Along I flow…

It has been a good one year plus at my current workplace. I finally know how it feels like being a contract staff.

Which also means, it’s soon time for me to leave. Ha.

Yes the search is on, in comes the formal attire and feeble attempt to look pretty and polished 😉 I am excited yet unsettled. I am anticipating the change yet dreading the process. Anyone knows how I feel?

Life goes on, anyway. I am trying my best to do what’s humanly possible and leaving the impossible/ unknown to the One above.

He does have the best plan for me. No I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I know it is the best. I pray and hope for a new path where I can serve and bless God in the greatest measure. And I give thanks still, for everything  which has happened, and is to happen.



SG50 National Day Long Weekend – How did I celebrate?

I hope everyone has had a happening SG50 weekend! Besides going for NDP yesterday (which I will cover in a separate post) and spending time with my girls over the holiday, I did 2 things that typical Singaporeans have done last week.

Not difficult to guess la…


My office celebrated National Day last Thursday in a really big way. Our breakfast and lunch was totally filled with local delicacies!


Donned in red and white, armed with our lovely flags after breakfast!

Lunch was the main highlight. We ate so much that we couldn’t believe it ourselves.


Kailin, Serene and I shared all these. We were going “Mmmm! Mmmmm! MMMMMMMMM!” all the way, while reassuring ourselves that it was okay to eat so much…


As you can see, that day was my cheat day. Typically I don’t touch anything with wheat eg bread.. murtabak… mantou!


This was one of the food lines in the cafe – all mouth-watering and yummilicious-looking.


They also made Ramly burgers that did not look or taste like Ramly burgers lolol.


Very good chicken rice – maybe they bought from Boon Tong Kee..


And they even had this ice-cream booth, like the ones you see along Orchard Road!


I probably haven’t had this for like 10 years.


We were super duper full already, but just couldn’t help it but to have a serving of the ice cream with colourful bread. We wished our tummies were big enough to have maybe 5 servings though.

And all our other colleagues sitting with us were amazed at our eating capacities.




Let me show you what I bought!


A simple T-shirt dress.  I bought size S (which is what the model is wearing – looks baggy enough for me I HOPE.

Even if it arrives and I realize I cannot fit, I shall lose enough weight to fit!

IMG_5371The Korean trend is so getting into me.

Song Jihyo – Running Man cast member

Park Shin Hye – female lead for “Pinocchio” and “The Heirs”

Choi Jiwoo – female lead for “Winter Sonata”

The Korean trend is so getting into me. Seeing all these celebrities wearing sunnies has made me feel like getting a pair, so I found this really cute pair with the nose props! And it’s CHEAP hehe.

But, I may just turn out to look like this, after all the feasting last week:


And the last item I bought on Zalora was this:


I fall in love with anything beige or light brown. And coupled with pretty gentle florals, what’s not to like?

And i just realized that Topshop Singapore is coming to Zalora soon – YAY, another brand to buy from!

Three Meals a Day (삼시세끼 / Samsi Sekki) with Lee Seo-Jin & Ok Taecyeon

After Running Man, Three Meals a Day (3MAD) has officially captured my heart.



I first saw this reality cooking show on Starhub Cable and found it quite interesting – 2 men fumbling about in a rural house with a dog, a goat and 5 chickens. As usual, the witty captions that the producers added made the show even more entertaining.

I did not really start to watch regularly at that time, as I was still watching Running Man and some other drama. Then I saw Lee Seo-jin again on Running Man, a grumpy and brutally frank ahjussi who didn’t want to lift a finger at any mission, leaving poor Lee Seunggi to do everything. And after that I was introduced to an iPhone app Dramot which shows Korean dramas/ shows with English subtitles. The app happens to have 3MAD, so I started watching regularly.

And it helped that Season 2’s 2nd episode onwards had Park Shin Hye as 3MAD’s guest. I just finished watching Pinnochio so I was searching for stuff related to Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye wahahaha.



Bare-faced Park Shin Hye washing up her bleary face in the morning on 3MAD.


Ok Taecyeon is sometimes called “Ok Bingu” in 3MAD for his geeky dance actions (but it’s super endearing and funny!)

And of coz….my favourite character in 3MAD has to be MINGKI!


Yes the cute little thing on Ok Bingu’s lap.


She was there ever since the first season first episode. The most adorable pup ever!


