Three Meals a Day (삼시세끼 / Samsi Sekki) with Lee Seo-Jin & Ok Taecyeon

After Running Man, Three Meals a Day (3MAD) has officially captured my heart.



I first saw this reality cooking show on Starhub Cable and found it quite interesting – 2 men fumbling about in a rural house with a dog, a goat and 5 chickens. As usual, the witty captions that the producers added made the show even more entertaining.

I did not really start to watch regularly at that time, as I was still watching Running Man and some other drama. Then I saw Lee Seo-jin again on Running Man, a grumpy and brutally frank ahjussi who didn’t want to lift a finger at any mission, leaving poor Lee Seunggi to do everything. And after that I was introduced to an iPhone app Dramot which shows Korean dramas/ shows with English subtitles. The app happens to have 3MAD, so I started watching regularly.

And it helped that Season 2’s 2nd episode onwards had Park Shin Hye as 3MAD’s guest. I just finished watching Pinnochio so I was searching for stuff related to Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye wahahaha.



Bare-faced Park Shin Hye washing up her bleary face in the morning on 3MAD.


Ok Taecyeon is sometimes called “Ok Bingu” in 3MAD for his geeky dance actions (but it’s super endearing and funny!)

And of coz….my favourite character in 3MAD has to be MINGKI!


Yes the cute little thing on Ok Bingu’s lap.


She was there ever since the first season first episode. The most adorable pup ever!


So tiny.


Then she grew into an adult in Season 2 🙂


Ok Bingu really takes care of her well.

And then Mingki gave birth to 2 beautiful pups!! Oh my heart.


Eddie and Saphie 😀 their eyes aren’t even open yet! Ok Bingu is the proud grandpa 🙂

(I am sorry I haven been giving credit to the pictures….got them from Google Images, thank you all who left these precious pics on the Internet so I can find and share the love of 3MAD!)

I am totally into Mingki now – she’s a tired mummy now tending to her 2 children, licking them whenever she can and feeding them whenever they are hungry.



And finally, the bromance between Lee Seo-jin and Ok Taecyeon (and Lee Kwang Kyu in Season 2) is so comfortable and cute. Lee Seo-jin’s dry humour, coupled with Kwang Kyu’s easy-going nature and Ok Taceyeon’s Bingu behavior, makes 3MAD a perfectly relaxing show to watch at the end of the day 🙂


Latest guest – Choi Ji Woo 🙂


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