for both guys and gals!