ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre (Breakfast at 9am)

Hubby and I took the morning off yesterday. We had a couple of things to do:

  1. Send his car for servicing at 820am
  2. Go IKEA to get some stuff and look at sofa selection

After we dropped the car at the servicing centre, we took a walk to ABC Food Centre for some hawker breakfast before heading to IKEA. I have taken a look at the map the day before and decided that walking through Rumah Tinggi Eco-Park is the easiest way to get to the food centre from Volkswagen.

IMG_4758It was a warm, windless & humid morning. But thankfully the walk wasn’t too long and there was plenty of shade from the trees in the park.

We got to the food centre in 15 minutes. I was feeling quite worn out as I have not broken fast and it was about 20 hours of no food. Time to EAT!

As expected, not many stalls were open for breakfast (it was about 845am?) and it was easy to just zero in on the stalls that looked good.

IMG_4796#01-42’s Economic Bee Hoon/ Chee Cheong Fun/ Yam Cake stall caught my eye because the queue there was the longest.

The queue can be long either because:

  • The food is good; or
  • The food is cheap

I decided to find out for myself.

IMG_4788I got myself a plate of simple fried bee hoon with an egg

IMG_4790Plus a small portion of chee cheong fun.

These 2 plates cost only $2.10.

From the looks of the above plates of food (koala not included), I think the reason for the queue IS THE PRICE.

Verdict after I ate them:

  • The bee hoon was very simple but nice – nothing fancy but somehow it reminded me of something my mum will make. Very homely and local.
  • The chee cheong fun was quite meh. Quite a waste of calories.

Hubby got some carrot cake from Ghim Moh Carrot Cake stall:


The stall had no queue, so I didn’t think much of it. Hubby brought back the carrot cake he bought and started eating. Here was how it looked after it was half-eaten:


After I finished my bee hoon, I took some of the carrot cake.

I WAS SURPRISED. It was very good! Slightly crispy, slightly charred, very tasty!! YUM!! I finished up this remaining half HOHOHO.

Then hubby went to buy some wanton noodles from this stall:


Sorry I took this pic from afar. Sorry uncle.


I did not try this. Hubby said it was okay. He finished it.


We ended off with the usual hawker drink:

IMG_4794Hubby requested for the drinks to have less sugar. I was thankful but it did not taste good.

hahaha. expected right.. oh well.

This was my first time to ABC Food Centre. There are a few reviews online but zero reviews on their breakfast. So, these 3 stalls are definitely open by 9am so you guys can go check them out!

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006


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