Combat Durian @ Balestier

Going eat durian with the husband is the best.

  1. His enthusiasm for durian is like 200% more fiery than me.
  2. He eats as much as me, if not more.
  3. Once I express my littlest desire to want to eat durian, he will go all out to try to satisfy my desire because he also wants to eat.

And so we went on an impromptu trip to Combat Durian on Wednesday night 10pm. Combat Durian is the nearest durian stall from our place. It took us a mere 10 minutes to reach Combat on a weekday late night.



The signs are so colourful and vibrant! My already ravenous appetite went even higher!

IMG_4804We planned to eat there so while hubby waited at the front to order the durian (we went for 王中王 that night), I immediately started searching for seats inside.

I did not take any pictures of the inside area where there were tables and chairs for customers to eat there..

But i tell you, do go and see for yourself. The ambience is seriously SO AWESOME can! We all don’t know one another, but we all looked like we were having a major durian party in there!

There were families (including kids), co-workers, friends & couples like hubby and myself. All there for 1 purpose.



And hubby brought in the loot – 2 王中王.



CHECK. IT. OUT. (Pic is unfiltered)

I love durian with a lot of flesh within 1 seed. It’s super shiok to see your fingers sink into the flesh, and then you can’t see your fingernails because they have sunk too deep into the flesh.

We spent the next ten minutes just devouring the durians. It was almost sacred.



Down to the very last seed. At the end, we washed everything down with the free water that Combat very kindly provided and then gave up our table immediately to the next couple who was waiting for us to finish. Amazing crowd.

I slept very well that night. 🙂





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