Your Woul Korean Restaurant (Food Review Part 2)

Last month I did my first review on Your Woul when I met up with SY for dinner. It was a rather nice experience so 2 nights ago I went again with Belle. Novena is a good place for meet ups coz it’s centralized and the more important point is – it’s not crowded. Belle was super early so she got seated inside first. I reached at about 615pm and the restaurant was empty. I noticed that the restaurant looked much brighter and newer so think some renovation was done.

I knew Belle (and her hubby Kelvin) since year 2000, when I was studying in Temasek Polytechnic (Legal Studies). Somehow I got myself a part-time job at Outback Steakhouse and got to know them there. Both Kelvin and Belle were full-time staff (if I remember correctly) and I worked there on weekday evenings and weekends.

It was my first ever F&B job (before that I was doing part time at the $1.99 shop at White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris – wonder if it’s still there?) and it opened a totally new world for me. It was there I learnt about giving sincere service, learnt about going that extra mile, learnt about cleanliness and hygiene in food handling, learnt about teamwork in frequently intense situations. Belle and I were among the pioneer batch at Outback Steakhouse – we were given intensive training the American way by Outback Steakhouse staff who flew all the way to Singapore from the States.

Well, it was also there that I started my ‘night life’, where Belle and Kelvin know too many of my embarrassing moments. So we started yakking away about the past and present (we have not met up since… Feb!), after ordering 4 items and 1 Makkoli at Yourwoul.

IMG_4939 First time seeing Makkoli served in a pot with a ladle. Usually it’s in a golden kettle. 🙂

IMG_4940 I was not paying much attention when the makkoli was served. When I saw the froth, I went “eh is this a different kind of Makkoli?” She replied “I shake the bottle.” LOL. Makkoli looks nice with all the froth! I LIKE. Still taste the same – thick and sweet!

IMG_4941 As we were the only table, everything got served really quickly. I really like their banchan – it’s not the very common types.

IMG_4942I like the black beans and the brown crispy stuff on the top right. I think it’s deep fried lotus roots in batter.

IMG_4943 I ordered kimchi pancake, hoping that this would taste better than the seafood pancake I had with Shiyun last month.

Verdict – on its own, it was quite bland, like the seafood pancake. =_= we had to dip it into the sauce to make it taste good. We had to ask for a refill of the sauce coz it wasn’t enough.

I dunno.. are pancakes supposed to be bland on its own? Did the chef forget to add salt??

I have tasted such Korean style pancakes before (chives pancake/ seafood pancake) at other restaurants in Singapore and they were tasty. Yourwoul’s renditions seem strange, is it that a certain area in Korea do up such styles? *bewildered*

IMG_4944   We also ordered stir fried cuttle fish, in a spicy sweet sauce. Very good (but not to the extent of WOW though), the cuttle fish pieces were fresh and tender. Goes super well with makkoli hahaha.

IMG_4945 Belle decided to try their bean paste soup. She has had this soup at other restaurants (cannot remember the names now) and after tasting this one at Yourwoul, she decided that this was the worst version. Not spicy at all, and very very mediocre in my opinion.

IMG_4946 Our last item was Egg Roe Rice, it’s like a Bibimbap where you mix up stuff in the rice, just that the ingredients in this dish are a lot of fish roe, pickles, seaweed. Sounds yum!

IMG_4947 So the waitress helped us stir it up nicely.

IMG_4948 How it looked after stirring profusely. I liked it a lot, there were charred bits of rice that made it all the more fragrant. It would be perfect if they were more generous with the egg roe… 🙂

These 4 items were JUST NICE for the 2 of us. We finished up everything cleanly hahaha.

However after this second visit, I found the food quality AND service a bit lacking. I’ve given my comments on the food in the above paragraphs (which aren’t really great comments if you realize), now on to the service. There was nothing wrong with the service 2 nights ago, but there was a drastic difference between the 2 visits.

Not sure why, but the same lady who served me on both occasions appeared to be in a not-so-good mood 2 nights ago. I also could tell from her behavior that she wasn’t too happy about me asking for a refill of beansprouts and the pancake dip.

