Durian Session at Geylang Lorong 36

I have been eating durians nearly every week.

Beautiful, beautiful durian. Such a wonderful creation.



After the claypot rice dinner, we crossed the road to Geylang Lorong 36 where the durian stall was located. There are 2 durian stalls at Lorong 36 – Fruits Top 1 and this no-name makeshift durian stall, both stalls facing each other on opposite sides of Lorong 36, adjacent to the main Geylang Road.

I went to the stall with no name, because hubby often buys from this stall and their durians are good.

IMG_4670This is how it looks like. According to hubby, this stalls operates only when it’s durian season.

IMG_4672When we got there after dinner, it was already about 8pm and there was a crowd buying durians from the stall. This uncle in red checkers is the stall owner and he has a few other uncles helping him pack durian and attend to customers.

IMG_4675Eager faces awaiting to devour the King of Fruits 😀 (from clockwise – Serene, Gu Yang, Kailin, Jose)

The uncle who served us was super nice (actually all the uncles at the stall are very nice and friendly!) – he brought us 2 King of Kings (王中王) first, because if you straight away attack the Cat Mountain King (猫山王), you won’t be able to taste the other varieties because 猫山王’s taste will overwhelm the rest.

IMG_4674Here’s the 王中王. It has a lot of flesh, so u feel satisfied at every bite 😀 I find this more bitter than 猫山王, you also can tell the bitterness from the pale colour of the flesh.



Next the uncle served us 猫山王!! It’s a deeper richer yellow and the flavour is much more well-rounded and slightly sweeter as well. Everyone’s favourite!

Next Uncle served us XO, which was not photogenic, hence did not take any pics hahaha. XO has a more watery flesh, with a slight alcoholic aftertaste. I tried XO after eating 猫山王, and it truly wasn’t a good idea after all. The taste of 猫山王 lingering in my mouth completely overwhelmed XO.

We were actually quite full after the claypot rice so we did not eat a lot of durian. We could not even finish 4..




Our tiny mountain of victory. It’s was Jose’s first time trying durian and he was really courageous – he gamely tried all 猫山王, 王中王 and XO! *clap clap*

I can see myself eating durian for as long as durian is in season. It’s very heaty though, so remember to drink a big cup of water with some table salt added!


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