Birthday Lunch @ Bread Street Kitchen

The first quarter of each year is always a busy period for me.

  • January – wedding anniversary. It happened to be our 10th wedding anniversary this year so it was a big celebration.
  • February – mum and BB’s birthday. And they happen during the Chinese New Year period. Especially this year, my mum turned 60 so I held a dinner banquet at Peach Garden for her during CNY Day 5. Then for BB’s birthday, we went for a 2d1n staycation at Sentosa Sofitel just last week.
  • Early March – Toddler’s birthday. We did a simple celebration at her childcare with her friends 🙂

In a way, I am glad that the hype is finally over, especially for this year somehow. Sure, I love gatherings and celebrations, but introverts like me need to recuperate!

Okay so last Thursday BB and I went to Bread Street Kitchen for lunch. I have already reserved seats for 2 about a month ago and I indicated that it was a ‘birthday lunch for spouse’.

We were famished because we didn’t have breakfast and we went boat pedaling xD so we quickly made our orders with the friendly and obliging waitress. All the staff there, I observed, were either handsome or pretty. About half of them were Caucasians and they looked like models on a catwalk when they walked up and down the restaurant!


The bread basket consisted of a few types of bread, including breadsticks and a big flat bread… biscuit? I loved the butter – supposedly homemade – it was more salted than ‘lightly salted’ haha.


As we ordered spicy wings for appetizer, we were given these wet wipes to clean our hands after consumption – very considerate 🙂


And.. we ordered main dishes which had fries – so these were served too – too cute. and they were delish – very sweet ketchup I would say – I kept dipping, couldn’t stop!

We were facing the boardwalk so it was nice to chat and also people watch while we waited for our food. I realized that there were many people who jogged across the MBS boardwalk during lunch – which I think is a good idea (provided it wasn’t super sunny). I have started jogging twice a week now (for nearly 2 months already) and I am still trying to figure out a long term routine.. night run or run in the day? run outside or in the gym?

For now it looks like running at night is the way to go.. either gym or park also okay.


The wings were very good – BB and I (both very hungry) finished the whole plate within ten minutes. Well-marinated and well-cooked 🙂 BB is someone who can never resists wings – will order them as long as he sees them on the menu lol.


BB ordered Fish & Chips.. when he started eating, he gave a very strange (in a not-so-good God-help-me way) expression and asked me to try it. I did – tasted alright but the fish gave a rather unusual aftertaste. I was okay with it but BB apparently did not like it that much.

We called the manager over and she promptly brought it to the kitchen. After a while she came back with a brand new plate of fish & chips (even though BB already told her not to do up a new plate, he just wanted the chef to make sure that the fish tasted okay). So BB tried again – still same taste la, obviously haha.

But the thing is, the fish was obviously fresh looking from the texture, so it was just the taste that BB couldn’t get used to. So he just told the manager it was okay, it was JUST HIM. The manager was nice enough to even ask him if he wanted to order another main dish and she would do it 🙂 which we said no to.

The manager, during our conversation, shared that Bread Street Kitchen uses the ling fish for their Fish & Chips. Ling fish is a freshwater fish – so that explains the aftertaste that comes with all freshwater fish. Personally I would have eaten it with much gusto because I quite like freshwater fish!


My burger which I loved totally. My definition of ‘binging’! It was huge and I couldn’t finish it. Wished I had more room in the tummy..


Dessert was sticky toffee pudding! The waitress who took our order came with this and started singing a birthday song for hubby. She sang really well – got feel one…


We were stuffed after lunch but I was very impressed with their attentiveness to every customer’s need and the way they go the extra mile to ensure that customers get the best experience. Of course, good looks and good manners helped!