Whereas during the first visit, she was super friendly and chatty. Talked about MERS, talked about the juice drinks that we ordered etc, very smiley and obliging.

But having said all that about the difference in service, I really like the fact that the restaurant was a great place to catch up with friends. It was a quiet weekday night, so we literally had the restaurant all to ourselves (a couple of native Koreans came in at 7 plus but they sat at the other end). There was soft music playing in the background so it was such a comfortable environment to chit chat slowly, unlike many other Korean restaurants with huge TV screens and loud blaring music. We were not in a rush to give up our seats to anyone else, we could speak comfortably and laugh away, we were literally in our own little bubble.

So yes, I will still go back for dinners and catch ups. 🙂 perhaps I should try their recommended army stew (according to social media) after all… and not everything else?

We left the restaurant slightly after 8 and headed to United Square because Belle wanted to eat Llao Llao froyo. She insisted that I must try… and so I did.

IMG_4949U probably cannot tell, but I was stuffed from the dinner already! After this froyo (which I could not finish), I could not breathe. We managed to find a bench by the lift to slowly eat the froyo while continuing our endless chatter until 930pm.

Verdict on the froyo – the yogurt together with the black chocolate sauce made a good combination. But I won’t eat this frequently… it’s probably a thousand calories in that cup.

next up, probably meeting Shiyun again to pass her some stuff and also last dinner before she pops!


Three Meals a Day (삼시세끼 / Samsi Sekki) with Lee Seo-Jin & Ok Taecyeon

After Running Man, Three Meals a Day (3MAD) has officially captured my heart.



I first saw this reality cooking show on Starhub Cable and found it quite interesting – 2 men fumbling about in a rural house with a dog, a goat and 5 chickens. As usual, the witty captions that the producers added made the show even more entertaining.

I did not really start to watch regularly at that time, as I was still watching Running Man and some other drama. Then I saw Lee Seo-jin again on Running Man, a grumpy and brutally frank ahjussi who didn’t want to lift a finger at any mission, leaving poor Lee Seunggi to do everything. And after that I was introduced to an iPhone app Dramot which shows Korean dramas/ shows with English subtitles. The app happens to have 3MAD, so I started watching regularly.

And it helped that Season 2’s 2nd episode onwards had Park Shin Hye as 3MAD’s guest. I just finished watching Pinnochio so I was searching for stuff related to Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye wahahaha.



Bare-faced Park Shin Hye washing up her bleary face in the morning on 3MAD.


Ok Taecyeon is sometimes called “Ok Bingu” in 3MAD for his geeky dance actions (but it’s super endearing and funny!)

And of coz….my favourite character in 3MAD has to be MINGKI!


Yes the cute little thing on Ok Bingu’s lap.


She was there ever since the first season first episode. The most adorable pup ever!


So tiny.


Then she grew into an adult in Season 2 🙂


Ok Bingu really takes care of her well.

And then Mingki gave birth to 2 beautiful pups!! Oh my heart.


Eddie and Saphie 😀 their eyes aren’t even open yet! Ok Bingu is the proud grandpa 🙂

(I am sorry I haven been giving credit to the pictures….got them from Google Images, thank you all who left these precious pics on the Internet so I can find and share the love of 3MAD!)

I am totally into Mingki now – she’s a tired mummy now tending to her 2 children, licking them whenever she can and feeding them whenever they are hungry.



And finally, the bromance between Lee Seo-jin and Ok Taecyeon (and Lee Kwang Kyu in Season 2) is so comfortable and cute. Lee Seo-jin’s dry humour, coupled with Kwang Kyu’s easy-going nature and Ok Taceyeon’s Bingu behavior, makes 3MAD a perfectly relaxing show to watch at the end of the day 🙂


Latest guest – Choi Ji Woo 🙂

Combat Durian @ Balestier

Going eat durian with the husband is the best.

  1. His enthusiasm for durian is like 200% more fiery than me.
  2. He eats as much as me, if not more.
  3. Once I express my littlest desire to want to eat durian, he will go all out to try to satisfy my desire because he also wants to eat.

