About WendyLimWendy

Actually, i would like to think that i review SERVICE more than food. If you have read some of my food posts, i frequently comment on the service rendered at the eatery. Having worked in restaurants for a number of years when i was in my early twenties, i was very fortunate to have worked under awesome restaurant managers, wine sommeliers, bar managers and sous chefs who taught me all about fine dining, ettiquette, food, wine and alcohol. Oh how I missed those times when I worked as a assistant restaurant manager and got yelled at by my Italian sous chef when I told him that a guest wanted chilli padi with soya sauce to go with her pasta, or when as a new waitress I accidentally toppled 2 full glasses of red wine on a female VIP’s bosom during a dinner reception.

I know the ups and downs of being a provider of customer service, hence i often look at service which makes up a large part of the overall dining experience. Being an ESFJ personality type myself, I love to provide service to others i.e. the pleasure is all mine when I see people satisfied with my service! I am no longer in the F&B industry though, but I am still rendering service in the corporate workplace as a contract administrator, and at home as a mummy to 2 kids and wife to a loving husband ;).

To summarize, life is a mere fleeting cloud. Be your most beautiful every single day!

I am available for adhoc reviews of any kind. Do contact me at norttigurl@gmail.com or add my blog to your Favourites 🙂


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