June 2015 Updates – Here and There

It’s already coming to end of June 2015. I only have 1 thing to say:

I’m not losing weight fast enough. =_=

As of last Friday morning I am 54.5kg. Then over the last weekend, I have been EATING LIKE MAD. Plus I am eating all the bad stuff.

  • Yes, last weekend seemed like an auspicious date for many weddings and I attended one last Friday at The Grand Hyatt – Man the portions were generous. I ate and ate from 8pm till 11pm. But I was a good girl – I did not touch alcohol.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans are binging on the super cheap durians now and I am no different. Had a whole box of MSW to myself last Sunday afternoon when the toddler was in dreamland.
  • Yes, all Singaporeans celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday and my family did the same, at a tze char place with loads of good food. Chilli Crabs. Prawns with Salted Egg. Whole steamed fish. You name it, I ate it that night.

You can roughly conclude that I won’t be weighing myself for the time being..



Me on Monday, in casual colourful attire at work. Looks okay after all the feasting I hope – although the weight from all the junk usually will come in only after about a week 😦 which is ABOUT NOW.

Anyway, I have started on Intermittent Fasting Diet on a daily basis – fasting 18-19 hours a day and eating only within the 4-5 hour window. It has been about 2 weeks and it’s not so bad. I have also started going back to Amore for exercise classes since last week. I have been updating my Instagram very regularly on this – you can check it out (on the right of this blog).


Check out the Mizuno shorts in the pic. I bought it just before class last Thursday – 20% discount and it cost just $30 🙂 I like the length – short i.e. light and portable. I attended Aero Lo that evening and had a horrible experience with the instructor who was in her own world and did not care a hoot about newbies like me. So this week onwards I will only attend Monday’s Energy Sculpt and Wednesday’s StretchFit. I need to finish up the package which is expiring this October! Cannot waste!

I really need a lot more sports attire for these classes. Besides this pair of new black tights, I only have another pair of Nike BRIGHT PINK 3/4 tights which sometimes can be quite disturbing to the eyes.. But that Nike tights is very very comfortable and the material is thick and good! I shall check out Nike Outlet soon – coz the stuff there are on a good discount!


And I just discovered the beauty of Rooibos – especially Rooibos with Vanilla. And I have been drinking this over the weekend to stave off hunger during fasting – it works very well coz I love vanilla scents 😀

Have not encountered much weight loss yet on the Fasting diet – I will keep you guys updated 🙂

And back to the wedding last Friday at the Grand Hyatt – I managed to get myself a hairwash and blow/ curl at Hair @ Work at The Arcade (Raffles Place) for $45. Cheap or expensive ah – i really dunno. But i somehow felt cheated because I told the guy I had no time to set my hair so I just wanted a wash and blow. After chit chat he asked if he would like me to curl the ends a bit just to give it some boing boing – I said okay – and I was charged for setting the hair. =_=



You can’t really tell from this picture – but my hair was all curled up at the ends. Even before the dinner started, some hair has become straight (like the part you saw). $45 for such standard – I am really not sure… this was my first time getting my hair ‘arranged’ at a hair salon. Any advice here?

And the guy went on to tell me that I needed very intensive protein hair treatment (2-step) and it costs about $240. Ok I do agree that my hair is in very bad shape now (after like 15 years of regular rebonding) and GOOD treatment PROBABLY REALLY costs this much.


Now what do you think of this hairstyle? *grin*



Been watching this drama and I find this concave hairstyle quite cool – not too long, but long enough to tie up if required. I will probably need to put on some serum to weigh my hair down and try to tame the ends that will bend outwards but that’s fine.



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