I think I need more clothes again.

After my Bangkok trip in late December last year (that was just 3 months ago) and buying so many clothes, I made a vow to not buy any more clothes in 2015.


Taken at Platinum mall on our 1st day in Shopping Paradise.


One of the $10 dresses I bought at Pratunam market.

I came back with my loot and slowly tried on the dresses as the days passed by – some are a bit tight, some looked a bit weird, some jus felt plain uncomfortable. And some, I wondered why I bought them in the first place…. LOL.

Most of them are not plain colours also – and now that I am mainly carrying my brown MCM tote as I am bringing my laptop home everyday, I cannot wear printed/ floral tops or dresses. Printed/ checkered/ floral bags cannot match printed/ checkered/ floral tops. This is basic okay.

Another reason is, I have been wearing casual to work everyday coz my new workplace allows that – so I don’t really wear office attire already – I need more tees and cool-looking blouses to match my jeans!

SO… I think I need more clothes lor. And jeans. I have been surviving on that ONE pair of Esprit jeans coz it just fits me so well. My colleagues probably think I don’t wash my clothes.

It’s time to hit the shopping websites again hehehhee. I usually buy from the usual sites eg Dressabelle, The Blush Inc, ChicKissLove and Zalora but since I just need nice basic tops, I shall just get them from Zalora – they have many varieties of basic tops in different nice colours 🙂 And the good thing about Zalora is, they frequently have promotions and sales! Hmm, let’s see – they have the Mastercard Promotions now leh! And it’s on every Thursday until end of 2015 – very smart of them to realise that we ladies get burnt out on Thursdays and need some shopping eh?

Okay, this means I will need to wait a few more days till Thursday!


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