National Day Love with “Nasi Lemak” Burger!

Just barely 2 hours after eating dinner, Adrian i.e. the mister suddenly whatsapped me.




We hardly have time to talk about anything to be honest – we are either busy at work, busy at home, or talking about the kids. So during times like these, we have time to talk about the man who made his wife go through 4 abortions (which eventually killed her) and also this Nasi Lemak Burger that everyone in Singapore has been trying and sharing on social media!


I like every single thing in the picture! I especially LOVE BANDUNG. Their Bandung Fizz was sweet at first taste, but after that I suddenly felt very thirsty and I drank A LOT of it =.= what magic is that!


And McDees Fries are the best fries in the whole wide world. And with their garlic chilli sauce – they are UNDEFEATABLE!


After unwrapping the Nasi Lemak Burger, Adrian was all ready to tuck in. (Burger unwrapping video can be found here!). He had his dinner much earlier than me, so he had all that space to eat again.


Man, the burger was big!! Filled with a big fat chicken thigh patty, my mouth was (nearly) too small to take a bite of that burger! And the sauce was spicy enough for me (some friends commented that it wasn’t spicy enough *shudders*).

Everything tasted fresh and SEDAP. The cucumbers were especially huge and juicy!


Those of you who like Nata De Coco, PLEASE try their Coconut Pie – the filling was gooey and super rich. Coupled with their always-fantastic pie crust exterior, it was a very very satisfying dessert.

I have also tried this:


This is a mix of  mix of Gula Melaka and vanilla soft-serve according to their official description, but both Adrian and I thought that it tasted like coconut ice-cream. Oh well, all are nice lar hehehe. Now, I need to try their Chendol Melaka Cone!!!



Lau Pa Sat – Boon Tat Street BBQ Seafood & BEST Satay

We had wanted to go to Satay by the Bay because the mister hasn’t been there before but once I got on the car (he came to pick me up from a gathering) and googled “Satay by the Bay”, a horrifying discovery came to my two big big eyes.

“Food stalls open from 11am to 10pm daily”

It was nearly 10pm when he came to pick me…

SO! We went to the other place that serves lots of satay – Lau Pa Sat hahaha..

We managed to find a parking lot right at the side of Lau Pa Sat (yay) and got cosied up at a round table. It was slightly disturbing to have so many hawkers come to us and try to promote their satay BUT i guess that’s the way to survive.. mister ordered a satay set (he believes ALL ARE THE SAME) and we also ordered some seafood from the below stall where we were sitting at.. yup he hasn’t had dinner.


the mister was craving for cockles but the first thing the waitress said to my husband’s cockle request was “no more cockles, everything else have”.

I could see the sian-ness in his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, forehead.

Shrugs – we ordered stingray, sambal kangkong and lala.


The satay came – apparently we misread the menu. We thought we ordered 10 sticks. It was 20… oh my.

If I remember correctly, this satay stall was called Best Satay. I remember seeing the big big word “Best” on the menu!


And here comes the sting ray and lala. Not sure if they have toned down the spiciness to cater to tourist crowd, all their 3 dishes were just mildly spicy – which I was actually okay with. I liked the sting ray best – the chilli was very fragrant and fish was also flavoured nicely. Just to place it in perspective on the standard of their food – it wasn’t great, the sambal kangkong especially was not tasty in my opinion. I would go Chomp Chomp any day for BBQ seafood – Seth Lui has a blog post on them!

Pricing wise – I think the satay was really reasonably-priced – $15 for 20 sticks plus 1 rice. The BBQ seafood was $36 in total – I guess that’s quite the norm? But I find their food so-so, hence I think it’s pricey :-X

By the time we are done, it was nearly 11 – alamak, fat die me…

Chir Chir 치르치르 (Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory) @ 313 Somerset (Food Review)

My elder girl’s boring weekly food menu looks like this:

