Ramen Bar Suzuki

From the limited ramen meals I have had (due to my gluten intolerance), this is probably the best I’ve ever eaten. 

We managed to arrive at the restaurant at 130pm so I tried their late lunch special Dipped Ramen – this was how it looked. Very very appealing!

The broth was super prawny, so prawny that my colleague could literally smell it and comment “wah the prawn smell very strong”. The thick prawn broth came with 2 huge long slices of cha shu, 2 big grilled prawns, plenty of bean sprouts and cabbage. And topped up with lots of spring onion. 

There was this deep fried minced garlic condiment bottle – so the garlic maniac in me managed to sprinkle a thick layer of garlic all over my noodles (cooked al dente as instructed). 

And there was a bottle of chilli oil too – I also poured a bit over my noodles 😝

And the final taste – heavenly. Seriously, I’ve never tasted such good ramen before. Everything was fresh, and cooked to perfection. Even the cha shu was super good – very flavorful and tasty. 

Well, I’m not very experienced with ramen, so I was totally wowed  by this. For $12.90, it’s really quite worth it. 

Yes I mentioned I was gluten intolerant right. After lunch my face puffed up a little, probably my tummy too. But people generally don’t notice it. But I can feel the puffing up, especially my eyelids coz the skin there is thin hence more obvious. Thankfully my throat didn’t get itchy – their noodles were probably freshly made that’s why!

Verdict – will go again, after Ben’s wedding though. Can’t afford to puff up again.