The Master’s Sun Korean Drama – Afterthoughts

I knew about this drama when it first aired in 2013 – all my colleagues were watching this online and very addicted to it – saying it’s very nice.

I refused to watch because it consists of ghosts… =_= understandable right – since I have seen them in real life before?! And at that time I didn’t really take fancy on both the male and female leads – no idea who they were. So yeah, didn’t watch.

So recently I watched It’s Okay, It’s Love starring Gong Hyo Jin (GHJ), the same female lead:

And she sort of grew on me – along with the whole cast in the drama. Funny how Korean dramas do this ‘growing on you’ thing. HK/ SG/ TW/ CN dramas don’t seem to have such an effect.

(Side track – I just realized that her initials GHJ are in a straight row on the keyboard hahahahha.)

So I decided to watch Master’s Sun last month. Since she looks quite chio in the pictures (as shown above) – argh skinny girls just look good in anything! And Belle the Korean drama expert encouraged me to watch too, assuring me that the ghosts aren’t scary.



I immediately went to complain to Belle. Actually the ghosts in Master’s Sun are quite similar to the ones I saw in the past. They are all in greyscale and they are all translucent i.e. I can see through them.

The only difference is – in real life, I cannot see their faces clearly. In Master’s Sun, the ghosts’ faces were dramatized to make them even scarier.


Belle assured me further by saying, the scary ghosts only appear in the 1st 3 episodes so as to portray the female lead’s fear and desperation to escape from this whole ability to see ghosts.


and I was glad that she was right.

Past the fear of ghosts, I gradually settled into the story. GHJ impressed me so much in the first few episodes. She had no regard on how she would look in the drama – she had dark-eye-rings make up that ‘ugli-fied’ her, horribly unkempt hair and bad dress sense – she looked 100% an insane woman who was trapped in this other world that only she could see. I could totally feel her desperation and frustration in the drama because no one else could understand her.

Then came this pompous unfeeling male lead whom she met by chance (or fate?) along the road and she realised that ghosts dissipate into thin air once she touches him. What a big big big discovery it must have been for her. I quite enjoyed her ‘lustful’ acting when she tried to get close to him in order to escape from the ghosts hehe.

Fast forward to my favourite parts when the male lead So Ji Sub (SJS, another easy initial to type LOL) starts to fall in love uncontrollably with her.

I find him a bit too fair for my liking – but he does look good in those suits.

I like his big big hands too…

Maybe the fact that GHJ is so petite helps accentuate his hunky build.

And men in geeky glasses –  who doesnt like?

Hero-to-the-rescue look – MELTS.

But in the end, I would say that GHJ outshone SJS a lot more in this drama. Letting loose and go wild with acting (like acting as someone possessed by a cat ghost!) is something that GHJ can do very well *clap clap*

For SJS, I guess i have to watch another SJS drama to comment on his acting. To be fair, this role did not really give him enough room to perform. After Master’s Sun, I started immediately on Padam Padam starring Jung Woo Sung. I couldn’t help but compare both JWS and SJS’s acting.

First episode of Padam Padam had me gaping over JWS’s acting. HE IS GOOD I TELL YOU.

And his tanned looks help also la hahahaha.

More on JWS after I finish Padam Padam!


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