Ready to eat almost everything.

It’s a lovely day today and I think I will make today the day to restart my blogger engine. I even paid a dollar Ualso SD for my spanking new lovely header (made with TLC on Canva).

For the past year and a half, things have been hectic. I changed to a new job last May and it has been a beautiful working environment with teammates of similar frequency and a fantastic funny boss. I am extremely grateful for this blessing because it gives me ample energy for my other role i.e. parenting my 2 young kids. The younger one is finally not so young anymore – she is 4 already and she is at least able to express her needs and wants (cool, no more guessing games!).

And so, that’s why I am able to resume my blogging regime again – YAY. And yes, I will resume my reviews on food, F&B service standards and whatever comes my way. Let’s see, I will be visiting Beach Road Kitchen soon (because I have 2 free buffet dinners to redeem!), also going to Nanbantei at Chinatown Point next month for a colleague’s birthday, and maybe we will try out the Thorny Temptation buffet at Hotel Pickering’s LIME! I will probably also do up a post on Seletar Country Club‘s Seletar Terrace since my family lunches there every Sunday after service 🙂

I am excited already~~~~


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