Yoga for Good Health & Weight Loss

I thought New Year Countdown wasn’t too long ago.

It’s already April – nearing mid-2015.

And I started doing yoga a month ago. The last 3 weeks, I have been quite regular, at least 5 days a week. It’s just so convenient. After my girls go to bed at 930pm latest, I unroll my yoga mat in my master bedroom, on my laptop and then start the yoga lesson right away. I don’t change into another set of clothes (who the hell sees anyway! as long as they are comfortable and allow me to stretch can liao loh) and I don’t need to wear any shoes (duh). I on the aircon and fan so it’s breezy and cool.




Here’s how my yoga area looks like. Each session will last at least 30-40 minutes (usually using 2 videos to make up the 40 minutes) and on energetic days I will do up to an hour. But since I am doing yoga everyday from Sundays to Thursdays (and Fridays if I am at work), I try not to overexert myself – I just do enough to feel some kick and sweat 🙂

The only setback is that there is no full length mirror in my bedroom so I cannot see if I am accurate in my poses, but that is probably okay coz I go for yoga class every Friday at work during lunchtime and the yoga instructor is able to correct me in my poses if I do them wrongly.

A few pics of what I do during yoga sessions at home:



Half the time I am holding my body weight in this position – and I realised that my arms became stronger and leaner after these 3 weeks! Weight-bearing exercises are really good and yoga works the same way, because you bear your weight (unlike in gym where you bear the weight of dumbbells). The good thing about yoga is, you follow whatever the video says and you are kept busy with all the movements, hence you don’t have time to get bored! It’s not like doing dumbbell exercises where you just keep doing reps.

By the way I have been doing Yoga with Adriene using her Youtube Videos. She has many videos to pick and choose from. I am currently doing her 30 Days of Yoga (just finished Day 16 last night) plus her other videos to supplement.




And I also get to STRETCH A LOT, which is so so comfortable and soothing after a long day at my desk-bound job and a long evening with the kids. Stretching helps the body to become more flexible and fluid.




I also get to do poses which are challenging for me. Like this side plank, I will need to do it this way (as shown in the picture) instead of the standard one with both legs on the side because my arms are so weak. I never knew my arms are this weak until I started doing yoga!

Because I started doing yoga, I realized that my arms and hips are weak. Horribly weak. And my pelvic area is very flexible i.e. I can do this pose where both my feet are intertwined and pointing outwards:

(taken from

After this one month, I can feel my body getting stronger and not so achy at the end of the day. I haven been weighing myself regularly but I think I look more toned now (a friend who hasn’t seen me for weeks commented that I have lost weight last Sunday ^_^).

And I really must emphasize again, the convenience of doing yoga at home is the main reason why I have been doing it regularly for the past month! And I realise that regular weight-bearing exercise really does show on the body after some time 🙂

#findwhatfeelsgood #yaytogoodhealth



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