So tiny.


Then she grew into an adult in Season 2 🙂


Ok Bingu really takes care of her well.

And then Mingki gave birth to 2 beautiful pups!! Oh my heart.


Eddie and Saphie 😀 their eyes aren’t even open yet! Ok Bingu is the proud grandpa 🙂

(I am sorry I haven been giving credit to the pictures….got them from Google Images, thank you all who left these precious pics on the Internet so I can find and share the love of 3MAD!)

I am totally into Mingki now – she’s a tired mummy now tending to her 2 children, licking them whenever she can and feeding them whenever they are hungry.



And finally, the bromance between Lee Seo-jin and Ok Taecyeon (and Lee Kwang Kyu in Season 2) is so comfortable and cute. Lee Seo-jin’s dry humour, coupled with Kwang Kyu’s easy-going nature and Ok Taceyeon’s Bingu behavior, makes 3MAD a perfectly relaxing show to watch at the end of the day 🙂


Latest guest – Choi Ji Woo 🙂

June 2015 Updates – Here and There

It’s already coming to end of June 2015. I only have 1 thing to say:

I’m not losing weight fast enough. =_=

As of last Friday morning I am 54.5kg. Then over the last weekend, I have been EATING LIKE MAD. Plus I am eating all the bad stuff.

  • Yes, last weekend seemed like an auspicious date for many weddings and I attended one last Friday at The Grand Hyatt – Man the portions were generous. I ate and ate from 8pm till 11pm. But I was a good girl – I did not touch alcohol.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans are binging on the super cheap durians now and I am no different. Had a whole box of MSW to myself last Sunday afternoon when the toddler was in dreamland.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday and my family did the same, at a tze char place with loads of good food. Chilli Crabs. Prawns with Salted Egg. Whole steamed fish. You name it, I ate it that night.

You can roughly conclude that I won’t be weighing myself for the time being..



Me on Monday, in casual colourful attire at work. Looks okay after all the feasting I hope – although the weight from all the junk usually will come in only after about a week 😦 which is ABOUT NOW.

Anyway, I have started on Intermittent Fasting Diet on a daily basis – fasting 18-19 hours a day and eating only within the 4-5 hour window. It has been about 2 weeks and it’s not so bad. I have also started going back to Amore for exercise classes since last week. I have been updating my Instagram very regularly on this – you can check it out (on the right of this blog).


Check out the Mizuno shorts in the pic. I bought it just before class last Thursday – 20% discount and it cost just $30 🙂 I like the length – short i.e. light and portable. I attended Aero Lo that evening and had a horrible experience with the instructor who was in her own world and did not care a hoot about newbies like me. So this week onwards I will only attend Monday’s Energy Sculpt and Wednesday’s StretchFit. I need to finish up the package which is expiring this October! Cannot waste!

I really need a lot more sports attire for these classes. Besides this pair of new black tights, I only have another pair of Nike BRIGHT PINK 3/4 tights which sometimes can be quite disturbing to the eyes.. But that Nike tights is very very comfortable and the material is thick and good! I shall check out Nike Outlet soon – coz the stuff there are on a good discount!


And I just discovered the beauty of Rooibos – especially Rooibos with Vanilla. And I have been drinking this over the weekend to stave off hunger during fasting – it works very well coz I love vanilla scents 😀

Have not encountered much weight loss yet on the Fasting diet – I will keep you guys updated 🙂

And back to the wedding last Friday at the Grand Hyatt – I managed to get myself a hairwash and blow/ curl at Hair @ Work at The Arcade (Raffles Place) for $45. Cheap or expensive ah – i really dunno. But i somehow felt cheated because I told the guy I had no time to set my hair so I just wanted a wash and blow. After chit chat he asked if he would like me to curl the ends a bit just to give it some boing boing – I said okay – and I was charged for setting the hair. =_=



You can’t really tell from this picture – but my hair was all curled up at the ends. Even before the dinner started, some hair has become straight (like the part you saw). $45 for such standard – I am really not sure… this was my first time getting my hair ‘arranged’ at a hair salon. Any advice here?

And the guy went on to tell me that I needed very intensive protein hair treatment (2-step) and it costs about $240. Ok I do agree that my hair is in very bad shape now (after like 15 years of regular rebonding) and GOOD treatment PROBABLY REALLY costs this much.