  • Weekday Breakfast – hot milk (Enfagrow) at home before she boards school bus, and then a small bun on the bus. She also eats those Breadtalk/ Four Leaves bread for recess.
  • Weekday Lunch and Dinner  I order tingkat for my mum and her so she eats whatever is being delivered.
  • Saturday Breakfast before 930am Chinese Tuition – hot milk (Enfagrow) plus cake/ bread.
  • Saturday Lunch – my mum will cook porridge with fish/ pork for her. Not her favourite but my mum wants her to have some homecooked food.
  • Saturday Dinner – usually we head back to my MIL’s place for dinner for another good home cooked dinner.
  • Sunday Breakfast before church – hot milk (Enfagrow) plus some bee hoon that my mum buys from AMK Hawker Centre
  • Sunday Lunch after church – somewhere near church, either Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice, or Army Market (some rice item)
  • Sunday Dinner – Thomson Plaza Food Court (rice or noodles)

And every night before bed, she will drink a cup of warmed fresh milk. And in between meals, she will also ask for snacks eg string cheese, a cup of fresh milk, bread etc.

So whenever my hubby and I bring the elder girl out, she will try to request to eat at nicer places, because she rarely gets to eat good food on normal days.

Guess her love for good food and service comes from hubby and myself haha.

So last Monday when we brought her out for some personalized shopping without the baby sister, she was no different. We were at Somerset area since 1230pm on Monday which is the last day of our long weekend SG50 holiday. We went for a nice Japanese buffet lunch at Kiseki (Orchard Central 8th floor) which she enjoyed a lot coz she could eat endlessly and choose whatever she liked (she loves being able to choose and decide for herself!), then we went for some major shopping at H&M and Uniqlo – mainly getting clothes for her.

We were about to go home at 5pm when my girl said that she wanted to have dinner before we headed home. Hubby and I were not hungry at all, so it was quite tough to decide where to eat.

“I want to eat at a restaurant! No foodcourt!” my girl requested. We gave in, coz we could see that she didn’t wanna go back home that early.

Then at the lift lobby, we saw this very tantalising picture of Mac n Cheese. And so we went to that restaurant, called Chir Chir.

IMG_5868I was for it because it was a Korean food outlet (watching Korean variety/ drama too much). I did a quick Google search on this restaurant and realized that it was brought in by 5 friends in the insurance and finance sector. Okay, probably a franchise. Should be not bad, since there will be proper procedures from A to Z as all franchises do.

We ordered a Mac & Cheese for the girl first, as both hubby and I were still full from the buffet lunch.

It arrived pretty quickly and looking quite yummy.


It doesn’t look like the one in the lift lobby poster though – there should be some flaky stuff on it. Oh well, never mind – the girl liked it and that was all it mattered.


I tried it too – really super cheesy and rich. Cheese lovers will probably fall head over heels in love.

After the Mac & Cheese arrived, hubby and I decided to order their Chir Chir Mi Chir to share.


Looks good isnt it? There’s fried chicken, pasta, and oven baked in mozzarella cheese. Note the time in the picture – 520pm. I took this picture right after we ordered.



About 20 minutes after we ordered our Chir Chir Mi Chir i.e. 540pm as shown, water came. I was “Oh, so the procedure is, you get water only when your dish is about to arrive?”

So the Mac n Cheese which we ordered first isn’t considered a dish ah?



This was the bill. Not super cheap for a party of 3. The time stated on the bill was the time the Mac & Cheese was ordered.

After what seemed like an eternity, hubby finally lost patience and asked a staff when is our Chir Chir Mi Chir arriving. The staff replied that it would arrive soon.

We waited some more and then hubby asked again – the same staff immediately retorted with a “my manager is waiting for your dish over there now”.

Note, there was no sincere apology given.

After some more waiting, it came.


We waited a total of 40 minutes for this ridiculous-looking dish.

