Feb 2016 – of jogging and manicures

Let’s see. Nearly 6 months after the big break.

Firstly, I am thankful that I am still pretty much the same. I don’t think I have accomplished anything significant these 6 months actually, but I am still grateful for the fact that I am breathing well… living well…

Secondly, I am not sure why I am posting this. I had stopped last year because I somehow lost motivation to write. I suddenly felt that food reviews, product reviews, any kind of reviews are really pointless and not meaningful at all, so why was I spending so much time doing it. And no point trying to make money out of this blog because I am not that great a writer/ promoter/ reviewer, and there are plenty of other aspiring bloggers out there who can do a much better job. I also thought that I could spend my time better doing more meaningful stuff such as reading the Bible (which I have not yet started) and spending more time with my family. I spend time going through my tween’s school work every weeknight and attend to my toddler’s absurd (but hilarious) demands during her every waking moment.

I currently still think the same way, and have no intention of doing any opinions/ reviews on whatsoever again. Maybe for now, I just want to post some new updates as of 2016, just for record.

As I have said, nothing much has changed. Weight went up a little but that’s due to the current Chinese New Year binging and also upcoming hubby’s birthday celebration this weekend. After that I am immediately going to start jogging even very regularly.

Yes you saw it right – I STARTED JOGGING. To be specific, I started about a month ago, and I have been clocking 2 jogs per week till now.

I say that I am jogging because my speed is about 6.5 km/h (hence not considered as running in my opinion). For some people with long legs, that’s a brisk walk.

Yes I am sure I AM JOGGING (hubby goes jogging with me and he confirmed I was jogging ;D). I am starting it slow because I have hypermobility issues and my knees hurt previously when I tried running on a treadmill, so I want to make sure I am doing it right, and I am following this for good jogging form:


And this time, no treadmill (which made my knees hurt so bad for reasons I am not aware of). I am jogging outdoors. Which I realized is a lot more fun and interesting – I was just telling my colleague this morning that I am literally on my toes during my night runs because I had to keep a lookout for rats crossing my path at the park or along the pedestrian walkway. Time passes much faster too, strangely and I no longer need music to spur me on when I am outdoors. Matt Frazier was right – listening to one’s own breathing (and watching out for rats or occasional flying leaves that sometimes look like creepy creatures at night) is far more interesting.

Also surprisingly, my knees no longer hurt when I do slow jogs at 6.5 km/h using the tips to jog correctly (as above). I could go on non-stop for 4km currently, and looking forward to being able to jog 5km and beyond without stopping. The goal now is to run longer, and not faster.

Finally, I would like to show off my nails!

IMG_0763 (1)

Sorry I can’t show a ‘before’ picture because they were just simply too disgusting. I have been biting nails for the past 30 years and suddenly a month ago, something clicked in me which caused me to make THE decision to grow some nails.

All this while, I always have this belief that humans are able to look good and stay fit as long as you work hard to maintain yourself. But somehow, I have excluded my nails in this kind of mindset and always accepted the fact that my nail biting is a habit I can’t get rid of and will stick to me for life.

Then it dawned upon me (don’t ask me how, it just happened) that I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT IF I DECIDE TO. And so I did.

And here you are, my nice nails.

So as of Feb 2016, I have some nice jogs and nice nails going on. Time to decide on my daily bible devotion SOON.