Now what do you think of this hairstyle? *grin*



Been watching this drama and I find this concave hairstyle quite cool – not too long, but long enough to tie up if required. I will probably need to put on some serum to weigh my hair down and try to tame the ends that will bend outwards but that’s fine.


I’m just not good at it

After 35 year of trial and error, I think I am pretty qualified to conclude that I am not good at one thing.


Maybe there is only 24 hours a day and I happen to have a job, 2 kids and a husband to tend to, hence no time to meet up and nurture the friendships.

Maybe I am fucked up and friends just left me for this reason.

Maybe I have had problematic friends who were as fucked up as me hence we just couldn’t stand each other.

I have always believed that it’s the 2nd reason why a couple of my friendships failed. I am not sure I have blogged about this before (I think I have, it’s on my mind all the time) so if you are seeing repeated stuff, just close the page.

When I was younger, I was quite an opinionated bitch. I always thought that my thinking is by default the best, the wisest, the most logical. I was also very jealous of friends who were popular among guys, and I would do things to make them feel not as good as they really deserved.

When a friend started a relationship with a guy whom I did not think highly of, I would start dissuading her to break up with him, I would tell her things like “he’s not going to give you happiness, you are capable of finding someone 100 times better!”. I guess she just couldn’t stand me anymore and stopped contacting me altogether.

Or when a friend got into a relationship with someone who’s rich, who loves her for who she is and not what she has gone through. I got really indignant coz I thought she did not deserve all this because of a 101 reasons I thought of. Things got out of hand thereafter and we stopped talking.

At that time I did not realize that a friend is supposed to support, not judge. I did not realize that it was their own life (owned by God really), not mine.

Ah the things I have done. I cannot imagine how consumed I was with myself in the past. It was all about me.

These happened maybe in my mid to late twenties. As I look back, I feel disgusted at myself. Maybe this is why I find it hard to befriend another now. I try to keep a safe distance with everyone. I don’t say a lot because I fear saying the wrong things, I would mask my anxiety with lame jokes and very general comments so I don’t appear as though I am telling them what to do.

It’s gotten so hard that I have sort of given up on friendships altogether. Save for the few longtime friends (less than 5 of them), I have stopped trying to be friendly to other people I am not super close to (it’s tiring and feels fake) and stopped trying to deepen any friendship (maybe friendships will naturally deepen if they click, right?). These few longtime friends – from different phases of my life (they don’t know one another in fact LOL) – are people whom I don’t meet up very much (mostly because I am not free to meet), but we stay in contact a lot via whatsapp and online chat. I would share with them whatever’s happening in my life, and I feel safe sharing with them.

They have no idea how thankful I am for them – they keep me believing that I am not that bad after all.

As how Admiral Lee Soon Shin put it in Gu Family Book:

“A man needs a friend to share goals with…

A woman to share his heart with…

A nation to serve with all his heart.

That’s the best life one can live.” 

To make it sound more applicable to women, here goes:

“A woman needs a friend to share dreams with…

A man to share her heart with…

A family to serve with all her heart.. / A nation to serve with all her heart (for the more ambitious and capable ladies out there!)

That’s best life a woman can live.”

I am truly sorry for the wrongs I have done in the past. But now, I am contented with the life God has blessed me with so much undeserved grace.

Mid May 2015 – Reflective


A colleague asked me yesterday “What’s your passion” while we chatted randomly over lunch.

My swift reply after a split nano-second –  “I have been asking myself the same question for the past 10 years.”

And so from yesterday until now, I have been rather melancholy and thoughtful about my past 10 years. I wonder what would become of me if I were a decisive young lady who knew exactly what I wanted 10 years ago, instead of the people-pleasing, attention-seeking wanderer who just went with the flow.

My early twenties was a messy phase where I drowned myself in cigarettes and alcohol, while my late twenties was a stressful period with a young kid and overwhelming financial commitments, with many ups and downs. Early thirties seemed to be better even with a 2nd child, then I was hit with a back injury last year, which set me back BY A LOT physically, not mentioning the 2 cm I lost in height.

Life is a surprise, always. As Forrest Gump puts it very very appropriately.

I feel old after the back injury. I totally feel like I am 35 (previously I still thought I was in top form) and I am now ultra-sensitive to every little ache in my body and joints. I now eat supplements on a regular basis to keep my bones/ joints/ metabolism/ weight/ sugar levels at a healthy level. I do yoga at least 3-4 times a week to keep my body flexible. Crazy huh. Paranoid huh.