And so we went on an impromptu trip to Combat Durian on Wednesday night 10pm. Combat Durian is the nearest durian stall from our place. It took us a mere 10 minutes to reach Combat on a weekday late night.



The signs are so colourful and vibrant! My already ravenous appetite went even higher!

IMG_4804We planned to eat there so while hubby waited at the front to order the durian (we went for 王中王 that night), I immediately started searching for seats inside.

I did not take any pictures of the inside area where there were tables and chairs for customers to eat there..

But i tell you, do go and see for yourself. The ambience is seriously SO AWESOME can! We all don’t know one another, but we all looked like we were having a major durian party in there!

There were families (including kids), co-workers, friends & couples like hubby and myself. All there for 1 purpose.



And hubby brought in the loot – 2 王中王.



CHECK. IT. OUT. (Pic is unfiltered)

I love durian with a lot of flesh within 1 seed. It’s super shiok to see your fingers sink into the flesh, and then you can’t see your fingernails because they have sunk too deep into the flesh.

We spent the next ten minutes just devouring the durians. It was almost sacred.



Down to the very last seed. At the end, we washed everything down with the free water that Combat very kindly provided and then gave up our table immediately to the next couple who was waiting for us to finish. Amazing crowd.

I slept very well that night. 🙂




ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre (Breakfast at 9am)

Hubby and I took the morning off yesterday. We had a couple of things to do:

  1. Send his car for servicing at 820am
  2. Go IKEA to get some stuff and look at sofa selection

After we dropped the car at the servicing centre, we took a walk to ABC Food Centre for some hawker breakfast before heading to IKEA. I have taken a look at the map the day before and decided that walking through Rumah Tinggi Eco-Park is the easiest way to get to the food centre from Volkswagen.

IMG_4758It was a warm, windless & humid morning. But thankfully the walk wasn’t too long and there was plenty of shade from the trees in the park.

We got to the food centre in 15 minutes. I was feeling quite worn out as I have not broken fast and it was about 20 hours of no food. Time to EAT!

As expected, not many stalls were open for breakfast (it was about 845am?) and it was easy to just zero in on the stalls that looked good.

IMG_4796#01-42’s Economic Bee Hoon/ Chee Cheong Fun/ Yam Cake stall caught my eye because the queue there was the longest.

The queue can be long either because:

  • The food is good; or
  • The food is cheap

I decided to find out for myself.

IMG_4788I got myself a plate of simple fried bee hoon with an egg

IMG_4790Plus a small portion of chee cheong fun.

These 2 plates cost only $2.10.

From the looks of the above plates of food (koala not included), I think the reason for the queue IS THE PRICE.

Verdict after I ate them:

  • The bee hoon was very simple but nice – nothing fancy but somehow it reminded me of something my mum will make. Very homely and local.
  • The chee cheong fun was quite meh. Quite a waste of calories.

Hubby got some carrot cake from Ghim Moh Carrot Cake stall:


The stall had no queue, so I didn’t think much of it. Hubby brought back the carrot cake he bought and started eating. Here was how it looked after it was half-eaten:


After I finished my bee hoon, I took some of the carrot cake.

I WAS SURPRISED. It was very good! Slightly crispy, slightly charred, very tasty!! YUM!! I finished up this remaining half HOHOHO.

Then hubby went to buy some wanton noodles from this stall:


Sorry I took this pic from afar. Sorry uncle.


I did not try this. Hubby said it was okay. He finished it.


We ended off with the usual hawker drink:

IMG_4794Hubby requested for the drinks to have less sugar. I was thankful but it did not taste good.

hahaha. expected right.. oh well.

This was my first time to ABC Food Centre. There are a few reviews online but zero reviews on their breakfast. So, these 3 stalls are definitely open by 9am so you guys can go check them out!

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006

Yoplait Petit Miam – Great Yogurt for Toddlers!

I am so glad my toddler takes after me in terms of her taste buds.

i.e. she eats anything, like me.