  1. It did not look even remotely similar to the dish as pictured in the menu – was the pasta oven-baked together with the chicken with the mozzarella cheese (as it should be) or was the pasta cooked separately and then thrown on top of the oven-baked chicken??
  2. It was not even dinner time. It was not super crowded, it was not super busy. Did we really have to wait for 40 minutes? I asked that same staff in Mandarin (figured that she was a PRC after the halting English she spoke and we could not understand) when this dish came – how long do people usually wait for this dish? She said “at least 20 minutes”. Ok, So we waited double the time in a non-peak period. Where is the follow up? Why didn’t the staff inform us after 25 minutes “Oh we are very sorry for the delay, the kitchen is facing a crunch now and you may have to wait for another 15 minutes – is that okay with you?” No there wasn’t any of such follow up – hence we weren’t given a choice BUT TO WAIT. And in the end, we got a messy looking dish that I could have cooked up at home and tasted even better. Even hawker centre chicken rice looks better than this u know?
  3. Taste – the pasta was tasteless. I can do better pasta. Chicken – dry. Cheese sauce – watery and did nothing but to drench the deep fried chicken until they got so soggy.

Not even a sorry either. The staff obviously did not think she was in the wrong, she was defensive all the way and acted as though we were the ones making a fuss. The water came late also.

Where is the customer service? Are we supposed to wait forever for food? We paid for service as well. Is it really so difficult to inform us that our dish would be late?? You rather act busy with other tables and hope that we will just wait along and not make noise? Very immature leh. My 5 friends in insurance and finance sector who brought Chir Chir in, did you train your staff how to react to such situations?

We paid $50 for such a lousy experience – I rather just go hawker centre and just get 20 packets of chicken rice and give it to the poor.


One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road (Food Review)

It was a rainy Saturday morning during the long National Day weekend. The toddler’s music school was closed (so no class yay) so I grabbed the chance to try out One Man Coffee‘s breakfast and coffee. I probably have been wanting to try it for the past years coz it’s so near me!

It’s appears quite small when you see it from the outside but when I stepped in at about 920am that morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice and cosy set up. There were 2 long tables for bigger groups and at least 5-6 two-seaters.

IMG_5860Somehow the woody interior reminded me of Common Man Coffee Roasters.


Simple 1-page menu – both hubby and I ordered the Big Brekkie, along with a Cappuccino for him and a Long Black for me.


When I ordered at the cashier, I requested for more of something else as I did not want the rye bread. The guy in specs suggested giving me more button mushrooms, which I happily agreed. It was nice of them to oblige to the special request!


After hubby’s Cappuccino arrived, I realized that One Man Coffee was having this promotion which they advertised on their Facebook Page/ Instagram – free Latte with every Big Brekkie.

Why wasn’t I informed of this when I was ordering my TWO sets of Big Brekkie?

Never mind. Not a big deal. Maybe they forgot or maybe they intentionally decided not to inform customers because they wanted only the Facebook/ Instagram followers to know. And I respect that.


My Long Black. It was thick and fragrant, but with a sourish aftertaste which I don’t prefer. My office’s Long Black tastes way better, it’s free and comes in unlimited servings. Oh well, it’s an individual preference. Some people actually love the sourish aftertaste.


But it still makes a pretty picture 🙂

Hubby and I had about an hour for this breakfast, then we had to leave for Thomson Plaza to get our usual marketing done from about 1030 to 1115am. It wasn’t too crowded that morning, so we reckoned an hour would be more than sufficient. After all, how long can they take to cook a few breakfast items?

  • Eggs take 6 minutes.
  • Bread toasting – 1 min?
  • Sautéed mushrooms & tomatoes – max 5 min?
  • Candied bacon – max 5 min also?
  • Spinach salad with dressing – 30 seconds?

Let’s say they do this one after the other, plus maybe busy with another order before us – I shall give them 20 min max?

However, we ordered our food by 925am and our food came only at 1006am which was a total of 40 minutes waiting time (according to the time on my iPhone when the below picture was taken):


Prior to the arrival of our food, there was a minor power shutdown in the cafe so I suspected that the delay might be due to that. Well, that COULD BE THE ONLY VALID REASON.


As you can see, my Big Brekkie had no rye bread so my eggs were placed on the board. My button mushrooms did not seem to have increased in quantity (as promised) compared to hubby’s either. Ok, maybe by 3 half-mushrooms more?

Never mind. Perhaps a slice of rye bread costs them 3 sautéed half-mushrooms.

