Lim & Lim Services – Boutique Limousine Service & Personal Concierge Singapore

Everyone is getting busy nowadays.

Especially in Singapore, the city that never stops working. People are now, slowly but surely, resorting to more convenient ways to get around (think Grab/ Uber) and get their stuff (think Red Mart). Simply because there are more important things to be done – be it rushing work deadlines, spending time with family and friends, or sometimes, just some time alone to recharge.

It makes sense though, to ‘outsource’ such time-consuming activities. Hence I am recommending this boutique set-up that offers personalized limousine service and personal concierge.

Lim & Lim Services helps to alleviate one’s busy schedule by helping with the following:

  • pick up your child to and from school
  • bring your loved one for a doctor’s visit
  • send your family to the airport for a well-deserved holiday
  • bring your relatives around when they stop by Singapore for a break
  • collect your luxury bag that you sent for repair
  • buys grocery and toiletries for you, and deliver them to your door step
  • plans a private birthday dinner for your spouse
  • many other errands, and it’s impossible to state all here πŸ™‚

The unique thing about Lim & Lim Services is, they are trustworthy and they know Singapore. Run by locals, Lim & Lim Services ensures that your loved ones are safe, your goods are delivered with care, and your errands are run with efficiency.

And that’s why their logo is as follows:


vos serviteurs dΓ©vouΓ©s ~ your devoted servants

Here is their price chart for your easy reference:


Feel free to call 97877855 or email to find out more. Or, you can just check out their Facebook Page!