Yoplait Petit Miam – Great Yogurt for Toddlers!

I am so glad my toddler takes after me in terms of her taste buds.

i.e. she eats anything, like me.

Granted, her taste buds may change as she grows up, like how my elder girl has somehow become so picky over her food choices now compared to a few years back. I just hope my toddler will remain an easy eater, FOREVER. I have enough picky eaters at home!

One of her favourite snacks is yogurt, because it’s like partially melted ice cream. I don’t give my kids ice cream, so yogurt is the next best alternative. I have tried the following 2 types of yogurt that are suitable for toddlers (they can be found at NTUC Fairprice Finest):

  1. Mundella Yoghurt for Babies & Toddlers – they are quite alright but portion is a bit too big for a snack so I usually just scoop half out for the toddler. And last week when I bought a few of these, they tasted funny (not expired yet) and I had to throw them away. WASTE OF MONEY.
  2. Mundella Little Greek Ones – Even bigger portions, so I scoop half and cap it back (they have a nice sturdy plastic cap) for next day use. I like the fact that they use Greek Yogurt which is more dense and  creamy. Downside is, they have rough bits of fruits and puree inside. I find them too sweet and artificial, so I usually will scoop it out – a bit wasted and also need to spend extra time scooping it out and if your toddler is getting impatient waiting, it’s not exactly a fun thing to do.

I finally found my perfect toddler yogurt in Yoplait Petit Miam.

IMG_4781This range is suitable for babies aged 1 year and older. I started my toddler on yogurt when she was nearly 2 years old, because my mum (who is babysitting my girls) didn’t really like the idea of giving cold food to babies. Many old folks think that babies who eat cold food will end up with coughs.

IMG_4782It comes in a 12-pack. If I remember correctly, the price is about $14-$15. This can last me about 2 weeks – I give my toddler 1 portion almost every evening. The portions are just nice for a snack!

To me, I prefer giving yogurt much more than biscuits/ cereal bars/ bread because the latter items contain wheat which can cause gluten intolerance and also grains don’t have much nutritional value. Yogurt, on the other hand, gives healthy gut bacteria to ensure smooth digestion and bowel movements and has lots of protein. My toddler gets enough carbs from her 2 meals of double-boiled porridge so she needs protein more!

IMG_4783Not exactly the best wholesome food you can find (this has added sugar, thickener, fructose, vegetable gums) but compared to ice cream/ cookies/ cakes, I rather give this la.

IMG_4785These yogurts have no bits of fruits inside, its all yogurt so I don’t have to spend time scooping out extra sweet puree and keep the toddler waiting. I just tear out the top seal, lick a bit of yogurt from the seal to make sure it tastes okay, chuck a spoon in and the toddler can start enjoying!

IMG_47843 flavours – Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla.

IMG_4786Here’s a cup of half-eaten Vanilla yogurt. The cup is just nice for the toddler to hold. Very cute!

Besides this, I will also sometimes share my Dairy Farmers Greek Style Yogurt with the toddler (not because I want to share, it’s because she will give the if-u-dun-share-i-will-start-to-cry look). If you eat it alone it can be quite sour, so I always add in some honey and the toddler LOVES IT. Do note that some babies can be allergic to honey, so always give just a bit to test first.

And the best thing about yogurt is, it’s a great food to train self-feeding. Most of it should end up in the mouth, that is! haha.


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