I am someone who can wait for food, even if it’s a dramatic FORTY MINUTES in a NOT-SO-CROWDED cafe. I understand that there can be 1,001 reasons why there may be a delay in the food arrival. I started munching on the spinach salad which was dressed in a very tasty sweet vinaigrette. We didn’t have much time left to eat, it was 1006am and we had to leave at 1015am.

Then hubby gave a WTF frown and said “The eggs are cold!”.

I scooped a bit of my yolk and tried it – Yup it was at room temperature, not even slightly warm.

SIGH. Unreasonable waiting time – still can tahan la.

Cold food – unacceptable la.

Hubby called a staff over and told her plainly, “Your food is cold.”. She stood there, not knowing what to do.

(I could totally understand the awkwardness, I was a waitress before).

I gave a small smile (despite my cold food) and replied “We just wanted you to know that the food is cold. But we will finish it.”

I did not tell her that we had no choice but to finish it, because we had to rush off and did not have time to wait for them to prepare all over again.

So we continued gobbling up the cold food. It was not pleasant at all, eating food that were cold but having to finish it coz we had no other choice.

After maybe 5 minutes, another staff came to us with a stash of cash in her hands. She apologized and wanted to refund us for the cold food served.

It was a nice gesture on their part, truly. I replied “No it’s okay, we have finished the food.”.

She went “Are you sure?”. Not the best way to respond but I just nodded and she went away.

Seriously, did they really expect us to accept the money after eating? I appreciate the effort put into service recovery, but bad service rendered is like spilt milk or a broken mirror in my opinion. Maybe some customers would be happy with a refund (even after eating up everything) but not for me and hubby.

I paid a good $40 bucks for this breakfast. Minus $10 for the air con and the simple food presentations, I could have spent $30 at Shunfu Food Centre just further down the road and gotten TEN x hot piping delicious breakfast dishes.

Another thing I noted from One Man Coffee – they did not do frequent checks on the arrival of the food. Ensuring timely food arrival is the job of both the FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of house). Instead, the staff were spotted chatting at the cashier and not checking on the orders. Things could have been better if they found out earlier (eg after 15min) that our order would be delayed and informed us / offered us some read-to-serve appetizers or a free refill of coffee. Honestly, if Hubby and I have been informed, we would have requested for a refund of the food, left and gone somewhere else for a quick meal. At least the impression won’t be so bad and I would definitely go back to eat again!

We spent more than an hour in One Man Coffee, mostly feeling annoyed, frustrated and helpless. Yet at the same time, I showed grace and courtesy in my conversations despite everything. I write this not to boast of my incredibly God-like character, but I write this to emphasize that this is not an experience I want to go through again.

Your Woul Korean Restaurant (Food Review Part 2)

Last month I did my first review on Your Woul when I met up with SY for dinner. It was a rather nice experience so 2 nights ago I went again with Belle. Novena is a good place for meet ups coz it’s centralized and the more important point is – it’s not crowded. Belle was super early so she got seated inside first. I reached at about 615pm and the restaurant was empty. I noticed that the restaurant looked much brighter and newer so think some renovation was done.

I knew Belle (and her hubby Kelvin) since year 2000, when I was studying in Temasek Polytechnic (Legal Studies). Somehow I got myself a part-time job at Outback Steakhouse and got to know them there. Both Kelvin and Belle were full-time staff (if I remember correctly) and I worked there on weekday evenings and weekends.

It was my first ever F&B job (before that I was doing part time at the $1.99 shop at White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris – wonder if it’s still there?) and it opened a totally new world for me. It was there I learnt about giving sincere service, learnt about going that extra mile, learnt about cleanliness and hygiene in food handling, learnt about teamwork in frequently intense situations. Belle and I were among the pioneer batch at Outback Steakhouse – we were given intensive training the American way by Outback Steakhouse staff who flew all the way to Singapore from the States.

Well, it was also there that I started my ‘night life’, where Belle and Kelvin know too many of my embarrassing moments. So we started yakking away about the past and present (we have not met up since… Feb!), after ordering 4 items and 1 Makkoli at Yourwoul.