Well, i guess i am doing it all because I have young children and aging parents to look after. I need to feel healthier and stronger desperately so as to feel more assured that they are in good hands (i.e. my hands). It’s really stressful how life can take sudden turns and twists, and now I am doing whatever I can to minimize that. In fact, I am still awfully sore and bitter over that fateful fall. It should not have happened at all if I had never taken up the new job and never agreed to go for that wedding dinner. But alas, who can turn back time?

Heavy sigh.

I guess that’s why I need to keep on reminding myself to place my faith and trust in God who knows what life has in store for me, and everyone else I care for. Easy to say, but hard to remember and apply in practice!

So, back to the question, what’s my passion? I think it’s quite clear that I enjoy writing – letting my mind wander and writing whatever that comes to mind. Typing endlessly on the lovely keyboard on rainy afternoons such as this. Getting paid for it will be like a dream come true. But hahaha, no one is gonna pay for random rantings and musings from a boring human like me lor.

Ending this post with a super cute quote – stay happy my friends:


Supplements for young children

I just thought of letting you guys know some ways that I have been using to boost children’s immunity systems. I have been doing this for the past few years and it’s not bad. Maybe via this thread, we can share our own experiences and methods too ^_^ is my bi-monthly supplement supplier. The goods come from USA but shipping is only $4 for a maximum weight of 6350 grams. I will simply buy enough stuff to make up the weightage and max out the shipping cost. I usually buy some cosmetics (brand E.L.F on iHerb is SO CHEAP), organic kids snacks and also my own supplements eg iron, b12, kelp, calcium etc.

Sometimes they have promotions eg free shipping for orders more than $40. So it’s very very good value. And supplements are cheaper if you buy from iHerb, especially the brands I buy i.e. Sambucol and Childlife!

1) Sambucol Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup is the main component. Sambucol is the brand name. My family and I usually take this whenever we feel weak/ tired/ sick. Once we feel like we are going to get hit with a bug, we will take this immediately 4x a day. The results are good – either we will be back to normal right away, or we will get well very quickly if we eventually succumb to the bug.

The bottle says that we can actually take this once a day for daily maintenance of the immune system, but I read somewhere that it’s better to just take it when we are going to be ill. Your call 🙂

The link I provided for this is suitable for kids 4 years and above. There is another one which is suitable for 2 years and older, found here.

2) Childlife Colostrum Powder

Both my girls LOVE this. They eat this powder right off the spoon. Colostrum powder is reputed to boost immune system (provides a full spectrum of antibodies and immune factors) – I will give this to my girls every evening (half a teaspoon to my 9yo, and 1/4 teaspoon to my 2yo). And this brand has added probiotics too – helps them with their digestion.

I think I will stick to this – love seeing their faces when they are chewing on the powder and exclaiming “Mmmm, Yummy!” 😀

3) Thieves Essential Oil

I started giving this to my 9yo since last June. I remember clearly coz she was falling sick every 2-3 months before that and June was particularly bad! So it has been about a year already till now, and I have to say that the frequency of falling sick has decreased greatly. I basically put a drop on her soles every night, then she will rub her soles together and then I will put on socks for her – then she goes sleep. But I will let her go without the oil once a week, just to give a break.

I have also recently started to give my 2 yo Thieves too, whenever she goes for her Saturday music class. The kids in her class seem to be coughing and sneezing quite a lot (rolls eyes haha). So before we head out to the class, I will rub a drop on her collar so she can inhale it. Then when we get to class about 15 minutes later, I will rub another drop. It acts as a layer of protection over her. There was once I forgot to do it, the next day she started having runny nose 😦

4) Lemon Essential Oil

This is a great oil for the home – smells great and it also helps as an immunity booster. I put this oil most often, sometimes combining it with Lavender oil as Lavender helps sooths allergies (my 9yo has sinus and 2yo has sensitive skin).

5) Bi-weekly homemade chrysanthemum/ barley drink
This one – my mum will brew. Singapore weather so hot, body gets heaty and dehydrated easily. So this helps to ‘cool down’ the body and it’s a sweet treat for the family too.

These are simple ways to help our children fight germs and bugs better. I rather have them take these than to take medicine. Of course, having good nutrition is very important too!