Yesterday I got out of the MRT at Marina Bay and started walking out of the underground control station with the rest of the office workers and I whispered “God, thank you that I am in this rat race.”

It sounds sarcastic I know, but at that moment, I was truly thankful. Thankful that I was not in any other part of the world where it’s not as safe, not as stable, not as scary. Compared to the depressing news we read from all over the world, being stuck in the daily rat race sounds like a luxury.

My current worries consist of:

  • planning my leave and study schedule to coach my elder girl in her Mid-Year Exam next month
  • finding a June holiday program for my elder girl and wondering why are some programs so damn expensive
  • thinking of a way to bring my toddler to church using public transport as she has motion sickness and wondering if she will be able to cope with public transport even as the journey is at least an hour long
  • thinking of a way to finish up my Amore package coz I am too busy with the kids

In other parts of the world, people worry about:

  • when their next meal/ their toddler’s next meal will be
  • will they / their baby be the next one to be shot to death
  • no money to mend the hole in their roof
  • no clothes for their baby/ young children during winter

Don’t my first world problems sound so childish and trivial now? Yes of course I have to take into consideration the natural circumstances that I am being placed in – I am educated, I am in Singapore, I am in such a place where everyone is worrying about more or less the same things.

So can I say that it really depends on where you are born in?  So it sucks, if you are born in the wrong part of the globe? I have no answer to this. I feel sad for the babies who are born in war-torn countries. I feel angry for the adults who still insist to practise unprotected sex and give birth out of no choice in war torn countries. But they are probably not educated – can I be angry at them?

There are many problems which I cannot solve. Many moral questions which I have no answer to. But out of these thoughts, I have decided to stop at 2 children and never have a 3rd one. I will rather give my resources to bless others out there who needs it more.

And, I can only be really thankful for the life I am given.


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