IMG_4939 First time seeing Makkoli served in a pot with a ladle. Usually it’s in a golden kettle. 🙂

IMG_4940 I was not paying much attention when the makkoli was served. When I saw the froth, I went “eh is this a different kind of Makkoli?” She replied “I shake the bottle.” LOL. Makkoli looks nice with all the froth! I LIKE. Still taste the same – thick and sweet!

IMG_4941 As we were the only table, everything got served really quickly. I really like their banchan – it’s not the very common types.

IMG_4942I like the black beans and the brown crispy stuff on the top right. I think it’s deep fried lotus roots in batter.

IMG_4943 I ordered kimchi pancake, hoping that this would taste better than the seafood pancake I had with Shiyun last month.

Verdict – on its own, it was quite bland, like the seafood pancake. =_= we had to dip it into the sauce to make it taste good. We had to ask for a refill of the sauce coz it wasn’t enough.

I dunno.. are pancakes supposed to be bland on its own? Did the chef forget to add salt??

I have tasted such Korean style pancakes before (chives pancake/ seafood pancake) at other restaurants in Singapore and they were tasty. Yourwoul’s renditions seem strange, is it that a certain area in Korea do up such styles? *bewildered*

IMG_4944   We also ordered stir fried cuttle fish, in a spicy sweet sauce. Very good (but not to the extent of WOW though), the cuttle fish pieces were fresh and tender. Goes super well with makkoli hahaha.

IMG_4945 Belle decided to try their bean paste soup. She has had this soup at other restaurants (cannot remember the names now) and after tasting this one at Yourwoul, she decided that this was the worst version. Not spicy at all, and very very mediocre in my opinion.

IMG_4946 Our last item was Egg Roe Rice, it’s like a Bibimbap where you mix up stuff in the rice, just that the ingredients in this dish are a lot of fish roe, pickles, seaweed. Sounds yum!

IMG_4947 So the waitress helped us stir it up nicely.

IMG_4948 How it looked after stirring profusely. I liked it a lot, there were charred bits of rice that made it all the more fragrant. It would be perfect if they were more generous with the egg roe… 🙂

These 4 items were JUST NICE for the 2 of us. We finished up everything cleanly hahaha.

However after this second visit, I found the food quality AND service a bit lacking. I’ve given my comments on the food in the above paragraphs (which aren’t really great comments if you realize), now on to the service. There was nothing wrong with the service 2 nights ago, but there was a drastic difference between the 2 visits.

Not sure why, but the same lady who served me on both occasions appeared to be in a not-so-good mood 2 nights ago. I also could tell from her behavior that she wasn’t too happy about me asking for a refill of beansprouts and the pancake dip.

Whereas during the first visit, she was super friendly and chatty. Talked about MERS, talked about the juice drinks that we ordered etc, very smiley and obliging.

But having said all that about the difference in service, I really like the fact that the restaurant was a great place to catch up with friends. It was a quiet weekday night, so we literally had the restaurant all to ourselves (a couple of native Koreans came in at 7 plus but they sat at the other end). There was soft music playing in the background so it was such a comfortable environment to chit chat slowly, unlike many other Korean restaurants with huge TV screens and loud blaring music. We were not in a rush to give up our seats to anyone else, we could speak comfortably and laugh away, we were literally in our own little bubble.

So yes, I will still go back for dinners and catch ups. 🙂 perhaps I should try their recommended army stew (according to social media) after all… and not everything else?

We left the restaurant slightly after 8 and headed to United Square because Belle wanted to eat Llao Llao froyo. She insisted that I must try… and so I did.

IMG_4949U probably cannot tell, but I was stuffed from the dinner already! After this froyo (which I could not finish), I could not breathe. We managed to find a bench by the lift to slowly eat the froyo while continuing our endless chatter until 930pm.

Verdict on the froyo – the yogurt together with the black chocolate sauce made a good combination. But I won’t eat this frequently… it’s probably a thousand calories in that cup.

next up, probably meeting Shiyun again to pass her some stuff and also last dinner before she pops!