Granted, her taste buds may change as she grows up, like how my elder girl has somehow become so picky over her food choices now compared to a few years back. I just hope my toddler will remain an easy eater, FOREVER. I have enough picky eaters at home!

One of her favourite snacks is yogurt, because it’s like partially melted ice cream. I don’t give my kids ice cream, so yogurt is the next best alternative. I have tried the following 2 types of yogurt that are suitable for toddlers (they can be found at NTUC Fairprice Finest):

  1. Mundella Yoghurt for Babies & Toddlers – they are quite alright but portion is a bit too big for a snack so I usually just scoop half out for the toddler. And last week when I bought a few of these, they tasted funny (not expired yet) and I had to throw them away. WASTE OF MONEY.
  2. Mundella Little Greek Ones – Even bigger portions, so I scoop half and cap it back (they have a nice sturdy plastic cap) for next day use. I like the fact that they use Greek Yogurt which is more dense and  creamy. Downside is, they have rough bits of fruits and puree inside. I find them too sweet and artificial, so I usually will scoop it out – a bit wasted and also need to spend extra time scooping it out and if your toddler is getting impatient waiting, it’s not exactly a fun thing to do.

I finally found my perfect toddler yogurt in Yoplait Petit Miam.

IMG_4781This range is suitable for babies aged 1 year and older. I started my toddler on yogurt when she was nearly 2 years old, because my mum (who is babysitting my girls) didn’t really like the idea of giving cold food to babies. Many old folks think that babies who eat cold food will end up with coughs.

IMG_4782It comes in a 12-pack. If I remember correctly, the price is about $14-$15. This can last me about 2 weeks – I give my toddler 1 portion almost every evening. The portions are just nice for a snack!

To me, I prefer giving yogurt much more than biscuits/ cereal bars/ bread because the latter items contain wheat which can cause gluten intolerance and also grains don’t have much nutritional value. Yogurt, on the other hand, gives healthy gut bacteria to ensure smooth digestion and bowel movements and has lots of protein. My toddler gets enough carbs from her 2 meals of double-boiled porridge so she needs protein more!

IMG_4783Not exactly the best wholesome food you can find (this has added sugar, thickener, fructose, vegetable gums) but compared to ice cream/ cookies/ cakes, I rather give this la.

IMG_4785These yogurts have no bits of fruits inside, its all yogurt so I don’t have to spend time scooping out extra sweet puree and keep the toddler waiting. I just tear out the top seal, lick a bit of yogurt from the seal to make sure it tastes okay, chuck a spoon in and the toddler can start enjoying!

IMG_47843 flavours – Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla.

IMG_4786Here’s a cup of half-eaten Vanilla yogurt. The cup is just nice for the toddler to hold. Very cute!

Besides this, I will also sometimes share my Dairy Farmers Greek Style Yogurt with the toddler (not because I want to share, it’s because she will give the if-u-dun-share-i-will-start-to-cry look). If you eat it alone it can be quite sour, so I always add in some honey and the toddler LOVES IT. Do note that some babies can be allergic to honey, so always give just a bit to test first.

And the best thing about yogurt is, it’s a great food to train self-feeding. Most of it should end up in the mouth, that is! haha.

Durian Session at Geylang Lorong 36

I have been eating durians nearly every week.

Beautiful, beautiful durian. Such a wonderful creation.



After the claypot rice dinner, we crossed the road to Geylang Lorong 36 where the durian stall was located. There are 2 durian stalls at Lorong 36 – Fruits Top 1 and this no-name makeshift durian stall, both stalls facing each other on opposite sides of Lorong 36, adjacent to the main Geylang Road.

I went to the stall with no name, because hubby often buys from this stall and their durians are good.

IMG_4670This is how it looks like. According to hubby, this stalls operates only when it’s durian season.

IMG_4672When we got there after dinner, it was already about 8pm and there was a crowd buying durians from the stall. This uncle in red checkers is the stall owner and he has a few other uncles helping him pack durian and attend to customers.

