Lau Pa Sat – Boon Tat Street BBQ Seafood & BEST Satay

We had wanted to go to Satay by the Bay because the mister hasn’t been there before but once I got on the car (he came to pick me up from a gathering) and googled “Satay by the Bay”, a horrifying discovery came to my two big big eyes.

“Food stalls open from 11am to 10pm daily”

It was nearly 10pm when he came to pick me…

SO! We went to the other place that serves lots of satay – Lau Pa Sat hahaha..

We managed to find a parking lot right at the side of Lau Pa Sat (yay) and got cosied up at a round table. It was slightly disturbing to have so many hawkers come to us and try to promote their satay BUT i guess that’s the way to survive.. mister ordered a satay set (he believes ALL ARE THE SAME) and we also ordered some seafood from the below stall where we were sitting at.. yup he hasn’t had dinner.


the mister was craving for cockles but the first thing the waitress said to my husband’s cockle request was “no more cockles, everything else have”.

I could see the sian-ness in his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, forehead.

Shrugs – we ordered stingray, sambal kangkong and lala.


The satay came – apparently we misread the menu. We thought we ordered 10 sticks. It was 20… oh my.

If I remember correctly, this satay stall was called Best Satay. I remember seeing the big big word “Best” on the menu!


And here comes the sting ray and lala. Not sure if they have toned down the spiciness to cater to tourist crowd, all their 3 dishes were just mildly spicy – which I was actually okay with. I liked the sting ray best – the chilli was very fragrant and fish was also flavoured nicely. Just to place it in perspective on the standard of their food – it wasn’t great, the sambal kangkong especially was not tasty in my opinion. I would go Chomp Chomp any day for BBQ seafood – Seth Lui has a blog post on them!

Pricing wise – I think the satay was really reasonably-priced – $15 for 20 sticks plus 1 rice. The BBQ seafood was $36 in total – I guess that’s quite the norm? But I find their food so-so, hence I think it’s pricey :-X

By the time we are done, it was nearly 11 – alamak, fat die me…


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