Your Woul Korean Restaurant at Goldhill Centre (Novena) – Food Review

Sometimes, I wonder if any other parent will occasionally ask himself/ herself  with the question “What have I gotten myself into?” while staring at their sleeping infant/ drooling baby/ jumping toddler/ chatty child. I really think that parents do not know the gravity of being a parent until they see their own creation in their hands wailing away for milk or a change of diapers, like me. Even I, a mother of 2 girls aged 9 and 2, I still slap myself (mentally) on a daily basis (whenever they piss me off especially, and yes it happens on a daily basis) as a form of reminder to continually be a good role model to them, regardless of how much I feel like screaming at them, regardless of how much I want some me time just to stone away (preferably with my favourite korean drama), regardless of how much I want to just hide under the blanket or inside the bath tub.

When I was in primary school, I used to love dinner time with my 2 cousins Doreen (aka “Fun3 Fun2”) and Benjamin (aka “Wee3 Wee2”) (my mum was babysitting them then) because that was when we could sit on the floor with our plates of rice on the coffee table and watch our daily 630pm cartoon as we ate. Mondays was Captain Planet, and there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I loved Donatello the best coz I liked purple colour), Looney Toons and Power Rangers. I also used to love Barbie playtime with Doreen even though we bickered quite a bit. Until now, 25 years later, I remember such things. I don’t remember homework, I don’t remember my textbooks or classroom time.

Parenting back then used to be a simple thing – making sure babies and children grow up well physically, sleep enough, eat enough, go to school everyday and go through motion. Now, no thanks to social media, we now have several schools of thought in regards to parenting styles, discipline methods and even what to eat to get ahead. It’s getting too complicated and we parents are pressurized to get ahead because we will think there is always a more ‘kiasu’ parent than us.

And you are starting to wonder if I had written the wrong title for this post.

No i did not. I met SY the preggie for dinner at Your Woul and naturally we talked about parenting and babies, so I just started this post off with some personal rumblings on my parenting journey. There are definitely ups and downs. I see you good, you see me good. I am learning to see the good in my own situations and SY is someone who thankfully reminds me to keep doing that.

I tell you, mindless chatter while indulging in a good dinner with a friend has become such a precious activity when one becomes a parent. Every rare dinner date is just too short! I reached Your Woul at about 625pm and was there in time to see a big group of Korean tourists stepping out of the restaurant looking rather full and happy. The first thought that came to my mind was “Alamak, inside still go space for me anot?”

Thankfully, that group of tourists that left was the only table.

A Korean lady greeted me and seated me down, then went on to clear the tables. The restaurant was not big. It was a bit narrow and longish, with comfortable wooden chairs. And shortly after, SY sauntered in and we ordered Seafood Pancake and Pork Rib Potato Soup (Gamjatang). We also ordered some bottled berry drinks.

IMG_3251Actually I wasn’t very hungry – I had quite a lot of food at my office’s TGIF (as usual) and also it was my first day of menses 😦 kind regretted coz I ended up eating not as much at Your Woul. SY ate a lot of these though – she said the beancurd, fish cake and lotus roots were nice. I had some kimchi, very good!

IMG_3252We tried both the Omija Juice and Black Chokeberry Juice – I personally liked the Omija Juice a lot – If you see the Chinese translation it’s 五味子 (Five Flavor Tea), which I have drunk before in Jeju – I bought back a few bottles back home even. It’s a sourish but very refreshing an appetizing fruity herbal drink that’s very beneficial to your body. Not sure about this bottled version though – probably this has added sugar and stuff. But still nice!

IMG_3253Our Gamjatang arrived in a grand big (but shallow) pot. This portion is good for 2-3 pax, but I think SY and I were kinda shaken by the size – it looked huge. We asked for a less spicy version so it came without the chilli powder on top.

IMG_3254We went without rice as suggested by the Korean lady. Which we regretted because the soup would go super well with rice. Without rice, we felt ‘jerlat’ after drinking too much of the soup. So if you order this, please have it with rice. The pork ribs were very tender and flavourful but the potatoes were a bit hard (still cooked though).

We finished maybe 2/3 of this. On hindsight, I might have more appetite if I had ordered some rice to eat with this Gamjatang and the side dishes!

I probably will not order Gamjatang again the next time I am here. I will likely order soondubu chigae or kimchi chigae – my usual favourites!


Seafood pancake! SY liked this. I took a bite – it was quite meh. Then SY said ‘must eat with the sauce la’. I plunged my whole slice into the sauce and took another bite.

AHHH – yes now then it’s nice! hahaha. The sauce is not spicy at all, but gives a lot of good flavour to the pancake 🙂

IMG_3258Portion is also good for 2-3pax. Again we couldn’t finish. Left 2 pieces untouched 😦 Damn menses.

IMG_3259I will try the kimchi pancake the next time I go there. I kinda like the chatty Korean lady who took our order – she is a very affectionate and friendly Korean who puts a ‘lah’ behind her every Korean-accented sentence. I shall bring Hubby there next to try the Dak Galbi!

Bill came up to be about $65 which is really very reasonable, considering the fact that we over ordered and had 3 bottles of those berry drinks ($3 each, on promotion). We had to forego Udders coz we were simply too full. Decided to go United Square klkk instead.

This restaurant seems to be run by Koreans – the 2 ladies outside were Koreans and when they went into the kitchen, they would call someone inside “Oppa!…*blah blah blah*”.. it was a nice experience, SY and I were left to eat and chat in peace but when we needed a 3rd bottle of Omija, it was promptly delivered to us. Before visiting Your Woul, I tried surfing the internet for recent reviews but there weren’t any in 2014 at all. Latest were 2012-2013 posts which were good reviews. So I was wondering if it closed down. Thankfully I called and checked – if not I would have gone to Seoul Yummy or Hansang at Square 2 instead (which according to recent reviews are not too promising)!

Glad to have found this hidden gem – and even gladder that it’s so near home!


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