IMG_4675Eager faces awaiting to devour the King of Fruits 😀 (from clockwise – Serene, Gu Yang, Kailin, Jose)

The uncle who served us was super nice (actually all the uncles at the stall are very nice and friendly!) – he brought us 2 King of Kings (王中王) first, because if you straight away attack the Cat Mountain King (猫山王), you won’t be able to taste the other varieties because 猫山王’s taste will overwhelm the rest.

IMG_4674Here’s the 王中王. It has a lot of flesh, so u feel satisfied at every bite 😀 I find this more bitter than 猫山王, you also can tell the bitterness from the pale colour of the flesh.



Next the uncle served us 猫山王!! It’s a deeper richer yellow and the flavour is much more well-rounded and slightly sweeter as well. Everyone’s favourite!

Next Uncle served us XO, which was not photogenic, hence did not take any pics hahaha. XO has a more watery flesh, with a slight alcoholic aftertaste. I tried XO after eating 猫山王, and it truly wasn’t a good idea after all. The taste of 猫山王 lingering in my mouth completely overwhelmed XO.

We were actually quite full after the claypot rice so we did not eat a lot of durian. We could not even finish 4..




Our tiny mountain of victory. It’s was Jose’s first time trying durian and he was really courageous – he gamely tried all 猫山王, 王中王 and XO! *clap clap*

I can see myself eating durian for as long as durian is in season. It’s very heaty though, so remember to drink a big cup of water with some table salt added!

Geylang Claypot Rice (Short Food Review)

A few colleagues and I planned for a durian session at Geylang but we had to have some proper food before the ‘fruits’. So after some quick searches online for Geylang good eats, Serene and Kailin found this Geylang Claypot Rice that’s apparently quite famous. And the best thing is, it’s located almost opposite the durian stall that we were going. SET LARRR!

I called a day earlier to try booking a table but was advised to call on the day itself to book table and pre-order the 6-pax claypot rice. And so I did.

That actual evening, we were running late and I called them and informed them that we would probably reach 15 minutes later.. I was actually kinda worried that they may have started cooking the rice already ahhaha (later the rice chow-ta how). The guy on the phone was nice, he said no problem – phew.

As we were at Asia Square, we took a train from Downtown MRT, changed at Bayfront MRT and crossed over to the Circle Line and took the train to Dakota MRT. Then, we walked from Dakota MRT (Exit A) to Geylang Claypot Rice – quite fast actually, just 650m away 😀

We got a nice round table at their air-conditioned section (not very cold actually but better than nothing la) and I quickly ordered their Home-made Tofu with Prawns, Pork Ribs King and a big bowl of nice no-MSG soup to complement our Claypot Rice.



This picture was taken by Serene because I hopped over to the durian stall to confirm the durians that I reserved haha.

Their claypot rice comes in various sizes and I pre-ordered this biggest size, good for 6-pax. They are very generous with their ingredients, as you can see. When I went back to our table, Kailin was already adding dark soya sauce to the rice and stirring. We could add as much black sauce as we wanted!

IMG_4681Result – black black slighted charred super fragrant claypot rice, complemented by homely pork rib soup. The rice wasn’t badly burnt as we started stirring early and didn’t leave it to continue burning inside lol.

It was really very tasty – you just wanna keep on eating and scooping and eating and scooping all over again. And the portion was fantastic – the 6 of us all took at least 2 bowls each and we still couldn’t finish.

IMG_4682When we were halfway through… This 6-pax portion costs $35 i.e. about $6 per person – quite okay 🙂



Here’s the Homemade Tofu with Prawns and Pork Ribs King in the background which Kailin snapped. These 2 dishes are a must-order and everyone approved! The tofu gravy was really thick with seafood flavour and not gooey at all (as some thickened gravies are).

All of us had a drink each as well. The total bill came up to be about $92 i.e. about $15 per pax. and we were filled to the brim. (remember we went for durian after this dinner – super jialat haha).

  • Geylang Claypot Rice is located at: 639, Geylang Road, Lorong 33 Singapore 389570
  • Telephone: 6744 4574 / 6744 3619
  • Operating Hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm (Lunch, 午餐), 5pm to 12am (Dinner, 晚餐) – Closed on Mondays