Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies & Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow at Shunfu Market (Food Review)

It was a very rare Sunday morning where my family did not go for our usual Sunday service/ Sunday School. My church held a 2-day conference at the Indoor Stadium last weekend and due to family schedule conflicts we did not go.  After dropping our girl at her Math make-up lesson, Hubby and I walked over to Shunfu Market for a nice cheap breakfast.

I was really tempted to try Pacamara, Habitat Coffee and One Man Coffee BUT hubby, being the Singaporean Chinese he is, prefers the hawker fare anytime so the good wife in me decided to just spend my calories at Shunfu Market. It was our official first time there and I was really interested to find out what was good 🙂

We got there at about 10 and it was crowded with locals. Brightly lit and well-ventilated, every stall looked very tempting and yummy. We decided to head inwards to get a nice table. We finally found a decent and clean table right in front of this coffee shop:

IMG_3265This coffee shop had a longer queue compared to other coffee stalls so I decided to give their coffee a try. No one likes queuing, but I guess I prefer to queue than to risk drinking bad coffee.

IMG_3263Turned out to be a good choice after all – my small kopi was fragrant, smooth and thick – i regretted not ordering the bigger size.

I had a look at what other tables were eating before sitting down. Many of them were eating yam cake and some were eating vegetarian bee hoon. I decided to queue again – at Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies.

I ordered a plate of Abacus Seeds and a plate of Yam Cake.

IMG_3260Both looked so appetizing isn’t it? The yam cake especially, sweet sauce was drizzled generously all over! Hubby was especially attracted to the yam cake 🙂

IMG_3261And it did not disappoint. You know how some yam cake is dry, tasteless and just filled with flour? Mei Zhen’s rendition was moist, flavourful and every next bite just gets better.

IMG_3262The abacus seeds, on the other hand, were rather oily and quite nuah in my opinion. I am not an expert in eating abacus seeds but I probably will not eat this again because it is so oily! it’s like eating mushy fried flour drenched in oil.

I will try their other stuff next time 🙂

IMG_3266Hubby bought char kway teow from this Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow. I told hubby, no queue, maybe not nice.

IMG_3264Hubby ordered an otah to go with it and when he took the first bite, he went ‘bland’.

I decided to try it myself. I haven’t touched char kuay teow for a long time already and since I have already decided to binge at Shunfu, just go all the way loh.

It turned out very good leh! I am someone who can eat far saltier food than hubby and i think this char kuay teow was good! What’s wrong with hubby’s taste buds..

I ended up eating quite a few mouthfuls of CKT, quite addictive haha. Then as I read reviews online today, I realised that this stall uses healthier oil and does not use lard. If that’s the case, and the CKT still tastes good (without lard mind you), then you guys should try it for yourselves.

In any case, the food was good, the company was good. Oh by the way, there’s this uncle near the entrance of Shunfu food centre that sings old songs. I find it really cool and now the song he sang is stuck in my head:

I was like, singing this song repeatedly in the shower last night.

KTV soon, maybe?


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