Noti Restaurant & Bar Dinner Date May 2015 (Short Food Review)

Club Street has always been a beautiful memory as I have spent a good amount of time working there … more than 10 years ago.

Shitz man, this is not good. My memories are starting to span across 2 digits =_=

Obviously, things have changed so much over the years. All the places where I’ve worked at – La Voix, Shi Dong, Las Pampas, Windows on Club Street – have all disappeared and now they are all offices. Still, the magic of Club Street still stands till today – romantic, cosy and homely.

It was easy to find a parking lot on a Monday evening. I took this shot right after I got out of the car. And Noti stands right opposite Liberty House.

It was really dim when we entered the restaurant. But more lights were turned on as the evening turned darker – still pretty dim though. The interior was dark and felt quite serious, not what I had imagined from the photos I saw online. Maybe they were there during lunch, that’s why.

It was a Monday evening, we were the 2nd table seated. But shortly after a big group got seated beside us, and the 1st table decided to change to sit on our other side. To be frank, I wasn’t very comfortable sitting in between 2 groups when the entire restaurant was empty. I understand the fact that it would be easier for the front of house to attend to us when we are seated near one another but still.. there was a lack of privacy – too close!

Then again, maybe Italians are okay with that. *shrugs*

Nice photos draped the wall behind hubby.

Before the other table changed to sit beside us. I would imagine that big groups will enjoy coming here.

Hubby had a pint of Carlsberg ($10).

While I had a glass of their house Chenin Blanc ($10).

We tried their Appetizer of the Day which was not from the normal menu – grilled cheese wrapped in parma ham – there was a name for it which I cannot remember. It came with toasted bread and some rocket salad.

I have to say, after months of eating rocket salad from Google’s cafe, I could taste the distinct freshness in this salad at Noti. It tasted as though it was freshly plucked from Noti’s garden 🙂 Amazing!

Having said that, the rocket salad at Google is okay too, not stale or anything – I eat them with extra virgin olive oil and frankly, ANYTHING with EVOL will taste heavenly 😉

The grilled cheese wrapped with parma ham had to be eaten with the bread to balance out the saltiness – great combination of the sweet toasty bread and squishy savoury cheese.

I had a craving for Aglio Olio after I started watching the Korean drama Pasta – so I had to order Aglio Olio, even though I was really tempted to get their Gnocchi with pesto sauce.

To be honest, I am not an expert in pasta tasting, so my basic standard is-

  • The pasta MUST BE done al dente
  • The pasta CANNOT stick to one another.
  • Every inch of the pasta must glisten with olive oil.

I am glad Noti did it nicely and I liked it a lot 🙂 The flavours successfully seeped into the pasta and every mouthful was bursting with love.

I remember I visited a pasta place in CBD area, named Aglio Olio. And their Aglio Olio was terrible – not al dente, pasta was clumpy. And they dared named themselves Aglio Olio?!

Anyway, I am now very inspired to do up my own Aglio Olio at home!

Hubby ordered Wagyu Burger. He has to have beef when dining out and since there was no steak, this would have to do haha.

It was a really good portion. I had a mouthful of the beef patty – VERY BEEFY TASTE. Duh. I am not a beef person, really..!

It was a short dinner (we were there for only an hour) and we were too full to have any dessert although I was tempted to try their tart with ice cream. I told hubby on the way back – let’s start celebrating monthsaries like those young couples now – and make it a point to have a dinner date at least once a month!

We got home by 8pm and the toddler greeted us happily with hugs and kisses, and promptly held my hand to bring me to the room to get some toys for her, coz she couldn’t reach them. One bossy lady but so cute – all is forgiven!

But seriously – work and family commitments do a really good job of sapping all the positive energy out of us. Like last night, we rushed home after dinner at Noti to take care of the girls. After the girls went to bed, I did some yoga, showered, and went to my elder girl’s room to mark her work (which I had given her), assign some more work for her to do today after she comes home from school. Then I went to the toddler’s room to put on socks for her and said a little prayer for her and the family. By the time I was done, it was 12am.

Praying hard for more strength and wisdom to manage time properly – and hopefully enjoy another good plate of Aglio Olio next monthsary.


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