Combat Durian @ Balestier

Going eat durian with the husband is the best.

  1. His enthusiasm for durian is like 200% more fiery than me.
  2. He eats as much as me, if not more.
  3. Once I express my littlest desire to want to eat durian, he will go all out to try to satisfy my desire because he also wants to eat.

And so we went on an impromptu trip to Combat Durian on Wednesday night 10pm. Combat Durian is the nearest durian stall from our place. It took us a mere 10 minutes to reach Combat on a weekday late night.



The signs are so colourful and vibrant! My already ravenous appetite went even higher!

IMG_4804We planned to eat there so while hubby waited at the front to order the durian (we went for 王中王 that night), I immediately started searching for seats inside.

I did not take any pictures of the inside area where there were tables and chairs for customers to eat there..

But i tell you, do go and see for yourself. The ambience is seriously SO AWESOME can! We all don’t know one another, but we all looked like we were having a major durian party in there!

There were families (including kids), co-workers, friends & couples like hubby and myself. All there for 1 purpose.



And hubby brought in the loot – 2 王中王.



CHECK. IT. OUT. (Pic is unfiltered)

I love durian with a lot of flesh within 1 seed. It’s super shiok to see your fingers sink into the flesh, and then you can’t see your fingernails because they have sunk too deep into the flesh.

We spent the next ten minutes just devouring the durians. It was almost sacred.



Down to the very last seed. At the end, we washed everything down with the free water that Combat very kindly provided and then gave up our table immediately to the next couple who was waiting for us to finish. Amazing crowd.

I slept very well that night. 🙂




ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre (Breakfast at 9am)

Hubby and I took the morning off yesterday. We had a couple of things to do:

  1. Send his car for servicing at 820am
  2. Go IKEA to get some stuff and look at sofa selection

After we dropped the car at the servicing centre, we took a walk to ABC Food Centre for some hawker breakfast before heading to IKEA. I have taken a look at the map the day before and decided that walking through Rumah Tinggi Eco-Park is the easiest way to get to the food centre from Volkswagen.

IMG_4758It was a warm, windless & humid morning. But thankfully the walk wasn’t too long and there was plenty of shade from the trees in the park.

We got to the food centre in 15 minutes. I was feeling quite worn out as I have not broken fast and it was about 20 hours of no food. Time to EAT!

As expected, not many stalls were open for breakfast (it was about 845am?) and it was easy to just zero in on the stalls that looked good.

IMG_4796#01-42’s Economic Bee Hoon/ Chee Cheong Fun/ Yam Cake stall caught my eye because the queue there was the longest.

The queue can be long either because:

  • The food is good; or
  • The food is cheap

I decided to find out for myself.

IMG_4788I got myself a plate of simple fried bee hoon with an egg

IMG_4790Plus a small portion of chee cheong fun.

These 2 plates cost only $2.10.

From the looks of the above plates of food (koala not included), I think the reason for the queue IS THE PRICE.

Verdict after I ate them:

  • The bee hoon was very simple but nice – nothing fancy but somehow it reminded me of something my mum will make. Very homely and local.
  • The chee cheong fun was quite meh. Quite a waste of calories.

Hubby got some carrot cake from Ghim Moh Carrot Cake stall:


The stall had no queue, so I didn’t think much of it. Hubby brought back the carrot cake he bought and started eating. Here was how it looked after it was half-eaten:


After I finished my bee hoon, I took some of the carrot cake.

I WAS SURPRISED. It was very good! Slightly crispy, slightly charred, very tasty!! YUM!! I finished up this remaining half HOHOHO.

Then hubby went to buy some wanton noodles from this stall:


Sorry I took this pic from afar. Sorry uncle.


I did not try this. Hubby said it was okay. He finished it.


We ended off with the usual hawker drink:

IMG_4794Hubby requested for the drinks to have less sugar. I was thankful but it did not taste good.

hahaha. expected right.. oh well.

This was my first time to ABC Food Centre. There are a few reviews online but zero reviews on their breakfast. So, these 3 stalls are definitely open by 9am so you guys can go check them out!

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006