Geylang Claypot Rice (Short Food Review)

A few colleagues and I planned for a durian session at Geylang but we had to have some proper food before the ‘fruits’. So after some quick searches online for Geylang good eats, Serene and Kailin found this Geylang Claypot Rice that’s apparently quite famous. And the best thing is, it’s located almost opposite the durian stall that we were going. SET LARRR!

I called a day earlier to try booking a table but was advised to call on the day itself to book table and pre-order the 6-pax claypot rice. And so I did.

That actual evening, we were running late and I called them and informed them that we would probably reach 15 minutes later.. I was actually kinda worried that they may have started cooking the rice already ahhaha (later the rice chow-ta how). The guy on the phone was nice, he said no problem – phew.

As we were at Asia Square, we took a train from Downtown MRT, changed at Bayfront MRT and crossed over to the Circle Line and took the train to Dakota MRT. Then, we walked from Dakota MRT (Exit A) to Geylang Claypot Rice – quite fast actually, just 650m away 😀

We got a nice round table at their air-conditioned section (not very cold actually but better than nothing la) and I quickly ordered their Home-made Tofu with Prawns, Pork Ribs King and a big bowl of nice no-MSG soup to complement our Claypot Rice.



This picture was taken by Serene because I hopped over to the durian stall to confirm the durians that I reserved haha.

Their claypot rice comes in various sizes and I pre-ordered this biggest size, good for 6-pax. They are very generous with their ingredients, as you can see. When I went back to our table, Kailin was already adding dark soya sauce to the rice and stirring. We could add as much black sauce as we wanted!

IMG_4681Result – black black slighted charred super fragrant claypot rice, complemented by homely pork rib soup. The rice wasn’t badly burnt as we started stirring early and didn’t leave it to continue burning inside lol.

It was really very tasty – you just wanna keep on eating and scooping and eating and scooping all over again. And the portion was fantastic – the 6 of us all took at least 2 bowls each and we still couldn’t finish.

IMG_4682When we were halfway through… This 6-pax portion costs $35 i.e. about $6 per person – quite okay 🙂



Here’s the Homemade Tofu with Prawns and Pork Ribs King in the background which Kailin snapped. These 2 dishes are a must-order and everyone approved! The tofu gravy was really thick with seafood flavour and not gooey at all (as some thickened gravies are).

All of us had a drink each as well. The total bill came up to be about $92 i.e. about $15 per pax. and we were filled to the brim. (remember we went for durian after this dinner – super jialat haha).

  • Geylang Claypot Rice is located at: 639, Geylang Road, Lorong 33 Singapore 389570
  • Telephone: 6744 4574 / 6744 3619
  • Operating Hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm (Lunch, 午餐), 5pm to 12am (Dinner, 晚餐) – Closed on Mondays

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